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Andrew L. Smith
Director Planning, Development & Transportation
0116 454 2801
Major Transport Schemes
Transport Strategy & Programme
Martin Fletcher
Garry Scott
Stuart Maxwell
City Highways Director
Major Transport Schemes Project Director
City Transport Director
0116 454 4965
0116 454 2886
0116 454 1997

link to page 1 Highways
Martin Fletcher
City Highways Director
0116 454 4965
Highway Asset Management
Highway Maintenance
Highway and Bridge Maintenance
Highway Asset Management Team
City Highways Commercial Team
Parking Enforcement Team
Parking Services Team
Highways Operations
Highways Plant & Logistics
Public Lighting Team
Traffic Management Team
Highways Stores
Quantity Surveying & Finance
Traffic Ops & Reg Orders
Transport Facilities Mangmnt

link to page 1 Transport Strategy & Programme
Stuart Maxwell
City Transport Director
0116 454 1997
City Centre Streets Programme
Major Transport Projects Team
Transport Strategy & Highways
Travel Planning & Development
Central Area Team

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