This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Membership of BPA (British Parking Association)'.

BPA membership benefits
Lobbying and 
Raising standards  
& changing perceptions
• Influencing the future direction of  
• Raising consumer confidence in parking 
the parking profession by consistently 
engaging with government bodies and 
• Shaping the direction of the sector 
pushing for change to improve sector 
through our Parking 20:20 Report and 
other initiatives
• Representing the views of members, 
• Supporting a change in the conversation 
ensuring your voice is heard as part  
around parking through the Positive 
of the wider parking community
Parking Agenda
• Political monitoring and intelligence 
• Leading the global Alliance for Parking 
gathering to improve understanding  
Data Standards with the European 
of challenges facing our sector
Parking Association and the International 
• Consumer group engagement and  
Parking Institute (USA)
public campaigning
• Helping with improvements in air quality, 
• Member input to all consultation responses
the reduction of emissions and the 
development of sustainable practices 
• Supporting the adoption of connected 
Advice and support
and autonomous vehicles and the use of 
alternative fuels, such as electric vehicles
• Dedicated sector specific account 
manager for one to one support, 
• Promoting the adoption of common 
information and advice
standards and best practice
• BPA Lawline, HR, PR and GDPR support 
lines, offering up to 30 minutes free 
expert advice for all members
As a not-for-profit organisation, we 
• Access to in-house and wider 
actively represent you and promote the 
membership technical expertise 
sector by advancing knowledge, raising 
standards and driving professionalism.

BPA membership benefits
• Continuous professional development tools 
and resources available to all members
• Connecting you and your organisation 
• Opportunities to stand for election to 
with other members and the wider 
the Association’s influential Council of 
parking community, in person or online,  
Representatives and Boards
to ask questions and share solutions
• Choose from more than 70 member-led 
meetings and events across the UK every 
Advancing knowledge
year, including a wide range of interest, 
national and regional groups
• Members only website section with access 
to our knowledge bank and library resources
• Attend our flagship event, Parkex, the 
biggest parking show in Europe, or join 
• Opportunities to contribute and publish 
the parking profession’s most influential 
papers and articles
leaders at the BPA Annual Conference
• Press monitoring and responding to 
• Meet up with pan-European colleagues at 
parking related coverage
our forums and groups
• Access to information about new and 
emerging innovations in technology
• Connect with the wider membership to  
Developing professionals
share market information and user experience 
• Participate in research into consumer 
• Providing individuals with learning 
behaviour and opinions 
support and advice to maximise career 
opportunities within parking 
• Receive regular e-newsletters and Parking 
News magazine
• Advice and guidance on parking 
qualifications, career progression and 
development opportunities 
To discuss how BPA membership could help you please contact