Mae hwn yn fersiwn HTML o atodiad i'r cais Rhyddid Gwybodaeth 'London Underground departure boards on platforms.'.

Fault ID,Location,Detailed Location,Raised Date,Resolved Date,Description
1893953,Turnham Green,Whole Station,17/10/2017,17/10/2017,Dmi - Blank Screen
1894302,Aldgate,X Passage Way,18/10/2017,18/10/2017,Veid - No Info
1894339,Turnham Green,Both Platforms,18/10/2017,18/10/2017,4 X Veids Not Showing Any Information
1894451,Pinner,Platforms And T/ Hall,19/10/2017,19/10/2017,Veids Not Showing Any Information
1894457,Marylebone,Plt 2,19/10/2017,25/10/2017,Dmi Is Missing Letters In The Middle
1894608,South Kensington,W/b Plt 1 Dist Line,19/10/2017,19/10/2017,Dmi - Completely Blank
1894624,Blackfriars,Dist Plt 2 E/b,19/10/2017,20/10/2017,Veid Displaying Incorrect Info
1894632,Victoria,E/b Dist Plt 2,19/10/2017,20/10/2017,Dmi - Showing Incorrect Info
52345108,MILL HILL EAST,Mill Hill East Stn,19/10/2017,19/10/2017,APJNP Ref 52345108/100003541154 - MICA screen showing - ticket hall area - VID 001 taken out of service
1894803,Gloucester Road,"Plat 1, 2, 3 (dis Line) & Ticket Hall",20/10/2017,20/10/2017,4 X Veids - No Train Info
52345193,NORTHFIELDS,Northfields Stn,20/10/2017,20/10/2017,Both THIDS & VIDs on w/b platÿare not displaying train times.
1894832,Hammersmith (DP),"Plat 1,2,3,4 - Dis Line",20/10/2017,22/10/2017,4 X Dmi's No Train Info
52345558,ACTON TOWN,Acton Town Stn,20/10/2017,21/10/2017,APJNP Ref 52345558/100003541581 - plat 2 VID not displaying any info
1894950,Aldgate,X Passage Way,20/10/2017,23/10/2017,Veid - No Info
1895045,Mile End,District,21/10/2017,23/10/2017,Dmi Not Working On Platform 2+3
1895049,KEW GARDENS STATION,Platforms dot matrix and ticket hall area,21/10/2017,21/10/2017,VEID NOT SHOWING CORRECT INFO // No District Line train times showing on platforms 1 & 2 dot matrix and ticket hall area
1895165,Lambeth North,Plat 1 N/b,21/10/2017,23/10/2017,Dmi Not Showing Train Arrival Time
1895217,Mile End,Central Line - Plat 1+4,22/10/2017,23/10/2017,Dmi Not Working
1895310,WEST BROMPTON STATION,PLAT 3 & 4 & TICKET OFFICE,22/10/2017,23/10/2017,3 X DMI BLANK // 22/10/17 23:43 - G
1895351,Bow Road,Westbound Platform 1 And Ticket Hall,23/10/2017,23/10/2017,Veid Displaying Incorrect Train Information
1895394,Ruislip Gardens,Ticket Hall,23/10/2017,23/10/2017,Veid Is Not Displaying Any Train Info (time Only)
1895462,Mile End,Plts 3 & 4,23/10/2017,26/10/2017,Veid 13 - Glass On Front Is Smashed
52348197,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,23/10/2017,26/10/2017,APJNP Ref 52348197/100003544170 - VID in the ticket hall is blank
52348214,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,23/10/2017,30/10/2017,"APJNP Ref 52348214/100003544181 - VID 9 on plat 3 , which is the 6 line VID, two of the lines are not working"
1895949,Vauxhall,Plt 1 + 2,24/10/2017,25/10/2017,Dmi - Time - Showing 5 Minutes Slow
52348849,KINGSBURY,Station Building - Kingsbury Stn,24/10/2017,24/10/2017,APJNP Ref 52348849/100003544791 - Platform one VID 011 - The VID does not display any train information only the time.
1896020,Oxford Circus,Plat 1 & 2 Central,25/10/2017,31/10/2017,2 X Dmi's Not Displaying Any Train Information Pipc Link Down To Oxo To Check Ci
1896139,Chigwell,Plt 1,25/10/2017,26/10/2017,Veid Not Displaying Trains
1896167,Cannon Street,Dot Matrix On Westbound Platform,25/10/2017,26/10/2017,"Dmi - Part Of Display Has Failed, Middle Part Is Not Shown"
52350631,SUDBURY HILL,Sudbury Hill Stn,27/10/2017,27/10/2017,APJNP Ref 52350631/100003546524 - VIDS DISPLAYING FAULTY (- PLATFORMS AND TICKET HALL)
1896535,Gloucester Road,Pic Lines Plats,27/10/2017,27/10/2017,Veids - Showing Wrong Information
1896570,Leytonstone,Platform 1 And 2 First Train Describer,27/10/2017,30/10/2017,Not Illuminating - - First Train Describer (not Illuminated)
1896574,Shepherds Bush Central,Wb Platform 1 Mid Section,27/10/2017,30/10/2017,Sticker On Dmi
1896606,Mile End,"Platform 4 , Dot Matrix",27/10/2017,31/10/2017,Dot Matrix Is Not Showing Minutes.
52351419,ACTON TOWN,Acton Town Stn,28/10/2017,28/10/2017,APJNP Ref 52351419/100003547280 - wb plat 2-vids are not displaying any info
1897248,Chigwell,"Plat 2, Near Stairs",30/10/2017,01/11/2017,Dmi Info Fading
1897281,Bow Road,E/b Tail End,30/10/2017,31/10/2017,Dmi Showing About 14.5 Hours Slow
1897407,Liverpool Street,Plt 2,31/10/2017,31/10/2017,Dmi - 1 Side Is Ok Other Side Is Blank
1897612,Victoria,Plat 4 - Vic Line,01/11/2017,02/11/2017,Dmi Not Displaying Any Train Information
1897638,Oxford Circus,Plt 1,01/11/2017,01/11/2017,Veids Are Blank
52353135,CLAPHAM NORTH,Station Building - Clapham North Stn,01/11/2017,01/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52353135/100003548906 - The station VIDS are not displaying any train information.
1897816,Fulham Broadway,Eastbound Platform 2,01/11/2017,03/11/2017,Dmi Missing Text
1897920,Ruislip Manor,Plat 2 E/b,02/11/2017,02/11/2017,Veid Frozen
1897979,Loughton,Veid 6 Paid Side,02/11/2017,03/11/2017,Veid 6 Not Showing Any Train Information
52354376,NORTH EALING,North Ealing Stn,02/11/2017,02/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52354376/100003550127 - VIDS is showing error messages and no info e/b
1898231,Fairlop,Plt 2,03/11/2017,03/11/2017,Veid Not Working
52354759,NORTHFIELDS,Northfields Stn,03/11/2017,03/11/2017,"APJNP Ref 52354759/100003550495 - E/B PLATFORM - both VIDS keeps flashing , and disappeared"
1898371,Hammersmith (DP),Wb Plat,03/11/2017,04/11/2017,Dmi - Displaying Incorrect Info
52354837,CANARY WHARF (JUBILEE),Canary Wharf Stn,04/11/2017,04/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52354837/100003550558 - VIDS are not displaying any train times on both platforms.
52354847,SOUTHWARK,Jubilee Line - Southwark Stn,04/11/2017,04/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52354847/100003550567 - Train times are- not showing on both- platform and ticket hall VIDS
52354851,CANNING TOWN,Canning Town Stn,04/11/2017,04/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52354851/100003550570 - VIDS - On both platforms not showing train times.
52355172,WOODSIDE PARK,Station Building - Woodside Park Stn,05/11/2017,28/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52355172/100003550874 - no train- info on all VIDS
1898670,MILE END STATION,"PLAT 2,3 & TICKET HALL DIS & H&C LINES",05/11/2017,06/11/2017,5 X DMI' S - NO TRAIN INFO // 05/11/2017 12:05 -
1898698,Charing Cross,Plt 2 - Mid Section,05/11/2017,06/11/2017,Dmi - No Information - Not Fitted
52355226,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,05/11/2017,05/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52355226/100003550923 - VID 9 - platform 3 - 6 line VID - 2 lines not working - previously closed under 52348214
1898744,Gloucester Road,Whole Site,05/11/2017,06/11/2017,Veids Blank And Showing Partial Info
1898851,Kings Cross,"Met Plat 1 & 2, Nor Plat 7 & 8 & Vic Plat 3 & 4",06/11/2017,06/11/2017,Various Dmi's Blank & Displaying Incorrect Info After Power Surge
1898858,Cannon Street,Platforms 1&2,06/11/2017,06/11/2017,Train Describer Showing Wrong Info
1898861,Temple,Eb Plt,06/11/2017,06/11/2017,Dmi - Letters Missing On Sign
1898879,Notting Hill Gate,Plat 3 & 4 Central Line,06/11/2017,06/11/2017,Veids Not Working After Power Surge
1898949,Euston Square,Plt 1,06/11/2017,07/11/2017,Dmi Blank
1898961,Kings Cross,Plt 7 & 8 - Northern Line,06/11/2017,06/11/2017,Veids Not Working
1898990,Baker Street,Control Centre Room 615 Alsopp Place,06/11/2017,07/11/2017,Train List Monitor On Desk 3 Left Blank
52355821,STRATFORD,Stratford Stn,06/11/2017,06/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52355821/100003551490 - JUB line plats and concourse: all vids are blank
1899340,Pinner,"T/hall, Plt 1 & 2",07/11/2017,07/11/2017,3 X Veids - Blank Screen & Wrong Time
1899372,Barbican,Plat 2,07/11/2017,08/11/2017,Dmi Text Fading
1899751,Hammersmith (DP),E/b Plat 3 & 4,09/11/2017,09/11/2017,Dmi Is Blank
52357942,HOLLOWAY ROAD,Holloway Road Stn,09/11/2017,09/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52357942/100003553558 - VIDS across the station are not showing any train information.
52358390,HIGHGATE,Highgate Stn,10/11/2017,11/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52358390/100003553988 - TICKET HALL AREA - VIDS NOT WORKING
52358407,HOUNSLOW CENTRAL,Hounslow Central Stn,10/11/2017,11/11/2017,"APJNP Ref 52358407/100003554005 - MICA showing no VID train data, Various cameras not recording."
1900131,Warwick Avenue,,10/11/2017,14/11/2017,Dmi Showing Partial Info
52358738,MILL HILL EAST,Mill Hill East Stn,10/11/2017,13/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52358738/100003554327 - DMI in ticket hall area is blank
52359154,HOLLOWAY ROAD,Holloway Road Stn,12/11/2017,12/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52359154/100003554717 - ticket hall area vid no desc
1900490,Edgware Road (Met),Platform 1 Dot Matrix Indicator,12/11/2017,14/11/2017,Mfr - Unofficial Sticker Stuck On Plt Dmi
1900577,Ladbroke Grove,Plt 1,12/11/2017,13/11/2017,Veids Not Working
52359285,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,13/11/2017,13/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52359285/100003554838 - TICKET HALL -- VID GOES BLANK INTERMITTENTLY
1900678,Buckhurst Hill,Plt 1 & 2,13/11/2017,13/11/2017,2 X Veids - Not Working
52359325,CHALK FARM,Chalk Farm Stn,13/11/2017,14/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52359325/100003554871 - VIDS not displaying any train info - Blank
52359755,NORTH GREENWICH,North Greenwich Stn,14/11/2017,16/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52359755/100003555285 - Concourse of bus station VID 13 is blank.
52359778,ACTON TOWN,Acton Town Stn,14/11/2017,14/11/2017,"APJNP Ref 52359778/100003555303 - mica system showing phps failed and no vid ifo, hci/vid failed dvr faults cctv cameras not recording."
1901005,Baker Street,Platform 9,14/11/2017,14/11/2017,Dmi Not Display
1901014,Sloane Square,,14/11/2017,14/11/2017,Dot Matrix Blank
52360291,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,14/11/2017,14/11/2017,"APJNP Ref 52360291/100003555808 - VIDs at all- three exits are completely blank, following a power cessation last night"
1901118,Bayswater,E/b Pfm 2,14/11/2017,15/11/2017,Veid Blank
52360352,MILL HILL EAST,Mill Hill East Stn,14/11/2017,14/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52360352/100003555863 - MICA - multiple faults showing- including loss of VIDS on station
1901178,Mile End,Platform No. 4 Eastbound Central Line Tail Wall.,15/11/2017,16/11/2017,Dot Matrix Train Describer.
52360435,ARNOS GROVE,Arnos Grove Stn,15/11/2017,15/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52360435/100003555932 - T/Hall VID no train info for W/B plt (VID on W/B plt fine)
52360471,ACTON TOWN,Acton Town Stn,15/11/2017,15/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52360471/100003555965 - VIDS on the platform - Not showing any train information.
52361772,SOUTHWARK,Southwark Stn,15/11/2017,16/11/2017,"APJNP Ref 52361772/100003557267 - Dot matrix at front of station is showing wrong information, unable to reset"
1901485,Baker Street,E/b Met,16/11/2017,16/11/2017,Dmi Showing No Train Times On Platform 6
52362541,HOUNSLOW WEST,Hounslow West Stn,17/11/2017,17/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52362541/100003557989 - VID001 in the ticket hall is blank
1901790,Gloucester Road,The Whole Station,17/11/2017,17/11/2017,All The Veids Are Not Working
52362556,COVENT GARDEN,Covent Garden Stn,17/11/2017,17/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52362556/100003558002 - VID in the ticket hall area - Not showing anything at all.
52362557,KENNINGTON,Kennington Stn,17/11/2017,18/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52362557/100003558003 - mica indicating comms lost to vid 6
52362589,NORTH GREENWICH,North Greenwich Stn,17/11/2017,18/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52362589/100003558030 - All Vids showing no information.
1901843,Snaresbrook,"On Vid, Wb Platform Towards Headwall",17/11/2017,20/11/2017,Graffiti - Sticker On Vid Needs Removing
52362875,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,17/11/2017,18/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52362875/100003558296 - VID in the interchange platform 3 is blank.
1902031,Parsons Green,Plat 2,18/11/2017,09/05/2018,Dmi Displaying Incorrect Train Information
52362938,NORTH GREENWICH,North Greenwich Stn,18/11/2017,18/11/2017,all 3 plats vids blank just showing the times only
1902048,Bow Road,W/b Platform & Ticket Hall,18/11/2017,20/11/2017,Dmi Not Showing Train Info For W/b Trains
52362959,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,18/11/2017,18/11/2017,VIDs platform 3 - displaying characters inside of train information
1902065,Baker Street,H&c Platform 6,18/11/2017,21/11/2017,Dmi Not Displaying Fully
1902207,South Kensington,Plats 1 & 2 - Dist,19/11/2017,20/11/2017,2 X Veid's Have No Information On Them
52363200,CLAPHAM NORTH,Clapham North Stn,19/11/2017,19/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52363200/100003558606 - Island Platform - 2 x VIDs - blank.
1902370,Pimlico,Platform 1 And 2,20/11/2017,20/11/2017,"Dot Matrix Frozen, Displays Wrong Info"
1902379,Mile End,Plt 2 & 3,20/11/2017,24/11/2017,Vieds Are Showing Incorrect Information
1902424,East Ham,Ticket Hall - Plt 2 + Plt 1,20/11/2017,21/11/2017,3 X Dmi - No Information Showing
1902472,Tower Hill,T/hall & Plat 3 Middle,20/11/2017,21/11/2017,Train Describer Showing Incorrect Train Info
52363829,KENTISH TOWN,Kentish Town Stn,20/11/2017,24/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52363829/100003559205 - Northbound platform 1 VID - blank.
1902608,West Brompton,Eastbound Platform 2 By Overground Gates.,20/11/2017,22/11/2017,Dmi Letters Not Illuminated.
52363843,MILL HILL EAST,Mill Hill East Stn,21/11/2017,21/11/2017,"APJNP Ref 52363843/100003559219 - Ticket hall, unpaid side - VID001- Out of order."
52363885,MILL HILL EAST,Mill Hill East Stn,21/11/2017,21/11/2017,"APJNP Ref 52363885/100003559259 - Ticket hall, unpaid side - VID001- Out of order.(PREV 52363843)"
1902665,Rickmansworth,Both Platforms,21/11/2017,21/11/2017,Train Describers Showing Wrong Info
1902676,Northwood,Main Ticket Hall,21/11/2017,21/11/2017,Dot Matrix - Train Times Frozen With Incorrect Information
1902804,Northwood,"Plat 2, S/b Bottom Of Stairs",21/11/2017,23/11/2017,Veid Blank
1902903,Gloucester Road,"Plt 1, 2 , 3 & 5",22/11/2017,23/11/2017,Mica - Loss Of Comms To Veids / Faulty Veids
1902916,Turnham Green,Plts 1 & 2/ Tickethall,22/11/2017,24/11/2017,Dmi Is Showing Wrong Info
52364435,HATTON CROSS,Hatton Cross Stn,22/11/2017,22/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52364435/100003559792 - VID on W/B Platform and ticket hall - - missing information
1902938,Plaistow,Plat 1,22/11/2017,23/11/2017,Dmi Displaying Incorrect Train Information
52364448,WESTMINSTER,Station Building - Westminster Stn,22/11/2017,22/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52364448/100003559805 - VID on platform 1 - displaying incorrect train info
1902981,Embankment,Platform1westbound District Line,22/11/2017,23/11/2017,Veid - Giving Incorrect Information
52365823,KENTISH TOWN,Kentish Town Stn,22/11/2017,22/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52365823/100003561164 - ticket hall area vid blank
1903237,Hammersmith (DP),Plt 1,23/11/2017,24/11/2017,Dmi Not Showing Next Train Information
1903239,Earl's Court,Platform 3 District Line,23/11/2017,24/11/2017,Train Describer Not Showing Any Destinations
52366444,KENTISH TOWN,Kentish Town Stn,23/11/2017,23/11/2017,VID on platform 1 - no info showing
1903412,STONEBRIDGE PARK STATION,CSS office,23/11/2017,29/11/2017,Cis monitor not showing any info // No DMIs working on platforms or monitors in ticket hall/CSS office.
52366517,HOUNSLOW CENTRAL,Piccadilly Line - Hounslow Central Stn,24/11/2017,24/11/2017,All VIDS are not showing any train information.
52366922,KENNINGTON,Platform 3 - Northbound Fast - Station Building - Kennington Stn,24/11/2017,25/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52366922/100003562224 - VID 06- - lost comms
1903590,Regents Park,Both Directions,24/11/2017,27/11/2017,Veids & Sms Showing Incorrect Train Times - Intermittent
1903595,Sloane Square,,24/11/2017,24/11/2017,E/b Dmi Out Of Sync
1903711,Turnham Green,,25/11/2017,25/11/2017,Veids - Unable To Put Messages = Showing As Playing But Not Displaying
1903757,Queensway,Platform 2,25/11/2017,26/11/2017,Veid Not Showing Train Info
1903812,Temple,Platform 2,25/11/2017,27/11/2017,Dmi Showing Incorrect Train Info
52367367,CHALK FARM,Chalk Farm Stn,26/11/2017,26/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52367367/100003562639 - MICA SYSTEM NOT WORKING AND NO INFO ON VIDS
1903972,Parsons Green,Eastbound Platform 2,26/11/2017,26/11/2017,Dot Matrix Missing Text
52367583,EDGWARE,Edgware Stn,27/11/2017,27/11/2017,"APJNP Ref 52367583/100003562829 - All vids blank, ticket hall and platforms"
1904123,Wimbledon Park,Ticket Hall Area,27/11/2017,27/11/2017,Dmi Screen - Not Displaying Trains Info
1904162,Hammersmith (DP),Plt 3 + 4,27/11/2017,27/11/2017,Veid - Unable To Reset
52368077,ARNOS GROVE,Station Building - Arnos Grove Stn,27/11/2017,28/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52368077/100003563292 - westbound VID in the pessimeter is not displaying any train information.
