This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Traffic light schema for seismic monitoring at fracking development wells at Preston New Road'.

Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2018 09:52:55 +0000
Subject: RE: Freedom of Information request - Seismic activity at PNR, OCTOBER 18th TO 22nd 2018
From: richard parker <>
To: OGA FOI requests <xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx>

Dear OGA FOI requests,

Thankyou for your reply, ref FOI 2018 0062.pdf.

From this reply, I understand that the requested information is only legally needed to be published 6 months after the completion of the hydraulic fracturing operations but the OGA in the 'Public Interest is intending to publish the information once it has been received from Cuadrilla.

However, I am confused as to the statement 'The OGA considers that it is in the public interest not to make the information available prior to that date, to provide for the analysis of the information to be finalised in a closed user group to ensure that scientific rigour is maintained'.

In the first instance, this statement appears to contradict the role of the OGA in monitoring seismic activity. I would expect the OGA to be actively involved in an ongoing review of the induced seismicity rather than allowing Cuadrilla to induce seismic disturbances of any level. The only remit appears to be that Cuadrilla suspend operations for 18 hours after ANY level over 0.5 on the Richter scale. To permit Cuadrilla to continue fracking presumably without any OGA overseer of their 'closed user group' does not imply the 'gold plated' regulations promised to 'The Public' are being delivered. I suggest that the phrase 'scientific rigour is maintained' effectively translates to permitting the operator to proceed with no role of vigilance from the OGA.

Secondly, with the suspension of the hydraulic fracking operations as of early November, I would expect that there has now been ample time for Cuadrilla to review the collated seismic and geophysical data to report on the fracking operations performed upto the latent seismic event of 0.7 on the 4th November 2018, that appears to have signified the end of the initial fracking activity at Preston New Road. Presumably, the OGA will now be insistent on receiving an interim report from Cuadrilla detailing the operations, induced seismicity and interpreted geology from the geophysical data. Please publish this data once it has been received from Cuadrilla. Please advise where specifically where the data is to appear. Currently, data such as hydraulic fracture planx appears via the Environment Agency website on a dedicated portal.

Yours sincerely,

richard parker

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Dear Mr Parker,

Please find attached a response from the OGA to your FOI request.

Yours sincerely

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