1904359,Ruislip Manor,Plat 1 Middle W/b,27/11/2017,29/11/2017,Veid Missing Infomation
1904385,Paddington,Control Room,28/11/2017,04/12/2017,Alarm For Vid01 To Be Investigated
1904538,Wanstead,Plt,28/11/2017,29/11/2017,Veid Not Showing Full Info
1904686,Bayswater,Ticket Hall,29/11/2017,29/11/2017,Veid 1 - Showing 'please Wait For Information' - Alarm Sounding On Sms
1904693,Pinner,Ticket Hall & Plts,29/11/2017,29/11/2017,Vieds Not Showing Any Train Information
52368968,ALPERTON,Alperton Stn,29/11/2017,29/11/2017,APJNP Ref 52368968/100003564148 - VIDS in office saying out of service -
52370441,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,30/11/2017,30/11/2017,"APJNP Ref 52370441/100003565596 - after power surge - all cctv blank, , VIDS blank"
52370704,CLAPHAM SOUTH,Clapham South Stn,30/11/2017,01/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52370704/100003565842 - Error message on the mica alarming OLC1 - 127 no vid train data Northern Line
52370746,KENNINGTON,Kennington Stn,30/11/2017,01/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52370746/100003565877 - Platform 3 - Vid 06 - Blank and mica showing coms loss to Vid
1905105,Turnham Green,Plt 1 W/b District Line,30/11/2017,01/12/2017,1 X Veid Not Showing Correct Info
52370793,SUDBURY TOWN,Sudbury Town Stn,30/11/2017,04/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52370793/100003565920 - ticket hall area vid screen blue and no train info
1905170,Mansion House,Both Dist Line Plts,30/11/2017,02/12/2017,2 X Dmi Showing Partial Info
1905215,Tower Hill,Plat 3 W/b Middle,30/11/2017,01/12/2017,Train Monoitor Flickering
1905245,Woodford,Both Plts,30/11/2017,01/12/2017,Veids 4 & 6 - Blank
52370914,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,01/12/2017,01/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52370914/100003566021 - all 3 plats vids not showing any desc
1905446,West Brompton,Platforms 3and 4,01/12/2017,02/12/2017,Dmi Not Showing Any Information
1905456,Aldgate East,W/b Plat 1,01/12/2017,04/12/2017,W/b Veid - Wrong Or No Information
52371730,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,02/12/2017,02/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52371730/100003566809 - entrance 2 library exit - vid completely blank
1905616,Shepherds Bush Central,"Plat 1 & 2, E/b & W/b, Midway",02/12/2017,03/12/2017,Dmi Not Working X 2
1905655,Bow Road,Plat 2,02/12/2017,04/12/2017,Veids Showing Wrong Time
9801143,Hammersmith (DP),Plats 1 & 2,03/12/2017,05/12/2017,Dmi Showing Incorrect Train Information
1905754,SOUTH KENSINGTON STATION,PLAT 1 & 2,03/12/2017,15/12/2017,Mica3 system is not processing data DMI'S PARTIALLY BLANK STILL NOT WORKING
52372079,CANARY WHARF (JUBILEE),Platform 1 - Westbound Local - Station Building - Canary Wharf Stn,04/12/2017,04/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52372079/100003567123 - VID is frozen
1906102,Oxford Circus,Main Ticket Hall Area,04/12/2017,04/12/2017,Veid No.13 Blank
52373346,COCKFOSTERS,Station Building - Cockfosters Stn,05/12/2017,06/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52373346/100003568351 - The VIDS and automated PA announcements on all of the platforms are intermittently displaying / announcing the incorrect platform for the first train to depart. This happened yesterday 04/12/17 at 11.04. - 
1906483,Fulham Broadway,Eastbound Platform,06/12/2017,06/12/2017,Dmi Incorrect Info
1906545,WANSTEAD STATION,TICKET HALL AND BOTH PLATFORMS,06/12/2017,07/12/2017,"SMS DOWN // ALL DMI'S NOT WORKING - C&I AS05 is 48hrs response - mike cusco. 06/12/2017 22:22 - C&I INFORMED PASS TO TQ, SMS DOWN. MAC."
52373915,SUDBURY HILL,Sudbury Hill Stn,06/12/2017,06/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52373915/100003568891 -
1906743,Mansion House,Wb Plat 1,07/12/2017,07/12/2017,Dmi - Not Showing Any Information
1906985,Mansion House,Wb Plat 1,07/12/2017,08/12/2017,Dmi - Not Showing Any Information
52374578,MILL HILL EAST,Mill Hill East Stn,07/12/2017,07/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52374578/100003569523 - Latched alarms on Mica:DR01 Status 216 arms gate open 21/10/17 20:15.OLC1 status 127 no VIDS train data N/L 22/11/17 11:30
52374654,CHALK FARM,Chalk Farm Stn,08/12/2017,08/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52374654/100003569591 - mica system unable to do- pa recorded- messages- and all vids blank
1907077,Turnham Green,W/b Platform,08/12/2017,08/12/2017,Dmi Showing Incorrect Train Destinations
52374695,CLAPHAM NORTH,Clapham North Stn,08/12/2017,08/12/2017,MICA system - error no vids train data northern line
1907157,Mile End,"Plt2,4 & Tickethall",08/12/2017,11/12/2017,Next Train Information Blank
1907351,Warwick Avenue,Both Platforms,09/12/2017,12/12/2017,Dmi's Not Showing Train Info
52375426,EUSTON,Euston Stn,09/12/2017,10/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52375426/100003570323 - ticket hall area - Vids intermittently keeps losing information
1907427,HARLESDEN STATION,Platform 1 southbound,10/12/2017,10/12/2017,DOT matrix not working // DOT matrix not showing train time information
52375497,HOLLOWAY ROAD,Station Building - Holloway Road Stn,10/12/2017,10/12/2017,"APJNP Ref 52375497/100003570388 - MICA is frozen - no access to PA, CCTV, VIDS or PHPS- - live PA tested all ok"
1907525,Victoria,Plat 3,10/12/2017,15/01/2018,Veid - Info Is Frozen
52375675,CHALK FARM,Chalk Farm Stn,10/12/2017,11/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52375675/100003570543 - MICA frozen - VIDS not working and PA affected.
1907722,Stepney Green,Plat 2,11/12/2017,11/12/2017,Dot Matrix Blank
1907746,Stratford,Central Line Platform 3,11/12/2017,13/12/2017,Dmi Blank
52375759,FINSBURY PARK,Finsbury Park Stn,11/12/2017,12/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52375759/100003570618 - PICC PLATFORMS 1&3 - NO TRAIN DESTINATIONS ON VIDS
1907766,Finsbury Park,Vic Line Platform,11/12/2017,11/12/2017,Dmi's Showing No Train Destinations
1907859,Baker Street,Sb B/loo Plt 8,11/12/2017,11/12/2017,Veids Blank
52376356,KENNINGTON,Kennington Stn,11/12/2017,12/12/2017,"APJNP Ref 52376356/100003571206 - Clocks on Vids, monitor in control room- and- THID incorrect."
52376415,ARNOS GROVE,Arnos Grove Stn,11/12/2017,12/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52376415/100003571259 - THIDs not showing info for w/b VIDS.
1908181,Stepney Green,Plt 1 - W/b - Midway,12/12/2017,15/12/2017,Dmi - No Train Information
1908229,Gloucester Road,Plat 5,12/12/2017,19/12/2017,Mica - Showing Warning Light For Psu - Fault Is With Veid
52378099,NEASDEN,Neasden Stn,12/12/2017,14/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52378099/100003572883 - All VIDS blank in station- - No VIDS/train information code 127 - area CER1 - showing on MICA -
1908391,High Street Kensington,Plat 2 E/b & Ticket Hall,12/12/2017,13/12/2017,Veids Frozen
52378104,ARNOS GROVE,Arnos Grove Stn,12/12/2017,13/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52378104/100003572888 - tkt hall area-DMI not displaying no information
1908406,RAVENSCOURT PARK STATION,All platforms,12/12/2017,14/12/2017,VEIDS Not displaying any info that's entered on SMS // Not displaying any info that's entered on SMS
1908421,Ruislip,All Platforms + Ticket Hall,12/12/2017,13/12/2017,All Veids Frozen
1908422,Hillingdon,Ticket Hall & Plts,12/12/2017,13/12/2017,3 X Veids Are Frozen
1908441,Eastcote,Plat 1 W/b & Ticket Hall Area,12/12/2017,13/12/2017,Dmi - Screens Are Frozen
52378137,WESTMINSTER,Westminster Stn,12/12/2017,13/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52378137/100003572915 - Jub VIDs are blank
1908499,Tottenham Hale,Plt1&2,13/12/2017,13/12/2017,Dmi's Time Wrong
1908523,Chigwell,Ticket Hall Area,13/12/2017,13/12/2017,Dmi - Not Working
52378198,COLLIERS WOOD,Colliers Wood Stn,13/12/2017,14/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52378198/100003572965 - southbound platform 2- vid blank
52378205,MILL HILL EAST,Station Building - Mill Hill East Stn,13/12/2017,14/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52378205/100003572973 - The station entrance VID is not displaying any train information.
1908635,Ladbroke Grove,Both Platforms,13/12/2017,18/12/2017,Veids Out Of Sync
52379696,FINCHLEY ROAD,Station Building - Finchley Road Stn,13/12/2017,13/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52379696/100003574454 - All four platforms all VID`s not showing trains or times info.
1908697,Putney Bridge,Plat 1 - Midway.,13/12/2017,14/12/2017,Veid - Showing Incorrect Information
1908700,Notting Hill Gate,Central Line Platforms 3&4,13/12/2017,14/12/2017,Dmi's Out Of Service
1908840,Fulham Broadway,Eb 2,14/12/2017,14/12/2017,Dmi No Time Or Destination
52379842,WEMBLEY PARK,Wembley Park Stn,14/12/2017,14/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52379842/100003574593 -
52380218,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,14/12/2017,14/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52380218/100003574961 - VIDS in tickethall faulty - Showing non responsive on mica.
52380250,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,14/12/2017,18/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52380250/100003574986 - VIDS in ticket hall faulty - Showing non responsive on mica.
1909187,Becontree,Both Plts,15/12/2017,15/12/2017,Both Dmi's Frozen
1909193,Mile End,Plt 2,15/12/2017,18/12/2017,Veid - Giving Incorrect Info
1909459,Roding Valley,Plt 1,16/12/2017,16/12/2017,Veid Not Working
1909465,HARLESDEN STATION,BOTH BAKERLOO LINE PLATS 1 & 2,16/12/2017,19/12/2017,VEID NOT SHOWING ANY TRAIN INFORMATION // 17/12/17 09:29 - Guys Please pass this job to Telent who are maintainers of this Overground station. Regards John Mc
1909541,Hammersmith (DP),W/b Platforms,16/12/2017,16/12/2017,Dmis Not Showing Train Info
1909613,Oxford Circus,All On Stn,17/12/2017,18/12/2017,Dot Matrix Blank
52381201,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,17/12/2017,17/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52381201/100003575872 - exit n02 vid blank
1909718,Fulham Broadway,Eastbound Platform 2,17/12/2017,18/12/2017,Cis Faulty - Part Of Text Missing
52381232,CHALK FARM,Chalk Farm Stn,17/12/2017,18/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52381232/100003575899 - the MICA system is not working also no VIDS
1909804,Aldgate,Mid Platform 2,18/12/2017,20/12/2017,Veid Showing Wrong Time - 2 Mins Slow
52381283,BELSIZE PARK,Belsize Park Stn,18/12/2017,18/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52381283/100003575941 - both platforms - no information showing on VIDS.
1909854,Notting Hill Gate,Plat 3 & 4,18/12/2017,18/12/2017,Veids Blank
1909872,Barons Court,Platform 1,18/12/2017,18/12/2017,Dmi - Showing Wrong Destination Info.
1909961,Gants Hill,Both Plats 1 & 2,18/12/2017,19/12/2017,Veid Not Showing Any Train Information
1909970,West Brompton,Plat 2 Dist Line E/b,18/12/2017,20/12/2017,Dmi Showing Wrong Train Information
52381972,SUDBURY HILL,Sudbury Hill Stn,18/12/2017,19/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52381972/100003576607 - ticket hall area vid no info
52381973,EUSTON,Euston Stn,18/12/2017,22/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52381973/100003576608 - Vid unit showing text in wrong places
1910050,Notting Hill Gate,Central Line Platform,19/12/2017,19/12/2017,Veids Blank
52382092,SUDBURY HILL,Sudbury Hill Stn,19/12/2017,19/12/2017,vids in ticket hall -ÿno information showing
1910128,Parsons Green,,19/12/2017,22/12/2017,Defective Dmi
1910166,Notting Hill Gate,Plt 1,19/12/2017,19/12/2017,1 X Veid - Displaying Incorrect Train Info
1910189,Putney Bridge,Plat 1,19/12/2017,19/12/2017,Dmi Not Showing Any Train Destinations
1910273,Notting Hill Gate,Plt 3 Cen Line,19/12/2017,20/12/2017,1 X Veid - Displaying Incorrect Train Info
52382715,ARSENAL,Arsenal Stn,20/12/2017,20/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52382715/100003577311 - MICA showing vids are offline
1910377,Baker Street,Plt 8 B/loo Line,20/12/2017,20/12/2017,Veids Not Showing Any Information
1910386,Bank,Plt 6,20/12/2017,20/12/2017,Dmi - Not Displaying Any Train Info
1910393,Leytonstone,"Plt1,2&3",20/12/2017,20/12/2017,Vieds No Train Information
1910402,Newbury Park,Both Plts,20/12/2017,20/12/2017,Dot Matrix Blank
1910403,Redbridge,Plt1&2,20/12/2017,20/12/2017,Dmi Not Train Info
1910539,West Ham,Platforms 1 And 2 (district Line Platforms),20/12/2017,27/12/2017,Dmis Clock Times Are A Number Of Hours Different To The Actual Time.
52384422,GREEN PARK,Green Park Stn,21/12/2017,27/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52384422/100003578998 - VID on platform 3 - no information
1910624,Kings Cross,Plt1,21/12/2017,12/01/2018,Vied Flickering
1910790,Mile End,"P2, P3, Ticket Hall",21/12/2017,22/12/2017,Veids Are All Frozen
1910803,Pinner,"Plt1, 2, Ticket Hall",21/12/2017,22/12/2017,All Veids Displaying Incorrect Train Times (they Seem To Be Frozen)
1910907,Maida Vale,Both Platforms,22/12/2017,22/12/2017,Dmi's Blank
1910951,Loughton,,22/12/2017,24/12/2017,Veids Not Working
1910967,Mile End,Ticket Hall,22/12/2017,27/12/2017,Communications Veids For District & H&c Line Are Blank
52385420,ARSENAL,Arsenal Stn,22/12/2017,22/12/2017,ticket hall area vid blank
52385696,GREEN PARK,Platform 3 - Northbound Local - Victoria Line - Station Building - Green Park Stn,24/12/2017,24/12/2017,VID - Platform 3 Victoria line NBÿ - is not displaying train information.
1911159,Regents Park,T/h,24/12/2017,26/12/2017,Veid Blank - Sms Says Veid Is Faulty
1911306,Edgware Road (Met),Plts 3 & 4,26/12/2017,27/12/2017,2 X Dmi's Are (partialy) Blank
52385892,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Tottenham Court Road Stn,26/12/2017,27/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52385892/100003580399 - VID 041 (platform 4 H/W) blank
52385922,GREEN PARK,Platform 3 - Northbound Local - Victoria Line - Station Building - Green Park Stn,26/12/2017,26/12/2017,Platform 3 NB Victoria - DMI is not showing any train information
52385989,HENDON CENTRAL,Hendon Central Stn,27/12/2017,29/12/2017,"APJNP Ref 52385989/100003580491 - platform 1 - vids , top line flickering/ not visible"
1911571,Ladbroke Grove,Plat 1 E/b,27/12/2017,28/12/2017,Veid Showing Incorrect Train Information
1911670,Northolt,Plat 1,28/12/2017,28/12/2017,Sms Displaying 'veid No Message' Unable To Clear Alarm
52386750,WATERLOO,Waterloo Stn,28/12/2017,02/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52386750/100003581227 - VID 022 on platform 2 - mid - no information showing
1911787,Turnham Green,Whole Site,28/12/2017,29/12/2017,All Vieds Showing Wrong Time
52387254,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,28/12/2017,28/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52387254/100003581711 - VID - tickethall - missing information
52387261,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Northern Line - Tottenham Court Road Stn,28/12/2017,20/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52387261/100003581714 - Vid 041 (platform 4 H/W) blank - This fault has been observed by staff as intermittent - it will work sometimes and then go blank for long periods of time -
52387396,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,29/12/2017,06/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52387396/100003581835 - VID in tickethall - missing information - blank
1912051,Marble Arch,E/b Plat 2,29/12/2017,31/12/2017,Dmi- Not Displaying Full Information
52387697,WESTMINSTER,Westminster Stn,30/12/2017,30/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52387697/100003582119 - District and circle line platforms - Platforms 1 and 2 - VIDS are not showing any train times.
52387868,HOUNSLOW EAST,Hounslow East Stn,30/12/2017,30/12/2017,APJNP Ref 52387868/100003582277 - vids in tkt hall displaying incorrect info and sometimes none at all
1912323,Epping,Ss Office,31/12/2017,01/01/2018,"Sms - Showing Fault On Veids, Red Light On"
1912364,Bank,"Monument Side, Plat 5 & 6",31/12/2017,31/12/2017,4 X Veids Blank
1912405,Hammersmith (Met),Plts 1 & 2,31/12/2017,02/01/2018,2 X Dmis - Missing Train Information
1912507,Highbury & Islington,Plt5&3 Also Check Dmi's,01/01/2018,02/01/2018,Dmi Timing Out
52388146,EDGWARE,Edgware Stn,01/01/2018,01/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52388146/100003582528 - VIDS across the station displaying- no information.
1912726,Aldgate,On Overbridge,02/01/2018,03/01/2018,Dmi Not Displaying Train Info
1912889,St James's Park,Plat 1 W/b,02/01/2018,03/01/2018,Dmi Showing Wrong Info
52388761,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,02/01/2018,09/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52388761/100003583117 - vids at Southwark Street stairs is only partially illuminated
52388794,GOLDERS GREEN,Golders Green Stn,03/01/2018,05/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52388794/100003583147 - MICA constantly beeping - Power cycle detected on VID.
52388796,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,03/01/2018,03/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52388796/100003583150 - all station vids blank after power outage
1912979,Aldgate,,03/01/2018,04/01/2018,Sms Is Showing Error Fault - Cctv Fault
52389420,SOUTH EALING,Piccadilly Line - South Ealing Stn,03/01/2018,05/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52389420/100003583764 - Beeping noise from CER PA unit and also- mica is showing Camera 20- is not- recording and- no VID train data.
52389471,GOLDERS GREEN,Golders Green Stn,04/01/2018,04/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52389471/100003583814 - MICA system power cycle detected on vid 1
1913294,West Brompton,Plat 2 Middle,04/01/2018,04/01/2018,Dmi In Default Mode
1913457,Kilburn Park,Platform 1 And 2,04/01/2018,05/01/2018,"Signage, Vid's On Both Platforms"
1913486,Hammersmith (DP),Platform 2 - Picc Line,04/01/2018,04/01/2018,Dmi Showing Incorrect Train Info
1913493,Fairlop,Plat 2,04/01/2018,05/01/2018,Veid Not Displaying Any Info
1913513,Ruislip Gardens,Plt 2 - Mid Section,04/01/2018,05/01/2018,Veid - No Information
52391692,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,05/01/2018,05/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52391692/100003586007 - All VIDs on the staton - not working due to a power glitch earlier.
52391700,ACTON TOWN,Acton Town Stn,05/01/2018,05/01/2018,VID in ticket hallÿW/B destination not showing at all
1913612,West Brompton,Plt 2,05/01/2018,05/01/2018,Dmi - Not Showing Any Tain Info
1913628,South Kensington,Platform 2,05/01/2018,05/01/2018,Veid Train Description Incorrect
1913644,Seven Sisters,Plt 5,05/01/2018,08/01/2018,Veid - 3 Mins Slow
52392099,ARNOS GROVE,Booking Hall - Station Building - Arnos Grove Stn,05/01/2018,05/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52392099/100003586401 - VID is not displaying and train info
52392217,SUDBURY HILL,Sudbury Hill Stn,06/01/2018,06/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52392217/100003586512 - VID on W/B Platform - no information showing.
52392257,SUDBURY HILL,Booking Hall - Station Building - Sudbury Hill Stn,06/01/2018,06/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52392257/100003586544 - VIDs in the booking hall-  and on- platform 1 have-  blank screens
1914038,NORTH WEMBLEY STATION,Train indicator times,07/01/2018,07/01/2018,CIS monitors in ticket hall/CSS office. // CIS monitors & DMIs on platforms all showing no correct train information.
1914050,KEW GARDENS STATION,E/B PLT,07/01/2018,07/01/2018,"VEID - NOT DISLAYING ANY TRAIN INFO // Customer Ref : SSL1914050 Site : Kew Gardens (Silverlink) System : Silverlink CIS Engineer : N/A On Site : N/A System Restored / Off Site : 07 Jan 2018 09:53 Cause Details : Other Contractors Failure Closure Details : Other, Other Contractors Failure: Amey 07/01/18 0900-0953: ARL cis system had crashed, now back up and working"
1914067,Northwick Park,Plt 1 & 2,07/01/2018,08/01/2018,Veids - Not Working
1914125,Hainault,Plt 1,07/01/2018,08/01/2018,Veid Is Only Showing Start Up
1914140,Mile End,Platform 2,07/01/2018,08/01/2018,Veids Out Of Sync With Train Service
52392949,STOCKWELL,Stockwell Stn,08/01/2018,08/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52392949/100003587177 - tickethall - all vids showing loss/no information
52392973,GREEN PARK,Green Park Stn,08/01/2018,08/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52392973/100003587199 - DMI`s around the station- blank - not displaying any information
1914278,Aldgate,Platform 4,08/01/2018,09/01/2018,Dmi For Circle Line Trains
52393468,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,08/01/2018,08/01/2018,Texts missing from southwark street VIDS at London bridge station.
1914579,Mile End,Plat 1 & 2 & T/hall,09/01/2018,09/01/2018,4 X Dmi's Not Working
1914595,Earl's Court,Plat 3 Dist Line,09/01/2018,11/01/2018,Dmi Not Displaying Any Train Information
1914708,Turnham Green,"Platforms, Wiating Room & T/hall",09/01/2018,10/01/2018,4 X Veid's Out Of Sync
1914982,Edgware Road (Bak),S/b Plt 2 Bak Line,10/01/2018,11/01/2018,Dmi - Blank One Sideonly
52395915,MORDEN,Morden Stn,11/01/2018,12/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52395915/100003590030 - Yellow crosses on 3 screens and MICA 3 showing VID 021 priority 1613. over 1percent LED failed.
1915300,Kensal Green,Plat 1 Bak Line,11/01/2018,12/01/2018,Dmi Not Showing Train Information
52396019,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Station Building - Tottenham Court Road Stn,12/01/2018,14/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52396019/100003590119 - Southbound VID 42 - The display- has characters missing.
52396020,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Tottenham Court Road Stn,12/01/2018,12/01/2018,Southbound VID 41 - The time is missing.
1915401,Oxford Circus,Tickethall & Plts,12/01/2018,12/01/2018,All Vieds Not Working
52396034,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Station Building - Tottenham Court Road Stn,12/01/2018,14/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52396034/100003590134 - VIDS 031 & 032 on the northbound and VID 042 on the southbound. The characters are very dim.
1915434,Bank,Plat 2 E/b,12/01/2018,15/01/2018,Dmi - Showing Incorrect Train Info
1915659,Fairlop,Platform 1 - Cental Line,13/01/2018,15/01/2018,Veid - Not Showing Train Info
52396633,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,13/01/2018,17/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52396633/100003590699 - VIDs at Southwark Street stairs is only partially illuminated
1915722,Gloucester Road,Both Platforms & Ticket Hall,13/01/2018,15/01/2018,All Dmi's Not Showing Train Info
1915741,Oxford Circus,Cctv Room,13/01/2018,05/02/2018,Dvr - Loss Of Comms To Vid & Error Showing On Sms
52396677,EDGWARE,Edgware Stn,13/01/2018,14/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52396677/100003590739 - Plt3 VID blank
52396736,WEST HAM,Booking Hall - Station Building - West Ham Stn,14/01/2018,14/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52396736/100003590788 - VID intermittently going blank.
1915960,Victoria,Plt 3,14/01/2018,15/01/2018,2 X Veid's - 1st Line Frozen
1916000,Baker Street,Dmi Platform 5.,15/01/2018,15/01/2018,Dmi Not Displaying Fully.
1916007,Hammersmith (DP),Plat 1 & 2,15/01/2018,15/01/2018,2 X Dmi's Are Blank
1916036,Hammersmith (DP),Plat 2,15/01/2018,15/01/2018,"Defective Dmi Panel 6, On The Tailwall Side."
1916043,Gloucester Road,Ticket Hall Paid Side Circle And District Dmi,15/01/2018,15/01/2018,Dmi - Missing Information
1916271,PADDINGTON STATION,Platform and ticket hall,16/01/2018,17/01/2018,"Time on VEIDS is 2 mins early. Mica pc to be adjusted for veids // Time on veids in the ticket hall, platforms, mica and clock in control room are all 2 mins early."
1916291,Putney Bridge,Plt 1,16/01/2018,16/01/2018,2 X Veid's - Frozen Screen
1916300,Regents Park,Both Bakerloo Plats,16/01/2018,16/01/2018,2 X Dmi's - No Train Info
1916302,Mansion House,Plat 3 E/b H/wall,16/01/2018,16/01/2018,Dmi - Not Showing Time & Destination
52397477,FINCHLEY ROAD,Finchley Road Stn,16/01/2018,19/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52397477/100003591487 - PLATFORM No4 - VID DISPLAYING IP ADDRESS EQUALS DISABLED
1916313,Blackfriars,Plt 2 - Midway,16/01/2018,16/01/2018,Dmi - Showing Wrong Information
1916465,Temple,E/b District Plt,16/01/2018,16/01/2018,Dmi - Train Info Is 2 Trains Behind
1916469,West Brompton,,16/01/2018,22/01/2018,1 X 52253 Required To Replaced Bent Key For Dmi Equipment Cabinet
52397930,OLD STREET,Old Street Stn,16/01/2018,16/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52397930/100003591928 - ALL STATION VIDS OUT OF SERVICE
1916605,Walthamstow Central,Plat 1 & 2,17/01/2018,17/01/2018,2 X Veids - Time 2 Mins Slow
1916663,Holborn,Veid 05 E/b Central Plt 2,17/01/2018,19/01/2018,Unauthorised Stickers To Be Removed
1916670,Tottenham Hale,S/b Platform 2,17/01/2018,17/01/2018,Dmi Blank
52399401,STANMORE,Station Building - Stanmore Stn,17/01/2018,17/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52399401/100003593377 - MICA system showing booking hall VID 001 as out of service and it is now blank.- 
1916780,Tower Hill,Platform 1 Middle Of Platform,17/01/2018,18/01/2018,Veid Not Showing Correct Information
1916902,Fulham Broadway,E/b Plat 2,18/01/2018,19/01/2018,Dmi - No Train Info
52399593,HIGHGATE,Highgate Stn,18/01/2018,18/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52399593/100003593553 - ALL VIDS ON STATION NOT WORKING
52399595,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,18/01/2018,22/01/2018,"APJNP Ref 52399595/100003593555 - all VIDS are blank in station - SIMS indicating- comms-  for BHS, MTH Duke Street Hill areas"
1916929,Watford Met,Platform 2,18/01/2018,18/01/2018,Veid 4 Not Showing Train Info
1917082,Shepherds Bush Central,Plt 1,18/01/2018,19/01/2018,Veid Not Working
52400022,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,19/01/2018,19/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52400022/100003593962 - Ticket hall VID showing No Response from VID.
52400033,WEMBLEY PARK,Jubilee Line - Wembley Park Stn,19/01/2018,19/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52400033/100003593974 - All platforms all VID`s are either blank or have frozen and showing loss of comms to VID`s on MICA system.
52400051,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Station Building - Tottenham Court Road Stn,19/01/2018,22/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52400051/100003593991 - southbound platform 4 northern line VID 42 - The top row characters are missing.
1917311,Mansion House,Plat 3,19/01/2018,19/01/2018,Dmi Not Showing Times
52400372,BURNT OAK,Burnt Oak Stn,19/01/2018,20/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52400372/100003594306 - Clocks all over the station and on vids 5 mins slow.
1917395,Ladbroke Grove,Royal Oak To Hammersmith - W/b,19/01/2018,22/01/2018,Veids Not Working
1917464,Bank,Plt 2 - Dist - Mid Section,20/01/2018,20/01/2018,Dmi - Showing Wrong Information
1917492,Uxbridge,Train Indicator Between Platform 2&3.,20/01/2018,22/01/2018,Train Indicator 1st Train Out 4 Faulty
1917536,Putney Bridge,Platform 1,20/01/2018,22/01/2018,2 X Veid's Showing Incorrect Train Info 2 Out Of 3 Trains
52400716,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,21/01/2018,24/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52400716/100003594636 - All VIDS info out of sync
1917808,West Harrow,Both Platforms & Ticket Hall,22/01/2018,22/01/2018,4 X Veids - Blank
1917824,Oxford Circus,Tckt Hall & Plat 5 & 6,22/01/2018,25/01/2018,Vieds Not Working X 7
1918048,Bow Road,E/b Platform No2,22/01/2018,23/01/2018,Train Describer
52401284,HATTON CROSS,Piccadilly Line - Hatton Cross Stn,22/01/2018,23/01/2018,"APJNP Ref 52401284/100003595184 - Westbbound platform, Part of VID 011 is blank - No image"
1918053,Earl's Court,Plat 3 Dist Line,22/01/2018,23/01/2018,Dmi Not Displaying Any Train Information
52401327,HATTON CROSS,Piccadilly Line - Hatton Cross Stn,23/01/2018,23/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52401327/100003595222 - Platforms 1 and 2 only half of each dot matrix is working.
52401354,SOUTH HARROW,South Harrow Stn,23/01/2018,21/03/2018,All VIDs are blank
1918177,Acton Town,"Plat 1, W/b",23/01/2018,23/01/2018,Td's - Plus One - Veid Issue
52401375,PARK ROYAL,Park Royal Stn,23/01/2018,23/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52401375/100003595258 - Dot madrix information both platforms not working
1918384,Bethnal Green,Ticket Hall,24/01/2018,24/01/2018,Veid Not Showing Any Train Info
1918567,Mansion House,E/b Plt 3 Dist Line,24/01/2018,24/01/2018,Dmi - Not Showing Full Info
1918589,Pinner,Whole Site,24/01/2018,25/01/2018,All Dmis Frozen
1918691,Aldgate,Platform 4,25/01/2018,29/01/2018,Dmi Defective
1918971,Fulham Broadway,Plt2,26/01/2018,26/01/2018,Dmi No Train Info
52404078,COLINDALE,Station Building - Colindale Stn,26/01/2018,26/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52404078/100003597892 - all VIDS not displaying any train info
1918999,West Brompton,"Platform 2, Eastbound",26/01/2018,26/01/2018,Dot Matrix Wrong Destination Wrong Times
52404577,CLAPHAM COMMON,Clapham Common Stn,26/01/2018,28/01/2018,"APJNP Ref 52404577/100003598386 - all dot matrix`s on the station, blank"
1919109,Hammersmith (DP),Plat 1 & 2,26/01/2018,30/01/2018,2 X Dmis Showing No Train Info
52404663,CLAPHAM COMMON,Clapham Common Stn,27/01/2018,27/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52404663/100003598461 - platform- vids and booking hall vid not showing train times
52404685,EALING COMMON,Station Building - Ealing Common Stn,27/01/2018,27/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52404685/100003598481 - MICA system is showing loss of communications to VID`s but upon inspection all the VID`s appear to be working and updating.- - 
52404703,TURNPIKE LANE,Piccadilly Line - Turnpike Lane Stn,27/01/2018,27/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52404703/100003598498 - Both east and westbound platform VIDS are blank - ticket hall vids ok.
1919262,Mile End,Plats 2 & 3 Dist Line And In Ticket Hall,27/01/2018,28/01/2018,Veids Blank
1919269,South Ruislip,Platform 1 - Middle,27/01/2018,30/01/2018,Junction Box For Veids Open - Above Head Height
52404926,EUSTON,Euston Stn,27/01/2018,27/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52404926/100003598718 - VIDS 031 0n platform 3 and- VIDS 061- on platform- 6 are blank
1919332,Liverpool Street,Plat 2 Midway,27/01/2018,29/01/2018,Dmi - Not Fully Illuminated
1919366,Bow Road,Plat 2 & T/h,27/01/2018,29/01/2018,2 X Veids Blank
1919393,Hammersmith (DP),Plt 1 & 2,28/01/2018,28/01/2018,Dmi - Not Showing Train Information
1919438,Harrow-on-the-Hill,All Platforms And Ticket Hall,28/01/2018,29/01/2018,All Veids Are Blank
1919443,Putney Bridge,Plat 1 E/b,28/01/2018,29/01/2018,2 X Veids - Showing Wrong Destinations
52405103,EUSTON,Euston Stn,28/01/2018,28/01/2018,"APJNP Ref 52405103/100003598886 - VID 061 plat 6 blank , previously reported- - 52404926. VID 061 has gone blank again"
1919528,Putney Bridge,Platform 3 (disused),28/01/2018,29/01/2018,2 X Disused Dmi's Showing Wrong Time
52405124,PARK ROYAL,Station Building - Park Royal Stn,28/01/2018,29/01/2018,"APJNP Ref 52405124/100003598904 - The MICA system displays, 127 no VIDS train data Piccadilly line modernized OLC1. Please investigate."
1919595,Edgware Road (Met),Plat 2,29/01/2018,29/01/2018,Dmi Displaying Incorrect Train Info
1919598,Highbury & Islington,Plt 3 & 5,29/01/2018,29/01/2018,2 X Veid's - Frozen Screen
1919626,Embankment,Plat 1 Dist Line W/b Near Headwall,29/01/2018,30/01/2018,Dmi Some Text Is Missing From Train Information
52405192,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,29/01/2018,06/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52405192/100003598962 - joiner street on the wall- between exits c & d vid blank
52405596,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Tottenham Court Road Stn,29/01/2018,31/01/2018,APJNP Ref 52405596/100003599359 - southbound platform 4 - 2x VIDS (N105COMVID041 N105COMVID042) Destination on 042 Kennington wording is only half displayed and minutes are dim - 041 - Minutes and time are dull and unable to read - On going problem of 52
1919848,Highbury & Islington,Plt 3 & 5,30/01/2018,31/01/2018,2 X Veid's - Blank
1919867,Putney Bridge,Plt 1 And Plt 2,30/01/2018,30/01/2018,2 X Veid's - Not Showing Any Train Info
1919942,South Ruislip,Control Room,30/01/2018,02/02/2018,Sms - Showing Error Message On Veids
52406319,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Platform 4 - Southbound Local - Northern Line - Station Building - Tottenham Court Road Stn,31/01/2018,31/01/2018,VID 41 - someÿLEDs are very dim (times and 'mins') - repeat of 52405596
1920275,Lancaster Gate,Ticket Hall,31/01/2018,31/01/2018,Blank Veids In Ticket Hall
52407708,BOUNDS GREEN,Bounds Green Stn,01/02/2018,01/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52407708/100003601423 - ticket hall area and both plats dmi blank
52407905,HOUNSLOW CENTRAL,Station Building - Hounslow Central Stn,01/02/2018,01/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52407905/100003601614 - all VIDS - not displaying and train info and multiple faults displayed on MICA
1920520,Gloucester Road,Css Office,01/02/2018,02/02/2018,Psu Warning On Mica. Vids05 - Veid Psu Alarm
1920661,Snaresbrook,Plt 2,02/02/2018,02/02/2018,Veids Showing No Info
52408040,CALEDONIAN ROAD,Caledonian Road Stn,02/02/2018,02/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52408040/100003601729 - VIDS on platforms - No train information
1920672,Oxford Circus,,02/02/2018,02/02/2018,Dmi + Vied - No Info Except Times
1920726,Oxford Circus,Victoria Line,02/02/2018,05/02/2018,Veids Blank - Suspect Blown Fuse
1920834,Ruislip,Supervisor Office 1/236,02/02/2018,05/02/2018,Issues With Veids
52408434,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,03/02/2018,03/02/2018,Vid in interchange no visual
1920897,Dagenham East,Tkt Hall,03/02/2018,05/02/2018,Veid Has The Wrong Date
1920930,East Acton,W/b Plt,03/02/2018,05/02/2018,"Veid - Not Showing Third Line Of Info, One Side Only"
1920976,Oxford Circus,Plt3&4,03/02/2018,04/02/2018,Vieds No Train Info
1921039,BOND STREET STATION,CONTROL ROOM,04/02/2018,04/02/2018,"EMAIL - MICA SYSTEM FAULT, LOSS OF COMMS TO VID 1 // every night at 3am the alarms start going off. Fault – Loss of Comms to Vid 01 We have to keep silencing this every 15 Secs"
52408815,CLAPHAM NORTH,Station Building - Clapham North Stn,04/02/2018,04/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52408815/100003602475 - The VIDS on platforms one and two are not displaying any train information. - 
52408866,STANMORE,Booking Hall - Station Building - Stanmore Stn,04/02/2018,10/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52408866/100003602521 - Ticket hall VID 001 is just showing Jubilee line but no trains or times.- 
1921374,South Ruislip,Plat 1,05/02/2018,06/02/2018,Veid Blank
52409414,ST. JOHNS WOOD,St Johns Wood Stn,05/02/2018,05/02/2018,both plats and ticket hall area vids blank
1921533,Victoria,Vic Line Both Plats,06/02/2018,07/02/2018,Veids Incorrect Info - No Destination
1921699,Gloucester Road,Css Office,06/02/2018,07/02/2018,Psu Warning On Mica. Vids05 - Veid Psu Alarm 5/362
1921865,West Brompton,Plt 2,07/02/2018,07/02/2018,Dmi Is Blank
1922029,Holborn,Central Plats 1& 2,07/02/2018,08/02/2018,Veids - No Info Direction And Time
1922031,Holborn,Picc Plats 3 & 4,07/02/2018,08/02/2018,Veids - No Info Direction And Time
1922058,Gloucester Road,Csm/css Office.,07/02/2018,13/02/2018,Mica Reporting Power Supply Fault On Veid No5
1922142,Highbury & Islington,,08/02/2018,08/02/2018,"Both Dmis On Viv Plts Are Showing ""next Train"" Only"
1922314,Holborn,All Stn - See Extn'd Description,08/02/2018,08/02/2018,Veids Not Workiing X 11
1922461,Hammersmith (DP),Plat 1 & 2 W/b,09/02/2018,09/02/2018,Dmi - Blank
1922601,Gloucester Road,W/b Picc Line,09/02/2018,11/02/2018,Defective Veid - Not Showing Train Times
1922708,Aldgate,Passageway - Just Off Ticket Hall Towards Plts,10/02/2018,12/02/2018,Dmi Is Not Showing 'next Train Leaving'
52412657,NEASDEN,Station Building - Neasden Stn,10/02/2018,10/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52412657/100003606191 - VID 31 & VID1 not display any train info
52412671,ACTON TOWN,Acton Town Stn,10/02/2018,11/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52412671/100003606205 - VIDS OOS. MICA-  - no vids (train data pic line)
52412724,WESTMINSTER,Westminster Stn,11/02/2018,11/02/2018,No train info on JubÿVIDsÿ
52412735,COCKFOSTERS,Cockfosters Stn,11/02/2018,11/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52412735/100003606257 - ticket hall VID is out of service
1922901,Baker Street,"Plt 6, T/wall",11/02/2018,11/02/2018,Veid - Missing Info On One Side
1922956,Warwick Avenue,Plt 2 - Bakerloo Line,11/02/2018,11/02/2018,1 X Dmi's - One Side Has Information Missing
52412797,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Tottenham Court Road Stn,11/02/2018,11/02/2018,PLATFORM No4 S/B NORTHERN - VID NOT DISPLAYING ANY TRAIN DATA
52412804,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,11/02/2018,13/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52412804/100003606322 - ticket hall VID 001 showing 140 and out of service
1923021,Highbury & Islington,Plt's 3 & 5 Vic,11/02/2018,12/02/2018,Veids - 1x Blank. 1x Frozen
52412936,SWISS COTTAGE,Swiss Cottage Stn,12/02/2018,12/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52412936/100003606438 - VID 021 SB platform 2 - Out of service.
1923161,BLACKFRIARS STATION,BOTH PLATFORMS,12/02/2018,15/02/2018,VEIDS SHOWING TRAINS HELD INTERMITTANTLY // please pass this job to Telent who are the maintainers of the SMS system at Blackfriars. Telent altered the SMS software at Blackfriars (minor works order) to prevent the 'held' message appearing. Please forward this email to them. Regards John Mc
1923356,Gloucester Road,Plt 1 + 2 + 3 + Ticket Hall Area,13/02/2018,13/02/2018,Veids - No Information
52414133,STANMORE,Booking Hall - Station Building - Stanmore Stn,13/02/2018,16/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52414133/100003607588 - Central SCADA investigation - Ticket hall VID no 1 showing as out of service.
52414142,HATTON CROSS,Hatton Cross Stn,13/02/2018,13/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52414142/100003607595 - VID on platform 1 - No showing train times.
1923534,Aldgate,"Platform 4, Tail Wall Facing Side",13/02/2018,20/02/2018,Dmi/vid - Right Side Information Not Fully Displaying/blank
52414212,FINCHLEY CENTRAL,Finchley Central Stn,14/02/2018,14/02/2018,"APJNP Ref 52414212/100003607659 - MICA, - vid 22 is faulty , blank located on platform 2"
1923669,Bank,Plat 1 & 2 District,14/02/2018,15/02/2018,Dmi's Not Showing Any Train Information
1924168,East Acton,Platform 1,16/02/2018,21/02/2018,Veids. Bottom Line Not Fully Showing
1924182,Mile End,Platform 2 & 3,16/02/2018,16/02/2018,Dmi's Not Displaying Any Train Info
1924229,Aldgate East,"On Plt 1 & 2, T/hall",16/02/2018,16/02/2018,4 X Veid's - Frozen Screen
1924395,Pinner,Gateline & Plat 2 S/b,17/02/2018,19/02/2018,2 X Dmi''s Are Frozen
52416728,FINCHLEY CENTRAL,Platform 2 - Northbound Fast - Station Building - Finchley Central Stn,17/02/2018,17/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52416728/100003610115 - VID- on platform 2 NB- is blank- - south end of platform
1924508,Holborn,T/hall,17/02/2018,19/02/2018,Veid - Not Communicating With Server
1924561,Highbury & Islington,Plat 3 & 5,18/02/2018,19/02/2018,2 X Dmi Showing Wrong Info
1924788,Wood Lane,Above Gateline,19/02/2018,19/02/2018,Dmi - Is Showing Incorrect Information
1924791,Watford Met,Ticket Hall & Plat 1,19/02/2018,19/02/2018,Veid Showing Incorrect Time And No Train Info After Power Surge
1925078,St James's Park,Eastbound & Westbound Platforms,20/02/2018,20/02/2018,Dmi Showing Wrong Destination
1925096,Bayswater,Plt 2 E/b Dist,20/02/2018,20/02/2018,Dmi - Only Show Partial Info
1925102,Edgware Road (Met),Ticket Hall,20/02/2018,20/02/2018,Dmi Not Displaying Full Info
1925113,Turnham Green,Ticket Hall Gateline,20/02/2018,20/02/2018,Veids - No Information
1925269,Paddington,Middle,20/02/2018,21/02/2018,Veid - Not Dispaying Train Info
1925289,High Street Kensington,Plat 1 Middle,20/02/2018,21/02/2018,Dmi Offline
1925355,Hammersmith (DP),"Plat 1 & Plat 2, Midway",21/02/2018,21/02/2018,Dmi Not Working X 2
1925389,Oxford Circus,Nb B/loo Tailwall,21/02/2018,21/02/2018,Veid Blank
1925469,Mansion House,E/b Plt 3 Dist Line,21/02/2018,21/02/2018,Dmi - Not Showing Full Info On One Side
1925692,Bayswater,Plt 2 E/b Dist,22/02/2018,23/02/2018,Dmi - Only Showing Incorrect Information
1925696,Mansion House,Platform 3,22/02/2018,23/02/2018,Dmi On Platform 3 Faulty
1925858,NOTTING HILL GATE STATION,CONTROL ROOM,23/02/2018,24/02/2018,"SMS SHOWING NO VEID AVAILABLE // telent Ref : 935718 Customer Ref : BCV1925858 Site : Notting Hill Gate (CZ) System : SMS - Station Management System Engineer : Collins,Ian On Site : 23 Feb 2018 20:01 System Restored / Off Site : 23 Feb 2018 20:01 Cause Details : No Fault Found Closure Details : Other, No Fault Found: Called station informed the SMS is all working ok. No error faults present. Checked VIDS are all working ok. Fault closed as No Fault found "
1925880,Southfields,Eb - Plat 1,23/02/2018,23/02/2018,Veids Showing Incorrect Destinations
52420478,FINSBURY PARK,Finsbury Park Stn,23/02/2018,23/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52420478/100003613743 - Large VIDs 3 - Seven sisters entrance has no train info.
1926223,Stratford,"Plat 6, E/b, Cen Line",24/02/2018,26/02/2018,Train Describer Not Working
1926310,Piccadilly Circus,Platform 3 & 4 - Picc Line & Ticket Office,24/02/2018,26/02/2018,Veids & Train Describer Showing Incorrect Train Timing
52420881,ARNOS GROVE,Arnos Grove Stn,25/02/2018,26/02/2018,"APJNP Ref 52420881/100003614131 - Ticket hall pasimeter, westbound VID has no train information and time is 4secs behind."
1926436,Uxbridge,Ticket Hall By Gateline,25/02/2018,26/02/2018,Veid Totally Blank
1926515,Gants Hill,Plats 1 & 2,25/02/2018,26/02/2018,Dmi - Not Showing Full Information
52420994,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,26/02/2018,26/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52420994/100003614234 - All VIDS on station are blank after power surge
52421012,SOUTH EALING,South Ealing Stn,26/02/2018,26/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52421012/100003614251 - All VIDS no information. IP address disabled
1926662,Southfields,Plt 1,26/02/2018,27/02/2018,Veid Incorrect Information
1926682,South Kensington,Both Plats 1 & 2 District Line,26/02/2018,03/03/2018,2 X Dmi's Are Not Showing Train Information - 50305 Auto 07901512590 Joint Visit
1926832,Mansion House,Plat 3 E/b,26/02/2018,27/02/2018,Dmi Incorrect Info
52421493,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,26/02/2018,28/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52421493/100003614706 - VID by gateline - missing information.
1926889,Preston Road,Both Plats And Ticket Hall,26/02/2018,27/02/2018,3 X Veid's Showing Incorrect Train Times
1926966,Hainault,Plat 1,27/02/2018,27/02/2018,Veid Not Working
1927058,North Acton,"Plt 1, 2 & 3",27/02/2018,27/02/2018,Dmis Not Displaying Trains
52422222,FINSBURY PARK,Finsbury Park Stn,27/02/2018,28/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52422222/100003615427 - VID 3 - seven sisters exit - no train info showing
1927142,Southfields,"Platform 1, Midway.",27/02/2018,01/03/2018,Veid Showing Incorrect Information.
1927292,Liverpool Street,Platform 2,27/02/2018,02/03/2018,Dmi Partially Blank
52422345,FINCHLEY CENTRAL,Finchley Central Stn,28/02/2018,28/02/2018,APJNP Ref 52422345/100003615525 - Platform 2 VID022 is blank
52422366,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,28/02/2018,01/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52422366/100003615545 - All station VIDS are blank - suspect there was a power surge.
52422426,HOUNSLOW CENTRAL,Hounslow Central Stn,28/02/2018,05/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52422426/100003615606 - No VID train data error displayed on Mica- unable to silence and VID data intermittently missing- from VIDS- Previously raised on- 52421604
1927642,Stepney Green,Plat 2 Dist Line,28/02/2018,01/03/2018,Train Describer Showing Wrong Train Information
1927651,White City,Plt1&2,28/02/2018,01/03/2018,Dmi's Not Working
1927746,Fulham Broadway,Plat 2,28/02/2018,01/03/2018,Dmi Displaying Incorrect Train Information
52423869,FINCHLEY CENTRAL,Station Building - Finchley Central Stn,01/03/2018,16/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52423869/100003617007 - VID no 2 on platform 2 is blank
1928030,Lambeth North,Plat 1 Mid,01/03/2018,09/03/2018,Dmi Missing Infomation
1928063,Edgware Road (Met),See Further Description,01/03/2018,06/03/2018,Dmis Are Not Working
1928212,GLOUCESTER ROAD STATION,CSS/Control room.,01/03/2018,02/03/2018,Mica fault. VID 002 fault. // VID002 fault unable to silence alarm.
1928243,Earl's Court,Train Display Board On Plat 3&4 Tail End,01/03/2018,02/03/2018,Led Display Sign Fault - 2 Rows Error
1928313,Farringdon,Plat 1 Circ,02/03/2018,08/03/2018,Veid Is Not Showing Info
1928408,Vauxhall,Plat 1 & 2,02/03/2018,06/03/2018,Dmi's Showing Wrong Times
1928508,Loughton,Platforms 2 & 3,02/03/2018,05/03/2018,Veids Blank
1928660,Gloucester Road,,02/03/2018,05/03/2018,Mica Is Showing Psu Warning / For Veids
52425516,HOUNSLOW CENTRAL,Station Building - Hounslow Central Stn,03/03/2018,03/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52425516/100003618576 - MICA system is showing all VID`s as offline with no train data.
52425551,CALEDONIAN ROAD,Caledonian Road Stn,03/03/2018,03/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52425551/100003618607 - vids on platforms/ ticket hall- blank
52425591,KINGS CROSS ST. PANCRAS,Northern Line - King's Cross Stn,03/03/2018,03/03/2018,"Plat 7 and 8 Northern line , VIDs blank"
1928843,Fulham Broadway,Eastbound Platform 2,03/03/2018,05/03/2018,Dmi On Eastbound Platform 2 Defective
1928872,Victoria,Nb And Sb,03/03/2018,05/03/2018,Dmis No Info At All
1928906,Aldgate East,Platform 1,03/03/2018,05/03/2018,1 X Veid Blank
1928930,Bayswater,Platform 2 Vid,03/03/2018,09/03/2018,Veid Not Showing Correct Train Information
52426455,HATTON CROSS,Hatton Cross Station Platform 1,05/03/2018,05/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52426455/100003619455 - Platforms and ticket hall all three VID`s showing Piccadilly line but no trains or times.- 
1929563,Blackfriars,Plat 1,05/03/2018,08/03/2018,Dmi Out Of Sync
1929564,Hammersmith (DP),,05/03/2018,06/03/2018,Dmi On W/b Platform Not Working
52427145,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Tottenham Court Road Stn,05/03/2018,12/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52427145/100003620113 - VID plat 4 northern destination displaying off the screen
52427162,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,05/03/2018,08/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52427162/100003620130 - ticket hall area - VID completely blank no information
1929627,Kings Cross,Vic Line - Plt 4,05/03/2018,06/03/2018,Veids- Completely Blank
52427215,MILL HILL EAST,Mill Hill East Stn,06/03/2018,06/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52427215/100003620176 - Platform and ticket hall area VIDs and THIDs - Intermittently failing to show train information.
52427220,STRATFORD,Stratford Stn,06/03/2018,06/03/2018,"No VIDs on plat 13, 14 ,15 and jubilee concourse"
52428106,MANOR HOUSE,Manor House Stn,06/03/2018,06/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52428106/100003621052 - Thids and Vids are no longer showing train info
52428115,CLAPHAM COMMON,Clapham Common Stn,06/03/2018,06/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52428115/100003621058 - VIDs are not showing train data on plats.
1929994,Baker Street,Platform 8 Towards Tailwall Southbound Bakerloo,07/03/2018,13/03/2018,Dmi Only Showing Partial Information (missing Letters)
1929995,Baker Street,Platform 5 Eastbound Hammersmith & City Line,07/03/2018,07/03/2018,Dmi Only Showing Partial Information (missing Letters)
1930032,Northwick Park,Plat 2 S/b,07/03/2018,15/03/2018,Veid Showing Incorrect Time
52428311,NORTH GREENWICH,North Greenwich Stn,07/03/2018,07/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52428311/100003621235 - VIDS dot matrix not working in level 1. Bus station side.
52428312,CANONS PARK,Canons Park Stn,07/03/2018,07/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52428312/100003621236 - MICA - Flashing no VIDS data
52429929,MILL HILL EAST,Mill Hill East Stn,07/03/2018,07/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52429929/100003622842 - No train info on THID and VIDs
52429933,SOUTHWARK,Booking Hall - Station Building - Southwark Stn,07/03/2018,12/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52429933/100003622847 - Station entrance VID- 6 street level- has two thirds of it not showing any text.
1930226,Hainault,Platform 3,07/03/2018,09/03/2018,Veid Not Showing Any Train Info
1930354,South Kensington,Dist Lines Plts 1 & 2 & Ticket Hall Area,08/03/2018,12/03/2018,3 X Dmis Blank
1930363,West Ham,District Line E/b And W/b,08/03/2018,09/03/2018,Veids Showing Wrong Information
1930486,Aldgate,"Plat 1, 2, 3 & 4",08/03/2018,11/03/2018,Pgi: Clocks Out Sync On Dmi+s
1930666,Mile End,Plat 2 Dist Line,09/03/2018,09/03/2018,Veid Blank
52431090,FINCHLEY ROAD,Station Building - Finchley Road Stn,10/03/2018,10/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52431090/100003623918 - All 4 platforms - no train information displaying on VIDS and message on MICA stating VIDS out of service.
1931082,Woodford,Plt 1,10/03/2018,03/04/2018,Veid - Error Showing On Sms 'plt 1 Veid 4 No Message On Veid
1931120,Pimlico,,11/03/2018,12/03/2018,Dot Matrix Blank
52431478,WOODSIDE PARK,Woodside Park Stn,11/03/2018,12/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52431478/100003624287 - vid on platform 1 : top line on display is blank
52431595,NORTH GREENWICH,North Greenwich Stn,12/03/2018,21/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52431595/100003624392 - W/B VID LOSS OF TRAIN DATA
1931359,Grange Hill,Both Plts,12/03/2018,12/03/2018,2 X Veids - No Train Info Showing Only Time
52431615,OVAL,Oval Stn,12/03/2018,12/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52431615/100003624409 - MIC on VID on plat 1 not showing destinations
52431911,NORTH GREENWICH,North Greenwich Stn,12/03/2018,12/03/2018,VID 3 Plat 1 - showing blank lines and no info
1931499,Gloucester Road,"Plat 1,2 & 3 & Ticket Hall",12/03/2018,12/03/2018,3 X Veids Blank
52431938,MILL HILL EAST,Mill Hill East Stn,12/03/2018,14/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52431938/100003624722 - All VIDs on station - not working intermittently.
1931566,Northwick Park,"Ticket Hall Area, Above Gate Line",12/03/2018,13/03/2018,Veid Not Showing Full Info
1931575,Grange Hill,Both Plts,12/03/2018,19/03/2018,2 X Veids - Showing No Info
1931658,Paddington,T/hall And Plat 15 & 16,13/03/2018,13/03/2018,Clocks On Veid Running Slow
1931720,Blackfriars,,13/03/2018,13/03/2018,Veids Not Showing Full Info
1931738,Newbury Park,Plat 2 E/b,13/03/2018,16/03/2018,Dmi - Not Showing All Info
1931758,Maida Vale,Southbound Platform 2,13/03/2018,13/03/2018,Veid Not Displaying Any Train Info
1931838,Barkingside,,13/03/2018,21/03/2018,Dot Matrix Showing Partial Info
1931881,Oxford Circus,Ticket Hall Area,13/03/2018,17/03/2018,Victoria Line 1 X Veid Off (flashing)
1932138,Bayswater,Platform 2 Vid,14/03/2018,16/03/2018,Veid Not Showing Correct Train Information
1932249,Queensway,2 On Plats & 1 In T/h,15/03/2018,15/03/2018,All Veids Blank
1932373,Blackfriars,Eb Plt & (wb Timing Issue),15/03/2018,15/03/2018,Veids Out Of Sync
1932539,Tower Hill,Plt 1 And 2,15/03/2018,15/03/2018,Next Train Departing Indicator Is Giving Incorrect Info
1932542,Loughton,Platforms 2 & 3,15/03/2018,16/03/2018,Veid - Not Showing Train Info
1932623,Blackfriars,Eb Plt & (wb Timing Issue),16/03/2018,16/03/2018,Veids Out Of Sync - Showing No Info Until 1 Min Away
1932633,Bow Road,W/b Platform No1,16/03/2018,16/03/2018,Train Describer Giving Out Wrong Info
1932982,Queensway,Upstairs And Down Stairs,17/03/2018,19/03/2018,Veids Kepp Going Off
52435581,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,17/03/2018,19/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52435581/100003628261 - VID 001 IN TKT HALL IS BLANK
52435650,HOUNSLOW CENTRAL,Station Building - Hounslow Central Stn,18/03/2018,18/03/2018,Control room - MICA - numerous alarm showing -ÿ5 camerasÿnot recordingÿ - DVR02 fault also no VIDS/train info.
1933340,Chancery Lane,"Plat 1 & 2, E/b & W/b, Midway",19/03/2018,19/03/2018,Vied Not Working X 2
52435821,KILBURN,Platform 1 - Northbound Local - Station Building - Kilburn Stn,19/03/2018,03/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52435821/100003628477 - Platform 1 NBL- train- DMI- glass smashed on one side - laminated unable to view
1933615,Leytonstone,W/b Plat 1,20/03/2018,20/03/2018,Dot Matrix Showing Incorrect Timing
1933636,Hammersmith (DP),"Plat 1, 2, 3 & 4, Midway",20/03/2018,20/03/2018,Dmi Not Working X 4
1933881,Theydon Bois,Ticket Hall,21/03/2018,21/03/2018,Veid Not Showing Any Train Information
1933988,Blackfriars,Eb Plt & Wb,21/03/2018,21/03/2018,Veids Out Of Sync - No Info Shown Until 2 Min Away
1934043,Whitechapel,Eb And Wb Plts,21/03/2018,23/03/2018,Dmis Not Working (they Are Blank)
1934186,Mile End,,22/03/2018,23/03/2018,2 X Veid's - Showing No Train Info
52438810,WILLESDEN GREEN,Willesden Green Stn,22/03/2018,23/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52438810/100003631382 - DMI- on the platform 2 & 3 intermittently- not showing train times - train describer is not showing
1934351,Lancaster Gate,Ticket Hall,22/03/2018,23/03/2018,Veid - Not Showing Train Info
1934385,Blackfriars,District Line,22/03/2018,29/03/2018,Veids - Displaying Incorrect Train Info Cr14's Relay Working Ok
1934390,Wood Lane,Both Plats & Ticket Hall,22/03/2018,23/03/2018,All Dmis Blank
1934488,Moorgate,Platform 1,23/03/2018,23/03/2018,Dmi Is Blank On Platform 1( Met Line)
1934492,Edgware Road (Met),Platforms And Tyicket Hall,23/03/2018,26/03/2018,3 Dmi's Not Working
52439246,WILLESDEN GREEN,Willesden Green Stn,23/03/2018,23/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52439246/100003631789 - All vids showing no train information
1934614,South Woodford,Plat 2 E/b,23/03/2018,25/03/2018,Veids Blank
1934816,Putney Bridge,Platform 3 Disused.,24/03/2018,25/03/2018,Clock On Dmi Incorrect Time
1934837,Turnham Green,Platform 1 - District Line,24/03/2018,26/03/2018,Veid - Showing Incorrect Train Info
1934935,White City,Plt's 1 2 3 & 4,25/03/2018,25/03/2018,Veids Frozen
1934971,Buckhurst Hill,Plt 2,25/03/2018,25/03/2018,Time On Veid - 1 Hour Behind
1935061,Earl's Court,Plat 3&4 - Board Facing Away From 2/602,25/03/2018,25/03/2018,Led Display Lines 5&6 Not Legible.
1935243,South Ruislip,E/b Central Line Plat 2,26/03/2018,26/03/2018,Veid 3 - Not Displaying Infomation (only E/b Central Line)
52440612,WOODSIDE PARK,Woodside Park Stn,26/03/2018,29/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52440612/100003633097 - VIDS Plat 1- - top line is faint.
1935368,High Street Kensington,Plat 1 - Dist,26/03/2018,27/03/2018,Veid Not Showing Any Info
1935529,Bayswater,Platform 1 & Ticket Hall Vid's,27/03/2018,27/03/2018,Vid On Platform 1 Not Showing Train Time
1935559,Notting Hill Gate,W/b Platform 1 (d+c),27/03/2018,27/03/2018,Dmi Not Working
1935614,Paddington,Wb Circ Line Plt 1,27/03/2018,27/03/2018,Veids Not Showing The Correct Train Information
52441367,FINCHLEY CENTRAL,Station Building - Finchley Central Stn,27/03/2018,29/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52441367/100003633817 - South end of platforms 1 and 2 - VID- No train information displaying on both sides of the VID
1935749,Blackhorse Road,"Plat 1 & 2, Midway",28/03/2018,28/03/2018,Vied - Clock 6 Mins Slow X 2
1935824,Earl's Court,Platform 3,28/03/2018,28/03/2018,Old Train Board No Info
1935932,Notting Hill Gate,Wb Plt 1 - Dis/cir,28/03/2018,29/03/2018,Dmi Out Of Sync
1936139,North Acton,Plat 1 2 3,29/03/2018,29/03/2018,3 X Dmi's Only Showing Time
52443272,STANMORE,Station Building - Stanmore Stn,29/03/2018,29/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52443272/100003635684 - VID 01 Ticket hall - The VID is not displaying any train information.
1936415,Bromley by Bow,Both Platforms,30/03/2018,30/03/2018,2 X Dmi's Showing No Info
1936641,Blackfriars,Plat 2,30/03/2018,10/04/2018,Vieds Showing Wrong Info
52444415,ARSENAL,Arsenal Stn,31/03/2018,31/03/2018,APJNP Ref 52444415/100003636784 - ticket hall vid001- blank- no information displaying - 
52444446,STRATFORD,Stratford Stn,01/04/2018,01/04/2018,All Central line VIDs - blank.
1936935,Holborn,"Platform 1, Westbound Central Line.",01/04/2018,02/04/2018,Veid 3 Not Working.
1936984,Aldgate East,Plat 1 Dist Line W/b,01/04/2018,02/04/2018,Dmi Not Showing Correct Train Information
1937049,Sloane Square,Middle Of Westbound Platform,02/04/2018,04/04/2018,Dot Matrix Display Has Gap In Centre
1937092,Upney,Tickethall,02/04/2018,02/04/2018,Vieds Not Working
1937110,Hammersmith (DP),Plat 1 & 2,02/04/2018,02/04/2018,2 X Dmi Blank
1937161,Shepherds Bush Central,Plts 1 & 2,02/04/2018,02/04/2018,Dmi's Blank
1937194,High Street Kensington,Plat 1 - Dist,02/04/2018,03/04/2018,Veid Not Showing Any Info
1937202,West Brompton,Plt 2 - Mid Section,02/04/2018,04/04/2018,Veids - No Information
1937212,Notting Hill Gate,Ticket Hall Gateline,02/04/2018,03/04/2018,Veid - Not Showing Any Information
1937211,Putney Bridge,"Veids Ticket Hall, Dmi Plat 1",02/04/2018,03/04/2018,2 X Veid's & 1xdmi - No Information At All
1937246,Barons Court,Westbound Platform 1. District Line,02/04/2018,02/04/2018,Information Differs To The Train On Platform
52444800,STANMORE,Station Building - Stanmore Stn,03/04/2018,03/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52444800/100003637129 - no train info on all VIDS
52444839,SOUTH WIMBLEDON,Station Building - South Wimbledon Stn,03/04/2018,03/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52444839/100003637164 - VID on n/b platform and booking hall - not displaying and n/b train info
52444841,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,03/04/2018,03/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52444841/100003637166 - N/b Northern line VIDS displaying incoherent symbols
1937418,Hillingdon,Plt 1 + 2 - Met Line,03/04/2018,04/04/2018,2 X Dmi's - Blank
1937481,Queensway,Both Plts,03/04/2018,06/04/2018,2 X Veids - Blank
1937483,Loughton,T/hall,03/04/2018,04/04/2018,Veid - Not Showing Any Train Info
52445289,KILBURN,Station Building - Kilburn Stn,03/04/2018,24/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52445289/100003637595 - SCADA fault - platform 1 n/b VID glass door to be checked/replaced
1937549,West Brompton,Platform 2 Next To Nr Gate,04/04/2018,04/04/2018,Dmi Illumination Flickering
1937772,West Brompton,Platform 2 Next To Nr Gate,04/04/2018,05/04/2018,Dmi Illumination Flickering
1937816,Uxbridge,Platform 1 And 2 Midway Down Platform,04/04/2018,05/04/2018,Veids Are Not Showing Train Information
1937831,Moorgate,Plt 1 & 2,05/04/2018,05/04/2018,Dmi's Completely Blank
1937902,Bayswater,Plt2,05/04/2018,05/04/2018,Vied Plt2 Incorrect Info
1937919,Putney Bridge,East Bound Plat & Ticket Hall Area,05/04/2018,05/04/2018,1 X Dmi & 3 X Veids Completely Blank
1938169,Leyton,Whole Station,06/04/2018,06/04/2018,Veids Have No Information
52447761,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,06/04/2018,17/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52447761/100003640001 - MAIN TKT HALL ENTRANCE -VID 8 IS BLANK
52448283,"HEATHROW TERMINALS 1,2,3",Heathrow Terminals 123 Stn,06/04/2018,06/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52448283/100003640506 - Platforms- 1 and 2 - VIDS NOT DISPLAYING TRAIN TIMES OR DESTINATIONS
1938497,Earl's Court,Tail End Of Platforms 3-4,07/04/2018,09/04/2018,Veid Showing Distorted Info
52448617,CANARY WHARF (JUBILEE),Station Building - Canary Wharf Stn,07/04/2018,18/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52448617/100003640829 - VID EB PLT 2 - Next to bottom ESC 7Side that faces W end of PLT is blank - some characters showing
1938626,Harrow-on-the-Hill,All Platforms,08/04/2018,09/04/2018,4 X Veid's Not Working
52448812,FINSBURY PARK,Finsbury Park Stn,09/04/2018,09/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52448812/100003641012 - VIDS on platform 1 - EB Pic - VIDS are blank.
52449210,SOUTH HARROW,South Harrow Stn,09/04/2018,01/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52449210/100003641403 - W/b plat 1 Vids has distorted info
52449390,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,10/04/2018,10/04/2018,VIDs not working - Station entrance. "A" exit.
1939370,Blackfriars,Plat 1 W/b,10/04/2018,12/04/2018,Dmi - Showing Wrong Train Information
1939396,Warwick Avenue,Platform 1 And 2,10/04/2018,12/04/2018,Dot Matrix On Platforms Not Working.
1939478,Gloucester Road,"Ticket Hall, Dist & Picc Line",11/04/2018,11/04/2018,Veids Not Showing Info
1939490,Ruislip Gardens,Plat 2 Middle,11/04/2018,11/04/2018,Veid Not Giving Info
52450041,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,11/04/2018,11/04/2018,Main entrance VIDS duke street hill entrance gate A - not displaying any information / blank
1939619,Earls Court to Gloucester Rd (Dis),Plat 2,11/04/2018,11/04/2018,Signal Ec 11 Route 2 Not Cancelling Down After Passage Of Train Intermittently
1939671,Notting Hill Gate,Platform 2 Veid,11/04/2018,12/04/2018,Veid Not Displaying Train Times.
1939910,Watford Met,Ticket Hall,12/04/2018,13/04/2018,Veid No 5 Showing No Train Information
1939989,Notting Hill Gate,Platform 2 District Line,12/04/2018,13/04/2018,Dmi Not Showing Train Information
1940025,Warwick Avenue,N/b Plat 1,12/04/2018,13/04/2018,Dmi - No Train Times (characters On Display - Faint/missing)
1940041,Mile End,W/b Plat 2,13/04/2018,17/04/2018,Dot Matrix Frozen And Showing Wrong Info
1940083,Hammersmith (DP),Plats 1 & 2 Dis Line,13/04/2018,13/04/2018,2 X Dmi's Not Showing Train Info
1940110,Seven Sisters,Platform 5 - S/b Vic,13/04/2018,13/04/2018,Dot Matrix Time Is 3 Minutes Slow
1940436,Great Portland Street,E/b Plt 2,14/04/2018,15/04/2018,"Email - No Info On Veid, Continuing Audible Warning On Dva"
1940482,West Brompton,Plt 2,14/04/2018,15/04/2018,Veids Is Blank
1940569,Putney Bridge,Plat 1 Dist Line And Ticket Hall,15/04/2018,15/04/2018,Veids Not Showing Any Train Information
1940654,West Brompton,Platform 2. Midway.,15/04/2018,20/04/2018,Veid Showing Incorrect Train Information
1940732,Walthamstow Central,Platforms 1 & 2,16/04/2018,16/04/2018,Vid Screens On Platforms 1 & 2
1940739,WEST BROMPTON STATION,Platform 2 DMI,16/04/2018,16/04/2018,DMI not displaying train information // No train info
1940789,ALDGATE STATION,PLT1&2,16/04/2018,19/04/2018,DMI'S BLANK & INCORRECT TIME faulty module 3 on the Hirschmann switch to be chan // changed
1940832,Edgware Road (Met),Main Ticket Hall,16/04/2018,16/04/2018,Dmi Blank
52453818,ALPERTON,Station Building - Alperton Stn,17/04/2018,17/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52453818/100003645834 - MICA - No VIDs train data error being displayed- - however VID data visible
1941022,Oxford Circus,Oxford Circus Central Line West Bound Platform 1,17/04/2018,19/04/2018,Screen Fault In Dot Matrix.
1941096,Vauxhall,Platform 2 Sb,17/04/2018,18/04/2018,Sticker On Dot Matrix
1941175,High Street Kensington,Plats 1+2 And Ticket Hall,17/04/2018,18/04/2018,All Dmi's Blank
52454335,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,17/04/2018,17/04/2018,Ticket hall area VID 001 - not displaying train destinations.
52454391,SOUTH HARROW,South Harrow Stn,18/04/2018,04/06/2018,w/b platform vid is blank
1941301,Bethnal Green,Whole Station,18/04/2018,18/04/2018,Veids Not Displaying Train Information
1941310,Highbury & Islington,Plats 1.2 7 & 8,18/04/2018,18/04/2018,Clocks On Dmi - Showing Incorrect Time
1941482,Mile End,Platform 2 - Dist Line,18/04/2018,18/04/2018,Veid Not Showing Train Info
1941483,Mile End,Platforms 1 & 4 - Cen Line,18/04/2018,18/04/2018,Veids Not Showing Train Info
52456208,SOUTHGATE,Southgate Stn,19/04/2018,25/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52456208/100003648166 - All VIDs no train information t/hall and platforms
52456212,HATTON CROSS,Hatton Cross Stn,19/04/2018,19/04/2018,"APJNP Ref 52456212/100003648168 - w/b VIDS not displaying any train information , also e/b vids one side only displaying information the other is blank"
52456218,FINCHLEY CENTRAL,Finchley Central Stn,19/04/2018,24/04/2018,"APJNP Ref 52456218/100003648173 - THID/VID001 out of service, no info - Ticket hall"
52456228,ARCHWAY,Archway Stn,19/04/2018,26/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52456228/100003648182 - s/b plat n02 vid blank
1941655,Bank,Plt 5/6 C/line & Various Areas Around Stn,19/04/2018,20/04/2018,Veids Not Showing Any Information
1941659,Notting Hill Gate,Midway - O/r Plat 2,19/04/2018,20/04/2018,Veids - Incorrect Train Info
52456684,STOCKWELL,Stockwell Stn,19/04/2018,20/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52456684/100003648622 - Ticket hall area DMI for Victoria line is blank
1941815,Aldgate,Bottom Of Main Stairs,19/04/2018,23/04/2018,Dmi Showing Partial Info
1942008,Woodford,Css Office,20/04/2018,23/04/2018,Sms Showing Partial System Failure Veid 4 - Veid Aok
1942102,West Kensington,"T/h, Near Gateline",20/04/2018,22/04/2018,Dmi Blank
1942132,Walthamstow Central,Plt 1 + 2,20/04/2018,22/04/2018,Veids - Frozen
1942269,West Brompton,"Platform 2, Eastbound.",21/04/2018,22/04/2018,Dot Matrix
1942275,Epping,Ticket Hall,21/04/2018,23/04/2018,Veid Not Showing Any Train Information
1942310,Victoria,Plat 3 N/b Victoria Line,21/04/2018,23/04/2018,Dmi Wrong Info - Top Line Frozen
52457470,FINSBURY PARK,Finsbury Park Stn,21/04/2018,24/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52457470/100003649362 - stn place entrance stn- VID TV005 blank
1942391,Shepherds Bush Central,Plat 2 E/b,21/04/2018,22/04/2018,Email - Dot Matrix Not Showing Any Train Information
1942471,Edgware Road (Met),Vid In Ticket Hall Area In Between Both Stairs,22/04/2018,22/04/2018,Veid - Only Part Message
1942512,WEST BROMPTON STATION,"platforms 3 & 4, CSS Office.",22/04/2018,23/04/2018,"VEIDs, departure computer and screen. // Platform 3&4 VEID s showing past train departures. Departure computer showing departure up until 10.58 and the departure screen showing 0958dep "
52457663,CANNING TOWN,Canning Town Stn,22/04/2018,22/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52457663/100003649536 - plat 5 and 6 the VIDS are blank
1942662,Walthamstow Central,Plats 1 & 2,23/04/2018,23/04/2018,Clocks On Veids 3 Mins Slow
52457750,HOUNSLOW CENTRAL,Hounslow Central Station Platform 1,23/04/2018,23/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52457750/100003649609 - Both platforms VID`s have no trains or times data showing.
1942696,Regents Park,Both Bakerloo Line Plats,23/04/2018,24/04/2018,Dmi's Not Showing Any Train Information
1942760,Whitechapel,Dis Line Plats 1 & 2,23/04/2018,26/04/2018,2 X Dmi's Are Not Showing Train Info
52458341,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,23/04/2018,24/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52458341/100003650192 - Jubilee platforms 3 & 4- The VIDS are- not displaying any information. - 
1942832,Watford Met,Whole Station,23/04/2018,23/04/2018,Veids - No Information
52458380,WEST HAM,West Ham Station Platform 5,23/04/2018,24/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52458380/100003650225 - Both Jubilee platforms all four VID`s not showing trains or times.- 
1942855,Mile End,Platform 4 Middle,23/04/2018,23/04/2018,Veid #3 Not Working Blank
52458402,NORTHFIELDS,Platform 3 - Eastbound Fast - Station Building - Northfields Stn,23/04/2018,23/04/2018,Platform 3/4 - VIDS on both platforms are blank -
52458428,WEMBLEY PARK,Wembley Park Stn,23/04/2018,25/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52458428/100003650269 - bridge rd-  ticket hall: the VID is blank
1942930,Gloucester Road,All Areas,24/04/2018,24/04/2018,All Veids Showing Blank
1943063,Watford Met,Ticket Hall Area,24/04/2018,24/04/2018,Veids - No Information
1943122,Harrow-on-the-Hill,Platform 1,24/04/2018,24/04/2018,Veids Not Showing Information
1943368,Hammersmith (DP),Plat 4 - E/b,25/04/2018,26/04/2018,Dmi - Section Of Dmi Is Not Lit
1943372,Leyton,Both Platforms,25/04/2018,26/04/2018,2 X Veids Not Showing Train Info
52460828,CANONS PARK,Canons Park Stn,26/04/2018,26/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52460828/100003652613 - vids on both platforms and in ticket hall showing out of service
1943501,Putney Bridge,"E/b, Plat 1, Midway & Tckt Hall",26/04/2018,26/04/2018,Veid Not Working X 2
52460858,SUDBURY HILL,Station Building - Sudbury Hill Stn,26/04/2018,26/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52460858/100003652640 - DMI on the E/B platform 2 showing erroneous information.
52460872,STANMORE,Station Building - Stanmore Stn,26/04/2018,30/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52460872/100003652653 - All of the vids (5) have gone blank in the last 5 mins.
52460888,ARCHWAY,Archway Stn,26/04/2018,01/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52460888/100003652662 - Platform 2 - VIDs - blank. Previously reported on fault reference 52456228.
52461175,GREEN PARK,Booking Hall - Station Building - Green Park Stn,26/04/2018,28/04/2018,"APJNP Ref 52461175/100003652937 - Ticket hall area VID`s 1,2 and 3 all blank and showing as out of service."
52461214,EARLS COURT,Piccadilly Line - Earls Court Stn,26/04/2018,27/04/2018,APJNP Ref 52461214/100003652975 - The VIDS on Piccadilly line- platforms 5 & 6 are displaying the incorrect time.
1944073,Warwick Avenue,Both Plts,28/04/2018,29/04/2018,Dot Matrix Blank
1944136,Liverpool Street,Tail End Platform No2,28/04/2018,30/04/2018,Half The Text On Dmi Not Displaying
1944229,Hammersmith (DP),Dis Plat 4 E/b,29/04/2018,01/05/2018,1 X Dmi Is Blank
1944284,Hammersmith (DP),Plt1&2,29/04/2018,30/04/2018,Dmi's Blank
1944378,Leyton,Both Platforms,30/04/2018,01/05/2018,Train Predictor Blank
52462687,MORDEN,Morden Stn,30/04/2018,02/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52462687/100003654374 - FAULT DESCRIPTION: VID 06 on platform 5-  - the platform number- and minutes are not displaying clearly on the VID.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Platform 5 vid 06EXACT LOCATION: Platform 5WHEN CAN IT BE FIXED: During engineeri
52463381,BERMONDSEY,Station Building - Bermondsey Stn,01/05/2018,02/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52463381/100003655047 - VID at station entrance - one side is blank
1944724,Putney Bridge,E/b Plat & Ticket Hall,01/05/2018,01/05/2018,Dmi's Not Displaying Train Times
1944775,Ladbroke Grove,Both Platforms,01/05/2018,01/05/2018,Veids - No Train Info
1944830,Mile End,All Over Station,01/05/2018,02/05/2018,All Vieds Have No Train Information
1944854,Chancery Lane,Plt 1 & 2,01/05/2018,02/05/2018,Dmis Blank
52463988,OAKWOOD,Oakwood Stn,01/05/2018,02/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52463988/100003655635 - DMI- on plat 1 wb -is blank
52464067,CLAPHAM COMMON,Clapham Common Stn,02/05/2018,08/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52464067/100003655704 - tickethall - no information showing on VID
52465586,ARCHWAY,Archway Stn,02/05/2018,03/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52465586/100003657213 - SCADA reported fault - PSU to be replaced for VIDS on platform 2.
1945279,Bank,Plat 5 & 6 Central Line,03/05/2018,03/05/2018,Dmi - Not Displaying' Mind The Door' Message
52465683,CLAPHAM SOUTH,Northern Line - Clapham South Stn,03/05/2018,03/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52465683/100003657305 - northbound-  and southbound platform 1 & 2 - and station entrance vids blank
52465982,FINCHLEY CENTRAL,Finchley Central Stn,03/05/2018,09/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52465982/100003657598 - TICKET HALL VID 001 IN TICKET HALL IS BLANK
52465992,OLD STREET,Platform 2 - Southbound Fast - Station Building - Old Street Stn,03/05/2018,04/05/2018,"APJNP Ref 52465992/100003657605 - FAULT DESCRIPTION: VID, Liquid thrown at vid, obscuring time and some train information. Requires cleaning.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: NoEXACT LOCATION: Middle of platform 2 WHEN CAN IT BE FIXED: During engineering hours"
52466092,OAKWOOD,Oakwood Stn,04/05/2018,08/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52466092/100003657697 - PLATFORM No1 - VID IS BLANK
1945707,Ruislip Manor,Plt 2,04/05/2018,07/05/2018,Dmi Not Showing Correct Information
1945811,Bank,Middle Plat 8 W&c,05/05/2018,15/05/2018,Dmi Blank
1945850,Northwick Park,T/hall & Plat 2,05/05/2018,08/05/2018,Veids Showing Wrong Info Kix Trains
52466789,HOUNSLOW CENTRAL,Hounslow Central Stn,05/05/2018,06/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52466789/100003658356 - BOTH PLATFORMS - VIDS NOT DISPLAYING ANY TRAIN INFORMATION
1946006,Chigwell,Ticket Hall,06/05/2018,07/05/2018,Veid Blank
1946063,Chancery Lane,Both Cen Line Platforms,06/05/2018,07/05/2018,Veids Blank
1946096,Hammersmith (Met),Plt 1,06/05/2018,11/05/2018,"Veid Has 1x Light Shining To Brightly, Obscuring The Time Readout"
1946111,Marylebone,N/b Plat,06/05/2018,07/05/2018,Dmi - No Destination Info
52467000,WATERLOO,Waterloo Stn,07/05/2018,07/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52467000/100003658553 - VIDS on both jubilee platforms missing information
52467029,NORTH GREENWICH,North Greenwich Stn,07/05/2018,07/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52467029/100003658580 - all vids on platforms - no information showing.
52467052,EUSTON,Euston Stn,07/05/2018,07/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52467052/100003658603 - Ticket Hall VIDs and one other VID- on Platform 4 is blank
52467056,HOUNSLOW WEST,Hounslow West Stn,07/05/2018,07/05/2018,tickethall and both platforms - missing information on VIDS.
1946420,Liverpool Street,Tail End Platform 2,08/05/2018,08/05/2018,Dot Matrix - Middle Of Display Missing
1946430,Northwick Park,Platform 2 Display Veids,08/05/2018,08/05/2018,Platform 2 Veids Doesnt Show The Time
1946431,Edgware Road (Bak),Plt 1,08/05/2018,08/05/2018,Veid Is Not Showing Any Train Times
1946447,Whitechapel,Plat 1+2,08/05/2018,08/05/2018,Veids Not Working
1946450,Chancery Lane,Both Platforms,08/05/2018,08/05/2018,2 X Veids Blank
1946551,Tower Hill,Platform 3,08/05/2018,09/05/2018,Vieds Showing Wrong Train Destination
52467769,SOUTH HARROW,South Harrow Stn,08/05/2018,09/05/2018,"W/B VID, completely blank"
1946762,Chancery Lane,Both Platforms,09/05/2018,10/05/2018,Veids Blank
1946829,Liverpool Street,Platform 2,09/05/2018,10/05/2018,Dmi Not Working Correctly
1946926,Harrow-on-the-Hill,"Platforms 1, 2, 3 & 6",09/05/2018,10/05/2018,4 X Veids Not Showing Train Info
1946951,Hammersmith (DP),E/b Platform 3 Facing The Tail Of The Train,09/05/2018,10/05/2018,Dmi The First Quarter (from The Left) Of It Is All Illuminated With Dots.
1946975,Blackfriars,Plt 1 - Mid Section,09/05/2018,10/05/2018,Veid - No Information - Blank
52469504,FINCHLEY CENTRAL,Station Building - Finchley Central Stn,09/05/2018,15/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52469504/100003660988 - VID on PLT 2 Tailwall end - Not displaying information correctly
1947064,Rayners Lane,"Plat 1 & 2, W/b & E/b, Midway",10/05/2018,10/05/2018,Veids Not Working X 2
1947121,Marylebone,Plat 2 - Bakerloo,10/05/2018,10/05/2018,Dmi Blank
52469912,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,10/05/2018,12/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52469912/100003661381 - VID 01 OUT OF SERVICE DISPLAYED ON MICA
1947308,South Ruislip,Css Office,10/05/2018,11/05/2018,Sms - Showing Veid Fault But Veid Is Ok
1947398,Leytonstone,H/wall,11/05/2018,11/05/2018,1 X Veid - Time 2mins Slow
1947477,Kings Cross,Tail Wall Platform 4,11/05/2018,18/05/2018,Sticker On Dmi
1947538,Wimbledon Park,"Platform 1, Midway.",11/05/2018,14/05/2018,Veid
1947619,Bethnal Green,Platform 2 E/b,12/05/2018,13/05/2018,No Info On Veid
52470443,BERMONDSEY,Bermondsey Stn,12/05/2018,12/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52470443/100003661865 - VId - Station entrance- 1 side blank
1947753,KENTON STATION,PLT1&2,12/05/2018,13/05/2018,DMI NO TRAIN INFORMATION
1947768,Bow Road,Plt 2,12/05/2018,17/05/2018,Veids Showing Incorrect Train Destinations
1947787,Tower Hill,Plat 3 E/b,13/05/2018,14/05/2018,Dmi Showing Wrong Train Information
1947838,QUEENS PARK STATION,Booking/ ticket hall & platform 2 South.,13/05/2018,15/05/2018,Customer Train describers /VEID defective not showing information. // Train describers /VEID defective not showing information.
1948240,Tower Hill,Plat 3 E/b,14/05/2018,15/05/2018,Dmi Showing Wrong Train Information
1948291,Roding Valley,Plat 1,15/05/2018,15/05/2018,Veid Not Showing Info
1948314,Blackfriars,Plat 1 W/b,15/05/2018,16/05/2018,1 X Veids Showing Incorrect Info
52471566,COVENT GARDEN,Covent Garden Stn,15/05/2018,15/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52471566/100003662941 - T/hall VID blank
1948397,Aldgate,Crossover Bridge,15/05/2018,16/05/2018,Veid - Not Working
1948445,Embankment,Platform 6 Towards Tailwall,15/05/2018,16/05/2018,Veid Not Showing Incomplete Destinat
1948498,Tower Hill,Platform 3 & Plt 1,15/05/2018,17/05/2018,Dmi Showing Incorrect Train Infomation
1948585,Mile End,Plt 2,16/05/2018,17/05/2018,Veid Is Blank
1948593,Putney Bridge,Plt 1 & Ticket Hall,16/05/2018,17/05/2018,2 X Veids Are Blank
1948915,Edgware Road (Met),Ticket Hall,17/05/2018,18/05/2018,1 Section Of Dmi Blank
52472899,MORDEN,Morden Stn,17/05/2018,24/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52472899/100003664219 - VID on platform 5 - missing information.
52473141,WESTMINSTER,Westminster Stn,17/05/2018,17/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52473141/100003664452 - All VID displays are blank.
52473152,EDGWARE,Platform 3 - Southbound Local - Station Building - Edgware Stn,17/05/2018,20/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52473152/100003664461 - VID is completely blank
1949179,Aldgate,Crossover Bridge,18/05/2018,23/05/2018,Veid -bottom Half Showing Incorrect Info / Not Working
1949188,Baker Street,Platform# 8,18/05/2018,18/05/2018,Dmi Not Displaying Full Information.
52473250,STRATFORD,Stratford Stn,18/05/2018,18/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52473250/100003664546 - VIDS on platform 14 and 15 - Only showing half information.
1949271,Wimbledon Park,Plat 1 E/b,18/05/2018,22/05/2018,Veids- Showing Wrong Train Destinations
1949277,Loughton,Platform 2,18/05/2018,24/05/2018,Sticker To Be Cleaned From Veid
52473619,BERMONDSEY,Bermondsey Stn,18/05/2018,22/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52473619/100003664898 - Entrance vid is not working on 1 side
52473843,EDGWARE,Platform 3 - Southbound Local - Station Building - Edgware Stn,19/05/2018,28/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52473843/100003665119 - Platform 3 - VID- screen is completely blank.
1949560,Harrow-on-the-Hill,Plt1,19/05/2018,21/05/2018,Dmi - One Side Has Dropped Down (ladder Needed)
1949615,Oxford Circus,Plat 4 N/b Bakerloo,20/05/2018,23/05/2018,Veids Defective
52473968,BURNT OAK,Station Building - Burnt Oak Stn,20/05/2018,21/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52473968/100003665238 - station staff are unable to view the information on the VIDS via the MICA system in the control room.
52474086,PARK ROYAL,Park Royal Stn,21/05/2018,21/05/2018,EB PLATFORM 2-VIDS SHOWING NO INFO
52474087,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,21/05/2018,30/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52474087/100003665345 - MAIN TICKET HALL VID NOT DISPLAYING ANY TRAIN INFORMATION.
1949795,Baker Street,Scc - Alsopp Place,21/05/2018,21/05/2018,Train List Monitor Not Working
1949800,Marylebone,Plt1&2,21/05/2018,21/05/2018,Dmi Blank
1949805,Victoria,Plat 3 N/b Victoria,21/05/2018,21/05/2018,Dmi - Showing Incorrect Information
1949813,Mile End,Platform 3,21/05/2018,04/06/2018,Veids For District/h & C Not Working
1949821,Kilburn Park,Platform 2,21/05/2018,21/05/2018,Veid Showing No Train Data
52474587,STRATFORD,Stratford Stn,21/05/2018,25/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52474587/100003665839 - VIDs on plat 14 - Time on first line is not illuminating.
1949954,Edgware Road (Bak),Sb Plt,21/05/2018,21/05/2018,Dmi - Showing No Trains Or Train Times
1949969,Victoria,N/b Plat 3 Vic Line,21/05/2018,21/05/2018,Dmi - Incorrect Train Info
1950133,Tower Hill,"Plts 1, 2 & 3",22/05/2018,25/05/2018,Veids Showing Incorrect Info
1950259,Newbury Park,Supervisor Office Eastbound Platform,22/05/2018,23/05/2018,Train Predictor Not Working
1950267,WEST BROMPTON STATION,Platform 3 + 4 + CSS Office,22/05/2018,23/05/2018,CIS and DMI not working // CIS and DMI systems platform 3 and 4 and CSS Office not working
52475246,CAMDEN TOWN,Camden Town Stn,22/05/2018,22/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52475246/100003666461 - VIDS on platform 2 and 4 - Failing and resetting. Going on and off.
1950436,Blackfriars,Eb Plat 2,23/05/2018,23/05/2018,Veid Displaying All Trains As 2 Mins
1950442,Fairlop,Above Station Office Window,23/05/2018,23/05/2018,Dmi Showing Extra Lines
1950484,Warwick Avenue,"Northbound Platform, Approx Half Way",23/05/2018,24/05/2018,Dmi Board Showing No Train Information.
52476669,WEMBLEY PARK,Jubilee Line - Wembley Park Stn,23/05/2018,25/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52476669/100003667870 - Bridge road ticket hall VID is blank
52476680,CAMDEN TOWN,Northern Line - Camden Town Stn,23/05/2018,24/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52476680/100003667878 - repeat failure See 52475246 - VIDS on platform 2 and 4 - Failing and resetting. Going on and off.
52476687,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,23/05/2018,23/05/2018,Vids 01 - Ticket Hall - keeps going blank and not showing train times
1950587,Tower Hill,Platform 1/2,23/05/2018,06/06/2018,Next Train To Depart Indicator Not Working
1950711,Ruislip Manor,Platform 1 Just Past Waiting Room,24/05/2018,24/05/2018,Dmi Not Showing Information Properly
1950781,Holborn,Platform 1 Westbound Central Line,24/05/2018,25/05/2018,Dot Matrix Not Showing Train Times : Dot Matrix Not Showing Train Times
1950840,KEW GARDENS STATION,Plt 1 + 2,24/05/2018,25/05/2018,DMI x 2 - Missing Information - Blank on Plt 1
1950880,Hammersmith (DP),Wb Plt,24/05/2018,25/05/2018,2 Veids Displaying Wrong Information
52477298,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,25/05/2018,25/05/2018,Ticket hall area - VIDs - parts of information - blank in between.
1951013,Aldgate,Crossover Bridge,25/05/2018,25/05/2018,Veid -bottom Half Showing Incorrect Info / Not Working
1951040,Ladbroke Grove,Control Room,25/05/2018,28/05/2018,All Veids Showing Wrong Information
1951326,Aldgate,Overbridge,26/05/2018,28/05/2018,Veid Board No Info For Plat 1 + 2
52477950,ACTON TOWN,Acton Town Stn,26/05/2018,26/05/2018,"APJNP Ref 52477950/100003669090 - all platform including ticket hall - vids , train times keeps disappearing intermittently"
1951366,KENTON STATION,Dot matrix on both platforms,26/05/2018,27/05/2018,Dot matrix not showing all information // Platform 1 not showing times platform 2 no information
1951389,Baker Street,Plt 8,26/05/2018,28/05/2018,Dim Is Blank
52478053,COCKFOSTERS,Cockfosters Stn,27/05/2018,31/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52478053/100003669178 - PLATFORM No3 - VID 042 IS BLANK
1951529,Notting Hill Gate,Plt 1,27/05/2018,28/05/2018,Veid Showing Incorrect Train Information
1951557,Bayswater,"Platforms 1,2and Ticket Hall",27/05/2018,28/05/2018,Veid Showing Wrong Information
1951578,High Street Kensington,Plt 1+2,27/05/2018,28/05/2018,Veid - Wrong Information
52478116,NORTHFIELDS,Northfields Stn,27/05/2018,27/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52478116/100003669238 - VIDS showing incorrect information - s/b platform SSL ref 1951601- 
1951778,Edgware Road (Met),Ticket Hall,28/05/2018,01/06/2018,Dmi 4th Line Text Not Completely Showing
1951835,Shepherds Bush Central,Both Platforms 1 & 2,28/05/2018,29/05/2018,Veids Showing No Train Information
1951860,Tottenham Hale,Both Plat,28/05/2018,29/05/2018,Dmi's Showing Wrong Time
52478323,SOUTH HARROW,South Harrow Stn,28/05/2018,29/05/2018,W/B PLATFORM - 2ND TRAIN INFORMATION ON VID IS SCRAMBLED
1951930,Temple,Plt,29/05/2018,31/05/2018,Dmi No Train Time Desplay
1951938,Plaistow,West Bound Platform,29/05/2018,29/05/2018,Vied Showing Wrong Message
1951946,East Putney,Next To Secure Suite Door 1/081,29/05/2018,29/05/2018,Time On Veid 1 Hour Fast
52478402,KENTISH TOWN,Station Building - Kentish Town Stn,29/05/2018,29/05/2018,Ticket hall VID 01 is blank and displays no response on the MICA. ÿÿ
52478885,KENNINGTON,Northern Line - Kennington Stn,29/05/2018,29/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52478885/100003669964 - FAULT DESCRIPTION:- VID showing wrong messageADDITIONAL INFORMATION:- VID showing incorrect message - Next train South: Platform 4. Platform 4 is closed till September 2018EXACT LOCATION: Platform 2 VIDWHEN CAN IT BE FIX
52478934,OLD STREET,Old Street Stn,29/05/2018,29/05/2018,APJNP Ref 52478934/100003670009 - All VIDS are blank on the station.
52480783,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,30/05/2018,01/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52480783/100003671833 - Scada - main ticket hall VIDS -- No train info.
1952594,Putney Bridge,Dmi Platform 1,30/05/2018,06/06/2018,Dmi Unclear.
52480904,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,31/05/2018,31/05/2018,ticket hall area vids - Not showing train information / next train
52480942,GREEN PARK,Green Park Stn,31/05/2018,31/05/2018,"APJNP Ref 52480942/100003671977 - VIds &, THIDS lost, station wide."
1952816,Stratford,Cen Line Plt 6,31/05/2018,05/06/2018,Dmi Not Showing
1952860,Aldgate,Above Plats 1 To 4,31/05/2018,01/06/2018,Large Train Describer Not Showing All Info
1952862,Dagenham Heathway,Ticket Hall & Platform 1,31/05/2018,01/06/2018,2 X Veids Not Showing Train Info
1952869,East Ham,Plat 1,31/05/2018,01/06/2018,1 X Dmi W/b Plat 1 Showing Incorrect Info
1952873,Hammersmith (DP),Plat 2 & 3,31/05/2018,01/06/2018,2 X Dmis Showing Wrong Train Info
52481429,QUEENSBURY,Queensbury Stn,31/05/2018,01/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52481429/100003672446 - Platform 2 vid not displaying train destinations
52481437,EDGWARE,Edgware Stn,31/05/2018,04/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52481437/100003672453 - Ticket hall vid 01 is blank
52481462,KINGSBURY,Kingsbury Stn,01/06/2018,01/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52481462/100003672474 - All vids showing no train information.
52481467,STANMORE,Station Building - Stanmore Stn,01/06/2018,15/06/2018,The station VIDSÿare not displaying any train information.
52481471,Neasden Control Centre,Neasden Service Control Centre,01/06/2018,15/06/2018,VIDS on jubilee line stations not displaying any information. Network wide outage.
52481473,NEASDEN,Neasden Stn,01/06/2018,09/06/2018,platforms 2 and 3 vids not showing train times
52481476,SWISS COTTAGE,Swiss Cottage Stn,01/06/2018,09/06/2018,No train information showing on station VIDS.
52481478,STRATFORD,Stratford Stn,01/06/2018,09/06/2018,Jubilee platform vids - no train information.
52481479,WILLESDEN GREEN,Willesden Green Stn,01/06/2018,09/06/2018,JUBILEE LINE VIDS BALNK
1953087,Ruislip Manor,Plat 1 Met Line,01/06/2018,04/06/2018,Veid Not Showing Full Train Information
1953228,Embankment,Platform 5 Dot Matrix Not Displaying,01/06/2018,05/06/2018,Dot Matrix On Platform 5 Not Displaying
1953283,Temple,Both Plt's,02/06/2018,05/06/2018,2x Dmi's - Not Showing Any Train Information
1953503,NORTHWICK PARK STATION,southbound Platform 2,03/06/2018,20/06/2018,VEID NOT DISPLAYING CORRECT TRAIN INFORMATION //
52482345,WOODSIDE PARK,Woodside Park Stn,03/06/2018,04/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52482345/100003673287 - mica not showing vid information
1953683,Embankment,B/loo Platforms 5+6,04/06/2018,04/06/2018,Dot Matrix Has No Info
1953699,Parsons Green,Eb Dmi Information Screen Not Working Properly,04/06/2018,07/06/2018,Veid Not Working Properly
52482792,STRATFORD,Stratford Stn,04/06/2018,05/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52482792/100003673716 - VIDs on Jub plat 14 is not working.
1953794,Oxford Circus,Plat 2 Central Line,04/06/2018,05/06/2018,Veid Blank
1953850,Great Portland Street,E/b Plat 2,04/06/2018,05/06/2018,Dmi - No Time & Info
1953886,West Brompton,Platform 2,04/06/2018,08/06/2018,Veid Has Missing Letters
52482959,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,05/06/2018,05/06/2018,vids not showing train information
1954065,Kings Cross,Plts 5 & 6,05/06/2018,06/06/2018,Veid Not Showing Full Info
1954235,Dagenham Heathway,Tkt Hall And Wb Plt,06/06/2018,06/06/2018,Veid Is Blank
1954264,Mile End,Plat & Ticket Hall Area,06/06/2018,06/06/2018,Veids Not Working
52484875,WESTMINSTER,Westminster Stn,07/06/2018,07/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52484875/100003675735 - JUBILEE VIDS LOSS OF TRAIN INFORMATION- ON PLATFORMS AND TICKET HALL AREA
52484886,WATERLOO,Waterloo Stn,07/06/2018,07/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52484886/100003675745 - VIDS on jubilee platform 5 & 6 and Pic gateline area are not working.
1954604,Edgware Road (Met),Platform 3,07/06/2018,08/06/2018,Dmi West Side Blank
1954662,Regents Park,S/b Plt,07/06/2018,08/06/2018,Veid Not Showing Any Train Information
1954713,Ealing Broadway,Above Entrance To District Line Platforms,08/06/2018,08/06/2018,Train Platform Indicator Not Working
1954793,Baker Street,Both Bak Plt's 8&9,08/06/2018,12/06/2018,Dmi's Not Showing Train Information
1955065,Ickenham,Both Plts And Gate Line,09/06/2018,11/06/2018,Dot Matrix Blank And Clock Time Incorrect
1955117,West Brompton,Plt 2,09/06/2018,09/06/2018,Dmi Wrong Train Destinations
1955189,Brixton,Mid Section Plt 1 + 2,10/06/2018,11/06/2018,Veid -clock - Slow 2 Minutes
1955192,Hammersmith (DP),Plat 1 W/b,10/06/2018,12/06/2018,Dmi - Showing Wrong Info
1955203,West Harrow,Ticket Hall,10/06/2018,13/06/2018,Veid Blank
1955437,Ickenham,T/hall,11/06/2018,11/06/2018,Veid Blank
52486189,CAMDEN TOWN,Station Building - Camden Town Stn,11/06/2018,14/06/2018,"APJNP Ref 52486189/100003676983 - MICA - VIDs 22, 21 and 41 displaying out of service - intermittently"
1955680,Fairlop,Platforms 1 & 2 & T/hall,11/06/2018,12/06/2018,3 X Veids Not Working
52486750,EAST FINCHLEY,East Finchley Stn,12/06/2018,12/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52486750/100003677518 - s/b plat vid showing no response
1955745,Epping,Ticket Hall,12/06/2018,12/06/2018,Veid Showing No Info
1955758,WOODFORD STATION,PLT 2,12/06/2018,13/06/2018,"2 X VEIDS NOT SHOWING INFO // ND 12/06/18 11:16 C&I ADVICED TO PASS JOB TO TELENT BECAUSE ""en Gregory 12/6/18 Restarted veids from web interface, wouldn't connect to server. SMS server rebooted, but wont complete boot up sequence, keeps rebooting itself. "
1955813,Hainault,Plt 2,12/06/2018,13/06/2018,Dmi Is Not Showing Next Train
52487300,WATERLOO,Platform 26 - Arrival - Waterloo & City Line - Station Building - Waterloo Stn,12/06/2018,13/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52487300/100003678048 - VID 261 is off. Completely blank
52487337,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,12/06/2018,12/06/2018,VID01 ÿin main ticket hall - showing no response from VID intermittently.
52487360,CAMDEN TOWN,Camden Town Stn,12/06/2018,12/06/2018,plat 2 & 4 vids keep going blank intermit
1956027,East Putney,Plt 1 Eb,13/06/2018,15/06/2018,Vieds Showing Incorrect Train Destinations
52488779,TOTTERIDGE & WHETSTONE,Totteridge & Whetstone Stn,13/06/2018,15/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52488779/100003679516 - N/b Vids - Partial display of info
52488945,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,13/06/2018,13/06/2018,station entranceÿVID 01 - loss of train info
1956164,Fairlop,Plat 2 - Ir,13/06/2018,14/06/2018,Alarm On Sms For Veid - No Info On Veid
52488964,KINGSBURY,Kingsbury Stn,13/06/2018,14/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52488964/100003679680 - PLATFORM NO2 S/B AND TICKET HALL - VIDS NOT DISPLAYING ANY TRAIN INFORMATION.
52488970,CHALK FARM,Chalk Farm Stn,13/06/2018,14/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52488970/100003679686 - VIDs showing no train info
52489049,TOOTING BEC,Tooting Bec Stn,14/06/2018,16/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52489049/100003679756 - VID - tickethall and platforms - showing wrong information
1956284,Baker Street,Plat 8 & 9 Bakerloo,14/06/2018,19/06/2018,Dmi's Not Displaying Any Train Info
52489328,EAST FINCHLEY,East Finchley Stn,14/06/2018,14/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52489328/100003680022 - platform n4 vid keeps rebooting itself and the no displays
1956460,Fairlop,Plat 1 & 2 - Also T/h,14/06/2018,15/06/2018,Veids Showing No Train Times
52489354,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Tottenham Court Road Stn,14/06/2018,15/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52489354/100003680042 - Plt4 VID dim and no train times
1956632,Leytonstone,Dot Matrix Boards,15/06/2018,15/06/2018,Digital Clock Over 60 Secs Behind
1956673,Edgware Road (Bak),Plat 2 S/bound,15/06/2018,18/06/2018,Plat 2 Dmi Blank
1956678,Bank,Plt 5 & 6,15/06/2018,18/06/2018,Veids Not Working
52489756,QUEENSBURY,Queensbury Stn,15/06/2018,16/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52489756/100003680426 - ticket hall area - vid is blank
1956705,Stepney Green,Plat 2 E/b Middle,15/06/2018,19/06/2018,Train Describer - Showing Wrong Train Destination
1956712,Fairlop,Plat 1 & 2 And Tckt Hall,15/06/2018,19/06/2018,Veids Not Working Intermittently X 3
1956735,Barbican,E/b Platform 1 Mid Section,15/06/2018,18/06/2018,"Faulty Dmi E/b Platform1, West Facing"
1956968,Elm Park,Plt 1,16/06/2018,18/06/2018,Veid Not Showing Train Info
52490192,HATTON CROSS,Hatton Cross Stn,17/06/2018,17/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52490192/100003680842 - Westbound Platform 1 - VID - no train destinations and times showing.
52490277,CALEDONIAN ROAD,Caledonian Road Station Platform 1,18/06/2018,18/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52490277/100003680918 - Both platforms and ticket hall all VID`s have no trains or times showing.- 
1957225,Victoria,Wb District Line - Plt 1,18/06/2018,19/06/2018,Veid Is Blank & The Other Veid Is Showing Info
52490728,FINCHLEY ROAD,Jubilee Line - Finchley Road Stn,18/06/2018,18/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52490728/100003681361 - Platform 1- VIDS is not showing any information
52490765,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,18/06/2018,18/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52490765/100003681394 - VIDS on e/b & W/b plats are blank
52490767,CANNING TOWN,Canning Town Stn,18/06/2018,18/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52490767/100003681396 - both plats vids not showing any times but showing desc.
52490769,CANARY WHARF (JUBILEE),Canary Wharf Stn,18/06/2018,18/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52490769/100003681398 - Both Plats VIDs are blank and no train times showing on Sims
52490773,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,18/06/2018,18/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52490773/100003681402 - Both VIDs are not showing train destination and time.
1957376,Mile End,All,19/06/2018,19/06/2018,Veids Not Showing Train Info
1957434,Dagenham Heathway,Plt 1,19/06/2018,20/06/2018,2 X Dmis Giving Wrong Infotmation
1957435,Maida Vale,Ticket Hall,19/06/2018,19/06/2018,No Train Info On Veid
52490892,HOUNSLOW CENTRAL,Hounslow Central Stn,19/06/2018,19/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52490892/100003681513 - e/b plat dmi not showing any desc
52491416,STRATFORD,Stratford Stn,19/06/2018,21/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52491416/100003682034 - plat no14 vid blank
52491468,STRATFORD,Stratford Stn,19/06/2018,20/06/2018,"platform 14 - VIDS not working , completely blank"
52491477,COVENT GARDEN,Covent Garden Stn,19/06/2018,19/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52491477/100003682085 - All VIDS are blank platforms and ticket hall area - - no information displaying
1957708,Seven Sisters,Vic Plat 5 S/b,20/06/2018,20/06/2018,Dmi Showing Wrong Time
1957887,Bow Road,Plat 2 E/b,20/06/2018,21/06/2018,Dmi Showing Completely Wrong Information
1957959,Epping,Plat 2,21/06/2018,27/06/2018,Sms-veid 3 Fault With Display
52492978,WATERLOO,Waterloo Stn,21/06/2018,21/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52492978/100003683544 - Plat 2 Northern S/B - VID not showing information.
1958200,Edgware Road (Bak),"Plat 2, S/b, Midd",21/06/2018,27/06/2018,2 X Dmis Blank
52493381,CLAPHAM NORTH,Clapham North Stn,22/06/2018,22/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52493381/100003683927 - VIDs are completely blank.
52493746,NORTH GREENWICH,Platform 2 - Single Line Local - Station Building - North Greenwich Stn,22/06/2018,25/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52493746/100003684277 - VID displaying misleading train information
1958527,Pinner,Platform 1 Middle,23/06/2018,03/07/2018,Veid Has Condensation Inside Display
1958552,Embankment,Plat 2 Headwall Dot Matrix Indicator,23/06/2018,28/06/2018,Plat 2 Dot Matrix Indicator Missing Dots
1958633,Fulham Broadway,Centre Of Eastbound Platform 2,24/06/2018,25/06/2018,Dmi Text Missing
52494084,ARNOS GROVE,Station Building - Arnos Grove Stn,24/06/2018,24/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52494084/100003684602 - front of eastbound platform 2 - The VID is blank.
52494110,HEATHROW TERMINAL 4,Station Building - Heathrow Terminal 4 Stn,24/06/2018,28/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52494110/100003684627 - platform vid is blank
52494135,COLINDALE,Colindale Stn,24/06/2018,24/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52494135/100003684647 - ticket hall vid is blank
52494226,BERMONDSEY,Platform 2 - Eastbound Local - Station Building - Bermondsey Stn,25/06/2018,28/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52494226/100003684727 - Platform 2 EB platform - VID at the headwakk- - one side of VID- is not displaying train information clearly.
52494241,ARNOS GROVE,Station Building - Arnos Grove Stn,25/06/2018,25/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52494241/100003684741 - VID - Ticket Hall - Not showing WB train information
52494253,STOCKWELL,Stockwell Stn,25/06/2018,21/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52494253/100003684753 - Victoria line VID not displaying train information for all trains - ticket hall platforms 1 & 4
1958862,HARROW & WEALDSTONE STATION,OVERBRIDGE,25/06/2018,26/06/2018,"DMI BLANK // Hi, Could we get this sorted please: Dot matrix screen 5 on the overbridge (no protection required) is blank. Kind regards, Andrius Zinkevicius Customer Service Supervisor 1 Wembley Central Area 07912299467 07515052692"
1958872,BLACKHORSE ROAD STATION,Plt 1,25/06/2018,08/07/2018,DMI on LOL plt1 is not working (showing welcome to Blackhorse Rd. only) /E ETA - ENG HRS
1958903,Elm Park,E/b Pfm,25/06/2018,26/06/2018,Veids Not Working
1958987,Bromley by Bow,East Bound Platform 2,26/06/2018,26/06/2018,Dot Matrix Shwoing Incorrect Information
52494881,CANNING TOWN,Canning Town Stn,26/06/2018,26/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52494881/100003685355 - Platform VIDS and SIMS not showing any train information
52494889,CANNING TOWN,Canning Town Stn,26/06/2018,26/06/2018,All platform VIDS on jubilee line and in control room are blank. No train info.
52494914,CAMDEN TOWN,Camden Town Stn,26/06/2018,27/06/2018,"APJNP Ref 52494914/100003685383 - platform 2/4 - VIDS intermittently keeps going blank, also MICA keeps showing out of service"
1959071,Stockwell,Vic Line Plts 1 & 4 & Ticket Hall,26/06/2018,26/06/2018,3 X Dmis Not Working
1959213,Kilburn Park,Northbound Platform 1,26/06/2018,27/06/2018,Vid Missing/ Blank Areas
1959277,Blackhorse Road,Plat 1 & 2 Vic Line,27/06/2018,27/06/2018,2 X Dmi's - Times Are 2 Mins Slow
1959294,Stockwell,Ticket Halland Platforms 1 And 4,27/06/2018,27/06/2018,Veid Not Displaying Train Information
52495533,KENTISH TOWN,Kentish Town Stn,27/06/2018,27/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52495533/100003685966 - VIDS in ticket hall area and both platforms - keep going blank and then rebooting after a couple of minutes - this has been happening for the last 2 hours
52495542,WATERLOO,Waterloo Stn,27/06/2018,28/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52495542/100003685975 - Platforms 5 & 6 VIDs only showing "Jubilee Line"
1959423,Warwick Avenue,Midway - S/b Plat 2,27/06/2018,28/06/2018,Dmi - Half Of Screen Info Missing
1959494,Woodford,Plt 2 - Headwall,27/06/2018,28/06/2018,Veid - No Information Displaying
1959586,Vauxhall,Plat 1 & 2,28/06/2018,28/06/2018,Clock Displayed On Vieds Wrong By 3 Mins
1959618,Marylebone,Nb Plat,28/06/2018,28/06/2018,Dmi Missing Letters
1959637,Bow Road,Plt 1 W/b,28/06/2018,29/06/2018,Veid Showing Incorrect Train Info
1959699,Embankment,Plt 1 & 2,28/06/2018,29/06/2018,Dot Matrix Gone Blank
1959762,Victoria,Plat 3 Vic Line,28/06/2018,29/06/2018,2 X Dmi's Showing Incorrect Train Information
52497283,BERMONDSEY,Bermondsey Stn,29/06/2018,29/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52497283/100003687687 - VIDS- on Eastbound platform - 1 side is blank -
52497305,CANADA WATER,Canada Water Stn,29/06/2018,29/06/2018,"VID12 6 line VID (t/hall, behind GLAP) not working (SIMs showing power and comms fail)"
1959963,Elm Park,Plt 2 E/b,29/06/2018,02/07/2018,2 X Veids - No Info Showing
1960044,East Acton,,29/06/2018,01/07/2018,Veids No Info
52497937,STANMORE,Station Building - Stanmore Stn,29/06/2018,30/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52497937/100003688329 - VID - Only displaying time - Booking Hall
52497939,EAST FINCHLEY,Northern Line - East Finchley Stn,29/06/2018,30/06/2018,APJNP Ref 52497939/100003688332 - Platform 4 VID 041-  is blank
52497992,EDGWARE,Station Building - Edgware Stn,30/06/2018,05/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52497992/100003688382 - Platforms - VID facing the south end - screen is blank - no train information.
52498295,EAST FINCHLEY,East Finchley Station (SBFA) Platform 4,30/06/2018,01/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52498295/100003688677 - Platform no 4 VID no 041 has nothing showing at all.
1960275,Lancaster Gate,Ticket Hall Area,01/07/2018,02/07/2018,Vied Not Showing Any Information
1960378,Northwood,Both Platforms And Ticket Hall,01/07/2018,02/07/2018,Veids Showing Wrong Train Information
1960387,Preston Road,"Plat 1, N/b Local",01/07/2018,02/07/2018,Veid Not Working
52498458,WEST FINCHLEY,West Finchley Stn,01/07/2018,01/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52498458/100003688824 - No train info on the VIDs
52498497,Totteridge & Whetstone Substation,Totteridge & Whetstone Substation,01/07/2018,18/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52498497/100003688857 - Platform 1 VID is completely blank on one side
1960524,Mile End,Ticket Hall & Wb & Eb Dis/h&c,02/07/2018,02/07/2018,Veids Blank
52498541,SOUTHWARK,Station Building - Southwark Stn,02/07/2018,04/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52498541/100003688893 - VID 5 located in the waterloo east ticket hall - The VID is blank.
1960537,Warwick Avenue,Pllatforms 1 & 2,02/07/2018,03/07/2018,Dmis Blank
1960564,Whitechapel,Plt 1 & 2,02/07/2018,02/07/2018,Veids Not Displaying Train Info
1960597,Oxford Circus,Booking Hall Area,02/07/2018,03/07/2018,2 X Veids Are Blank
1960720,Charing Cross,N/b Bakerloo Plat 1,02/07/2018,02/07/2018,Dot Matrix Frozen
1960745,Mansion House,Wb Plt,02/07/2018,03/07/2018,Dmi Only Partly Working - One Side Only
52499064,WATERLOO,Waterloo Stn,03/07/2018,04/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52499064/100003689395 - STAFF UNABLE TO UPDATE VIDS INFO VIA MICA
52499078,BERMONDSEY,Station Building - Bermondsey Stn,03/07/2018,12/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52499078/100003689406 - Eastbound platform headwall - One side of the VID is blank.
52499111,TOTTERIDGE & WHETSTONE,Totteridge & Whetstone Stn,03/07/2018,03/07/2018,VIDS on plat 1 is blank.
52499658,BERMONDSEY,Platform 2 - Eastbound Local - Station Building - Bermondsey Stn,03/07/2018,04/07/2018,Platform 2 EB platform - VIDÿin the middleÿ- one side of VID is not displaying train information clearly.
52499698,EUSTON,Euston Stn,04/07/2018,05/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52499698/100003690001 - ticket hall - Vids not displaying any information
52499701,TOOTING BEC,Tooting Bec Stn,04/07/2018,04/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52499701/100003690004 - Both- VIDS on plat 1- and 2 not displaying any information
52499710,EAST FINCHLEY,Platform 4 - Southbound Fast - Station Building - East Finchley Stn,04/07/2018,06/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52499710/100003690010 - VID- intermittently going blank and message advising disabled then reboots- 
52499744,NORTH GREENWICH,North Greenwich Stn,04/07/2018,12/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52499744/100003690039 - E/B tailwall VID showing only half of the screen the other half is distorted
52500990,ALPERTON,Station Building - Alperton Stn,04/07/2018,06/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52500990/100003691273 - Ticket hall VID - The VID is intermittently turning- it`s self on and off. - - 
1961415,Marylebone,Nb Platform,05/07/2018,05/07/2018,Dmi Is Blank
52501420,GOODGE STREET,Goodge Street Stn,05/07/2018,06/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52501420/100003691683 - Vids - train information keeps disappearing intermittently through the station
1961553,Holborn,Plt 1,05/07/2018,06/07/2018,Veid Has No Train Info
52501533,CAMDEN TOWN,Camden Town Stn,06/07/2018,06/07/2018,Plat 2 & 4 vids keep going blank intermittently.
1961790,South Woodford,Westbound Ticket Hall,06/07/2018,09/07/2018,Veid 2 - No Information - Not Working
52501932,FINCHLEY CENTRAL,Finchley Central Stn,06/07/2018,13/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52501932/100003692164 - VID 002 - PLT 2 - Completely blank
52501937,EUSTON,Euston Stn,06/07/2018,07/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52501937/100003692169 - Ticket hall area - VID 2 - disconnected/blank.
1961896,Hammersmith (DP),Plat 1,07/07/2018,09/07/2018,Dmi Showing Incorrect Train Info
52502325,MORDEN,Booking Hall - Station Building - Morden Stn,08/07/2018,10/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52502325/100003692529 - VID002 not displaying any train info
1962102,Bank,Plt 2 - Mid Section,08/07/2018,11/07/2018,Veid - Showing Wrong Information
1962126,Wimbledon Park,Ticket Hall Area,08/07/2018,09/07/2018,Veid - Frozen Info
52502343,EUSTON,Station Building - Euston Stn,08/07/2018,11/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52502343/100003692544 - VID002 in booking hall is blank
1962201,Blackfriars,Plt 2 - Mid Section,08/07/2018,10/07/2018,Veids - Wrong Information
1962280,Plaistow,Plat 1 & Plat 2,09/07/2018,09/07/2018,2 X Dmi - Showing Incorrect Info
1962321,Tower Hill,E/bound - Ticket Hall & Platform 3,09/07/2018,10/07/2018,Veids Not Working On The East Bound
1962325,Cannon Street,Platform 2 E/b,09/07/2018,10/07/2018,Faulty Dmi
52502951,NORTH EALING,North Ealing Stn,09/07/2018,16/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52502951/100003693133 - tkt hall vids -giving wrong info and directing customers to the wrong platforms-mostly during peak times
1962422,BLACKHORSE ROAD STATION,Plt 1,09/07/2018,11/07/2018,DMI on LOL plt1 is not working (showing welcome to Blackhorse Rd. only)
1962474,Temple,Plat 2 Mid,09/07/2018,10/07/2018,Dmi Not Showing Train Times
52503095,ARCHWAY,Archway Stn,10/07/2018,10/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52503095/100003693254 - VIDs and THID showing no info or incorrect info.
52503098,CALEDONIAN ROAD,Caledonian Road Stn,10/07/2018,10/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52503098/100003693257 - both plats and ticket hall area- vids not train info showing
1962647,Roding Valley,Inner Rail Platform One Veid,10/07/2018,11/07/2018,Veid Not Displaying Times Properly
52503714,BALHAM,Balham Stn,10/07/2018,11/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52503714/100003693849 - S/B plat VIDS are blank
52503835,NORTH GREENWICH,Station Building - North Greenwich Stn,11/07/2018,11/07/2018,Platform 3 eastbound tail wall VIDÿ- The display is distorted.
52503840,CLAPHAM COMMON,Clapham Common Stn,11/07/2018,11/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52503840/100003693956 - VID in the booking hall - Nothing displayed at all.
1962963,Leyton,Platform 2 E/b - Tail End To Middle,11/07/2018,13/07/2018,Sticker On High Level Dot Matrix Sign
52505245,ALPERTON,Booking Hall - Station Building - Alperton Stn,11/07/2018,27/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52505245/100003695343 - Ticket hall vid intermittently going blank
52505298,BERMONDSEY,Bermondsey Stn,12/07/2018,12/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52505298/100003695391 - e/b towards headwall - VID - no information/blank and wrong time showing.
1963207,Hornchurch,Vids On Wall Of Supervisors Office,12/07/2018,12/07/2018,Vids Blank Screen
52505623,BERMONDSEY,Station Building - Bermondsey Stn,12/07/2018,17/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52505623/100003695701 - Eastbound platform- towards headwall --  The- VID is completely blank. - 
1963315,Elephant & Castle,Ticket Hall,12/07/2018,16/07/2018,Veid For Northern Line Blank
1963340,Warwick Avenue,Middle Of Nb Plat,12/07/2018,16/07/2018,Dmi Has Some Lights Out & Train Destination Description Has Many Letters Missing
1963368,Loughton,T/hall Area,13/07/2018,13/07/2018,Veids Is Blank
1963401,Croxley,Plat 2 S/b,13/07/2018,13/07/2018,Veid Not Showing Correct Train Information
1963404,Stockwell,T/hall & Vic Line Plt Vids,13/07/2018,13/07/2018,Vid's Have No Train Times Showing
1963407,Shepherds Bush Central,Plat 1 Cen Line And Ticket Hall,13/07/2018,13/07/2018,2 X Veids Not Showing Any Train Information
1963533,Sloane Square,Platform 1,13/07/2018,16/07/2018,Dmi Completely Blank
1963575,East Putney,Plt 1 - Mid Section,13/07/2018,16/07/2018,Veid - Wrong Information
1963579,Stepney Green,Plat 2 E/.b,13/07/2018,16/07/2018,Dmi Showing Incorrect Train Information
1963623,Stockwell,T/hall,13/07/2018,,Veid Not Displaying Train Information For All Trains
1963653,Dagenham Heathway,W/b Platform,13/07/2018,17/07/2018,Veid Showing No Information
52506179,OAKWOOD,Station Building - Oakwood Stn,13/07/2018,14/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52506179/100003696224 - PLT 2 - VID - No information being displayed . MICA states " Error 140 VID OOS "
1963720,Victoria,Platform 3 - Vic Line,14/07/2018,14/07/2018,Dmi - 1st Train Is Showing As Kings Cross - Incorrect
52506448,STANMORE,Stanmore Stn,14/07/2018,15/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52506448/100003696491 - VID in the ticket hall is blank.
1963759,Marylebone,Nb Plt 1,14/07/2018,17/07/2018,Part Of Dmi Blank
1963878,Harrow-on-the-Hill,All Platforms And Ticket Hall,15/07/2018,15/07/2018,All Veids Not Showing Any Train Information
1963997,Turnham Green,Ticket Hall,15/07/2018,17/07/2018,Veid - No Train Info
1964051,Warwick Avenue,Plat 2 S/b Mid,15/07/2018,16/07/2018,Dmi Showing No Train Or Tmes
52506736,LONDON BRIDGE,London Bridge Stn,16/07/2018,24/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52506736/100003696754 - Vids 14- - borough high street ticket hall - not working after power cessasstion
1964143,Baker Street,Pfm 8 S/b,16/07/2018,16/07/2018,Dmi Pfm 8 Blank
1964230,Sloane Square,Dist Line Plt 1 W/b,16/07/2018,16/07/2018,Dmi Losing Info Intermittently Both Sides
52507201,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Tottenham Court Road Stn,16/07/2018,17/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52507201/100003697194 - platform 4 - headwall - vid intermittently freezing/losing data
52507204,CAMDEN TOWN,Northern Line - Camden Town Stn,16/07/2018,18/07/2018,Repeat failure see reference 52494914 - Platforms 2 and 4 VID on tailwall sides are not working
52507229,STANMORE,Jubilee Line - Stanmore Stn,17/07/2018,03/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52507229/100003697219 - Mica showing Ticket hall 2/001 VID001 is out of service.
1964411,Ickenham,Plat 1 W/b,17/07/2018,17/07/2018,Veid - Train Times Wrong Until 1st Train Has Gone (most Mornings)
52507271,WOODSIDE PARK,Platform 1 - Northbound Fast - Station Building - Woodside Park Stn,17/07/2018,17/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52507271/100003697257 - VID is completely blank
52507272,ANGEL,Angel Stn,17/07/2018,17/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52507272/100003697258 - No train information on VIDs or THID.
52507274,BERMONDSEY,Platform 1 - Westbound Local - Station Building - Bermondsey Stn,17/07/2018,17/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52507274/100003697260 - VID west end is completely blank
1964468,Kilburn Park,Plat 2,17/07/2018,17/07/2018,Dmi Not Showing Any Train Times
1964517,Tower Hill,Head Wall Platform 1,17/07/2018,18/07/2018,Veid - Not Working
1964524,Ruislip,Plat 2,17/07/2018,18/07/2018,Dmi Displaying Very Large Letters - Can Only See 1 X Train Departure Information
1964576,Sloane Square,W/b - Middle Of Plat 1,17/07/2018,24/07/2018,Dmi Completely Blank Both Sides
52507787,CAMDEN TOWN,Camden Town Stn,17/07/2018,17/07/2018,VIDs on S/b plat 2 & 4 are intermittently faulty.
52507790,BELSIZE PARK,Belsize Park Stn,17/07/2018,17/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52507790/100003697764 - VID on s/b platform not working - blank
1964625,Stepney Green,"Plat 2, E/b, Midway",17/07/2018,18/07/2018,Dmi Not Working
1964643,Mile End,Plt 3,17/07/2018,18/07/2018,Veid Is Giving Wrong Info
1964670,Parsons Green,Eastbound Platform 2,18/07/2018,,Train Describer Board Display Wrong Info
1964676,Parsons Green,Westbound Platform 1,18/07/2018,18/07/2018,Train Describer Board - Letters Missing
52507887,KILBURN,Kilburn Stn,18/07/2018,18/07/2018,PLAT 1 n/b: the VID glass is cracked on one side
1964811,Westminster,Circ/dis Plt 1 & 2,18/07/2018,19/07/2018,Dot Matix Showing Incorrect Train Info
1964989,Baker Street,Plt 8,19/07/2018,23/07/2018,Dmi - Not Showing Any Train Information
52509736,BOROUGH,Borough Stn,19/07/2018,26/07/2018,"APJNP Ref 52509736/100003699629 - platform 1 - VIDS - blank, no info showing."
1965178,Woodford,Plat 3,20/07/2018,20/07/2018,Partial Veid Failure
1965228,Barbican,"E/b Platform 1 Mid Section, West Facing",20/07/2018,20/07/2018,Faulty Dmi 1 X Panel Not Working
1965402,Lancaster Gate,All E/b Pltforms,20/07/2018,23/07/2018,Veids For Whole Group (8 Stations) On Eb Are Not Showing Any Train Information
1965405,Edgware Road (Bak),Platform 1,20/07/2018,25/07/2018,Pgi - Dmi Is Very Dirty
1965406,Mansion House,Plat 1,20/07/2018,24/07/2018,Dmi Blank
1965409,Aldgate,Entire Station,20/07/2018,23/07/2018,All Veids Saying Waiting For Information + Montior 7 + Cam 21.
52510111,EDGWARE,Platform 3 - Southbound Local - Station Building - Edgware Stn,20/07/2018,21/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52510111/100003699980 - VID completely blank
52510303,HEATHROW TERMINAL 4,Heathrow Terminal 4 Stn,21/07/2018,22/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52510303/100003700167 - Platform headwall and-  Vids displaying wrong timing
52510350,BOROUGH,Borough Stn,21/07/2018,21/07/2018,vids on n/bound platform 1 is blank
52510427,TOTTERIDGE & WHETSTONE,Station Building - Totteridge & Whetstone Stn,22/07/2018,22/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52510427/100003700281 - Platform no 2 and ticket hall gate line VID`s both showing as out of service.
52510468,CLAPHAM NORTH,Clapham North Stn,22/07/2018,22/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52510468/100003700317 - Northern line Platforms 1 & 2 - PA broadcasts and 2 x VIDs for train arrivals - times are out of sync. Ticket hall area - THID - showing times out of sync only for Northern line Platforms 1 & 2.
1965697,Gloucester Road,Plats 4 & 5,22/07/2018,22/07/2018,Dmi - No Info
1965702,Piccadilly Circus,Plts 3 & 4,22/07/2018,23/07/2018,Loss Of Veids 02 03 08 - Showing On Mica 3 - Veids Are Blank
52510521,WEMBLEY PARK,Wembley Park Stn,22/07/2018,23/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52510521/100003700359 - platform 3 - northend - VID unable to read info clearly.
1965774,Warwick Avenue,Plt 1 & 2,22/07/2018,23/07/2018,Both Plt Dmis Not Working
1965792,West Brompton,Plat 2,22/07/2018,25/07/2018,Dmi Only Showing Partial Information
1965929,Ickenham,Gateline Area,23/07/2018,23/07/2018,Dmi Not Working
1965932,East Acton,,23/07/2018,23/07/2018,Dot Matrix Blank
52511088,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Tottenham Court Road Stn,23/07/2018,26/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52511088/100003700901 - Headwall of Platform 4 - VID - blank.
52511160,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Tottenham Court Road Stn,24/07/2018,24/07/2018,S/B N/Line plt VID h/wll only displaying northern line (if rebooted info returns for short time but drops out again)
1966209,Blackfriars,Plat's 1 & 2,24/07/2018,25/07/2018,Veids Showing Showing Wrong Timies
1966339,Aldgate,Overbridge,25/07/2018,26/07/2018,Veid Departures Plat 4 Not Showing
52511914,SOUTH HARROW,South Harrow Stn,25/07/2018,25/07/2018,platform 1 w/b - vids not information displaying
52511932,ACTON TOWN,Acton Town Stn,25/07/2018,25/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52511932/100003701711 - VID one and two in the ticket hall are blank
1966511,Temple,Eb Plt,25/07/2018,25/07/2018,Dot Matrix Showing Incorrect Destinations And No Count Downs
1966605,Embankment,Plats 1 & 2,25/07/2018,26/07/2018,2 X Dmi Going Blank Intermittently
1966635,Woodford,Platfrom 2,25/07/2018,29/07/2018,No Messgae On Veids No. 5
1966660,Marylebone,Plt 1 - Mid Way,25/07/2018,26/07/2018,Dot Matrix Not Showing Train Times.
1966738,Newbury Park,Css Office Eb Platform 2,26/07/2018,27/07/2018,Train Predictor Blank Screen
1966757,Sloane Square,Middle Of Westbound Platform,26/07/2018,26/07/2018,Dmi Not Showing Full Information
1966894,Roding Valley,"Platf1 Under Canopy, Ir.",26/07/2018,27/07/2018,Dot-matrix Bulbs To Be Replaced.
52513998,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Tottenham Court Road Stn,26/07/2018,31/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52513998/100003703740 - S/B Plat no4 VID041 (P4 H/W) showing blank/misplaced
1966966,Maida Vale,Ticket Hall,26/07/2018,27/07/2018,Veid Showing Incorrect Info
1967053,Waterloo & City Train Care Depot,Control Centre,27/07/2018,28/07/2018,Ebi Screen Showing - Dmi Link Failure
1967078,Gloucester Road,Effecting Both Pic Line Veids (4/5),27/07/2018,27/07/2018,Sms Showing Error - Olc Link Fault With Veids - Veids Blank
52514078,WOOD GREEN,Wood Green Stn,27/07/2018,27/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52514078/100003703811 - No train data on all VIDs.
52514080,CALEDONIAN ROAD,Caledonian Road Stn,27/07/2018,27/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52514080/100003703814 - Platform vids and tickethall - No train information being shown.
52514087,MANOR HOUSE,Manor House Stn,27/07/2018,27/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52514087/100003703819 - No train data on VIDs
1967092,Embankment,Plt 2,27/07/2018,30/07/2018,Dmi Is Flickering On & Off
52514551,EAST FINCHLEY,East Finchley Stn,27/07/2018,09/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52514551/100003704270 - platform 4 vid - intermittently blank/crashing and showing error codes - wrong times showing after reboot.
1967198,East Acton,Ticket Hall,27/07/2018,30/07/2018,Veid Blank
1967199,Watford Met,Veid No 3 And 4,27/07/2018,29/07/2018,Dot Matrix Are About A.minute Apart
52514599,OAKWOOD,Platform 2 - Eastbound Local - Station Building - Oakwood Stn,27/07/2018,28/07/2018,FAULT DESCRIPTION:ÿVID screen has gone blankÿ- Fuse will not reset in switch roomÿ-platform 2 EBADDITIONAL INFORMATION: .EXACT LOCATION: Eastbound platform WHEN CAN IT BE FIXED: Unknown
52514604,OAKWOOD,Oakwood Stn,27/07/2018,28/07/2018,eb plat 2-DMI is blank
1967273,Hillingdon,Ticket Hall And Platformb,27/07/2018,29/07/2018,Following Local Power Failure Vieds Off Line
1967301,Edgware Road (Bak),S/b Pfm,27/07/2018,30/07/2018,Dmi Blank
52514649,SOUTH KENSINGTON,Piccadilly Line - South Kensington Stn,28/07/2018,28/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52514649/100003704358 - PICC CONTROL ROOM (GRIFFEN ROOMS) - ALL STATION VIDS DISPLAYING WRONG TRAIN DESTINATIONS
1967368,Barking,Plat 3 - Eb Dist,28/07/2018,30/07/2018,Veid - Display Not Updating
52514890,EUSTON,Euston Stn,28/07/2018,29/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52514890/100003704594 - Platform 4 - VIDS 41 & 42 not displaying any information -
1967518,Aldgate,Platform 3&4 - Bottom Of Stairs 1/605,29/07/2018,16/08/2018,Next Train Platform Indicator Arrow Not Changing
52515114,OAKWOOD,Platform 2 - Eastbound Local - Station Building - Oakwood Stn,30/07/2018,30/07/2018,APJNP Ref 52515114/100003704796 - The only VID on platform 2 is blank.
1967730,Hillingdon,Ticket Hall And Platformb,30/07/2018,30/07/2018,All Veids Not Showing Train Times
1967750,Stepney Green,Platform 2,30/07/2018,30/07/2018,Dmi On Platform 2 Not Showing Train Destinations
1967797,St James's Park,Eastbound Platform 2,30/07/2018,30/07/2018,Dot Matrix Display Faulty
1968126,Mile End,2 X Plats & Ticket Hall,31/07/2018,31/07/2018,3 X Veids Blank
1968143,Stratford,"Plat 6, E/b Fast",31/07/2018,09/08/2018,Dmi Not Working - Time Only No Train Info
52516176,MORNINGTON CRESCENT,Mornington Crescent Stn,31/07/2018,01/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52516176/100003705836 - VID021 SB platform-  - Not displaying any information.
1968436,Charing Cross,Plat 2 S/b Towards Headwall,01/08/2018,02/08/2018,Dmi Blank
1968440,Baker Street,"Plt 8, S/b",01/08/2018,08/08/2018,Veid - Not Showing Train Info
52517443,South Harrow,South Harrow Stn,01/08/2018,,SCADA - Removal and installation of a new VID on platform 1
52517535,GREEN PARK,Green Park Stn,02/08/2018,06/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52517535/100003707171 - All VIDs across all lines and THIDs no info showing
1968552,Dagenham Heathway,E/b Platform,02/08/2018,02/08/2018,Veid Not Working
52517556,CLAPHAM SOUTH,Clapham South Station Platform 1,02/08/2018,02/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52517556/100003707190 - VIDS- on platform 1 - Displaying wrong information - and not corresponding with the correct trains or destinations
1968601,Embankment,Plat 2,02/08/2018,03/08/2018,Dmi Flickering
52517575,KILBURN,Kilburn Stn,02/08/2018,03/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52517575/100003707205 - VIDS ticket hall area not displaying any information other than platforms
52517822,HAMPSTEAD,Hampstead Stn,02/08/2018,03/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52517822/100003707458 - Both platforms VIDS not showing any information
1968742,Warwick Avenue,Both Plts,02/08/2018,02/08/2018,2 X Dmis Are Blank
1968802,Fairlop,Both Platforms,03/08/2018,03/08/2018,2 X Veids - No Train Info
52518074,CLAPHAM SOUTH,Clapham South Stn,03/08/2018,04/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52518074/100003707691 - Plt1 N/B train already in platform but VID and PA- out of sync (still showing train 1 min away)
52518095,STANMORE,Jubilee Line - Stanmore Stn,03/08/2018,06/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52518095/100003707710 - Booking hall VIDS 001 showing out of service
1968902,Plaistow,"Plt 1, Middle",03/08/2018,06/08/2018,Email - Veid Showing Incorret Train Info
1969021,Hillingdon,All Dmis,03/08/2018,06/08/2018,Dmis Not Displaying Any Train Information
52518479,GREEN PARK,Green Park Stn,04/08/2018,04/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52518479/100003708081 - all vids on stations blank.
52518618,"HEATHROW TERMINALS 1,2,3",Heathrow Terminals 123 Stn,04/08/2018,05/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52518618/100003708218 - dmi on eb platform- giving wrong info-showing train is on platform after it has deprted
1969192,Hammersmith (DP),Ticket Hall And Pfms Dist,04/08/2018,05/08/2018,Veid Screen Frozen
1969369,Wanstead,,05/08/2018,06/08/2018,Dmi Blank
1969534,Hillingdon,Platform 1 & 2,06/08/2018,06/08/2018,All Dmi's Not Working.
1969569,Liverpool Street,Plat 2 Met Line,06/08/2018,07/08/2018,Dmi Not Showing Full Train Information
1969608,Mile End,Wb Dist Plat And Ticket Hall,06/08/2018,08/08/2018,Veid's Showing Incorrect Information
1969729,South Kensington,Plat 2,06/08/2018,07/08/2018,T214 - Train Lost Description
1969815,Holborn,Ticket Hall And Plat 1 Cen Line,07/08/2018,07/08/2018,Veids 02 And 04 Blank
52519494,SOUTHWARK,Platform 2 - Eastbound Local - Station Building - Southwark Stn,07/08/2018,09/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52519494/100003709017 - VID 2 platform tail wall blank - alarming on SIMS as no data
1969838,Plaistow,"Plt 1, Middle",07/08/2018,08/08/2018,Veid Showing Incorrect Train Info
52520237,HAMPSTEAD,Hampstead Stn,07/08/2018,08/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52520237/100003709745 - VID022 SB platform is not working.
1970099,Walthamstow Central,Plat 1 & 2,08/08/2018,08/08/2018,2 X Veid Clocks Five Mins Slow
52520377,HIGH BARNET,High Barnet Stn,08/08/2018,10/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52520377/100003709870 - PLAT- 2-VID 021 IS BLANK
1970168,Paddington,,08/08/2018,08/08/2018,T Ime Out Of Sync By 1-2 Minutes On All Dot Matrix
1970240,Whitechapel,"Plat 2, W/b, H/wall",08/08/2018,09/08/2018,Dmi Not Working
52521791,HIGH BARNET,High Barnet Stn,08/08/2018,10/08/2018,platform 2 - Vid 21 - not displaying information - blank
1970332,Uxbridge,Both Plats 1 & 2 Met Line,08/08/2018,09/08/2018,Veids Not Showing Correct Train Information
1970454,Highbury & Islington,Pl 5 S/b Vic,09/08/2018,10/08/2018,Stickers On Dot Matrix To Be Removed
1970500,South Kensington,Platform 1 West,09/08/2018,10/08/2018,Veid Showing Wrong Train Info
1970529,Dagenham Heathway,Plt 1 W/b,09/08/2018,10/08/2018,Veid Not Showing Full/correct Info
52522226,SOUTH HARROW,South Harrow Stn,09/08/2018,13/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52522226/100003711690 - VIDS is displaying wrong train info. E/b plat
52522230,COCKFOSTERS,Cockfosters Stn,09/08/2018,10/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52522230/100003711694 - Loss of train info on VIDs on plats 1 - 4 including THIDS
1970617,Cannon Street,Platform 1,09/08/2018,09/08/2018,Panel On The Dmi Not Working
1970625,Sloane Square,Plat 1 Dist Line,09/08/2018,13/08/2018,Dmi Not Showing Correct Train Information
52522301,OAKWOOD,Oakwood Stn,09/08/2018,17/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52522301/100003711745 - VID on platform 2 frozen and unable to reset
1970813,Marylebone,"Plat 1, N/b, Midway, Bloo Line",10/08/2018,10/08/2018,Veid Not Working
1970815,Maida Vale,Ticket Hall Area,10/08/2018,10/08/2018,Dmi - Showing Incorrect Information For Times & Trains
52522393,CANNING TOWN,Canning Town Stn,10/08/2018,14/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52522393/100003711827 - platform e/b 6-  - no information showing for vids
1970912,Pimlico,Both Platforms,10/08/2018,13/08/2018,Veids Not Showing Correct Time
52522865,CANNING TOWN,Platform 6 - Eastbound Local - Station Building - Canning Town Stn,10/08/2018,11/08/2018,FAULT DESCRIPTION:ÿVID only displaying information on one side of VID at west end of platform 6.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: .EXACT LOCATION: DMI at West end of platform 6WHEN CAN IT BE FIXED: Any time
1971022,Ickenham,Both Platforms & Ticket Hall,10/08/2018,12/08/2018,Dmi's Not Showing Any Train Info
1971151,Ladbroke Grove,Plat 1,11/08/2018,14/08/2018,Veids - Partial Info
52523250,SOUTH EALING,South Ealing Stn,12/08/2018,12/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52523250/100003712658 - VID 001 OUT OF SERVICE.
52523279,TOTTENHAM COURT ROAD,Northern Line - Tottenham Court Road Stn,12/08/2018,13/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52523279/100003712686 - platform vids not showing incorrect times and not displaying train times train
1971262,Northwick Park,Veid Platform 1 Northbound.,12/08/2018,12/08/2018,Veid Not Working.
1971282,Stratford,"Plat 6, E/b, Fast",12/08/2018,17/08/2018,Dmi Not Working
52523454,CANNING TOWN,Platform 6 - Eastbound Local - Station Building - Canning Town Stn,12/08/2018,13/08/2018,EB tailwall VID - one side is blank
1971353,Regents Park,Northbound Platform,12/08/2018,12/08/2018,Dot Matrix Not Displaying Info
1971408,Dagenham Heathway,W/b Ticket Hall,13/08/2018,13/08/2018,Veid Blank
1971439,Highbury & Islington,Plt 3 And 5,13/08/2018,13/08/2018,Veids Not Working
52524545,MANOR HOUSE,Manor House Stn,14/08/2018,15/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52524545/100003713894 - plat and booking hall: VID not showing train info
1972052,Highbury & Islington,Plat 3 & 5,15/08/2018,16/08/2018,2 X Veids Not Working
1972090,South Kensington,Plat 2,15/08/2018,15/08/2018,T214 - Train Lost Description
1972206,Oxford Circus,Throughout Platform,15/08/2018,16/08/2018,20 X Veid's - Not Showing Any Train Info
1972255,Leyton,Css Office West Bound Platform,16/08/2018,16/08/2018,Veid Not Working
1972279,Hornchurch,Ticket Hall,16/08/2018,16/08/2018,Veid Blank
52525889,HATTON CROSS,Hatton Cross Stn,16/08/2018,16/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52525889/100003715212 - WB platform and ticket hall - VIDS blank until trains arrive and departs.
1972358,Maida Vale,Platform 1 & 2,16/08/2018,16/08/2018,No Veid Data
1972434,Dagenham Heathway,Tkt Hall,16/08/2018,17/08/2018,Veid West Bound Trains Not Showing
1972484,Mansion House,Eastbound Platform 3,16/08/2018,16/08/2018,Dmi Not Showing Full Train Information
1972522,St Pauls,T/hall,16/08/2018,17/08/2018,Veid - Showing No Train Info
1972575,St James's Park,Plat 1 & 2,17/08/2018,17/08/2018,2 X Dmi Showing Wrong Info After Power Failure
1972607,Highbury & Islington,S/b Vic Platform,17/08/2018,17/08/2018,Dmi Showing Wrong Information
1972612,Baker Street,Plat 8 Bakerloo Line,17/08/2018,17/08/2018,Dmi Not Showing Any Train Info
1972616,Mile End,Platform 2 & Ticket Hall,17/08/2018,20/08/2018,Veid Only Showing Train But No Train Times On The Platform
1972632,Northolt,Platform 1,17/08/2018,18/08/2018,Veids Blank
1972851,Ruislip Gardens,Plt 2 - Mid Section,18/08/2018,20/08/2018,Veid - Not Working - No Information
1972962,Tower Hill,Plat 3,18/08/2018,20/08/2018,Veid Is Blank
1973036,Tottenham Hale,Both Platforms,19/08/2018,19/08/2018,The Clock On The Veid Is Running 3 Mins Behind
1973175,North Harrow,,19/08/2018,20/08/2018,Dmi Blank
1973271,Stratford,"Plat 6, E/b, Fast",20/08/2018,,Dmi Not Working
1973407,Bromley by Bow,,21/08/2018,22/08/2018,Sms Showing That Veids On Plts Are Not Working. Veids Are Working Fine
1973465,Warwick Avenue,Plat 1 & 2,21/08/2018,22/08/2018,2 X Dmi's Blank
52527650,MANOR HOUSE,Manor House Stn,21/08/2018,21/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52527650/100003716891 - VIDS - not showing any information - all platforms and tickethall
1973593,Barking,E/b District Line Platform,21/08/2018,22/08/2018,Train Describer Showing Incorrect Information
1973621,Leytonstone,Plat 1,21/08/2018,22/08/2018,Dmi Clock Slow By Three Mins
1973749,Highbury & Islington,Plt 5 - Mid Section,22/08/2018,23/08/2018,Dmi - Blank - No Information
1973770,Epping,Control Room,22/08/2018,24/08/2018,Sms - Repeat Alarm Showing That Plt 2 Veid Is Not Working/veid Issue. Sms Aok
1973927,Shepherds Bush Central,Ticket Hall,22/08/2018,23/08/2018,1 X Veid Partial Failure (intermittently Losing Data)
1974037,Sloane Square,Plat 1 Cir & Dist W/b,23/08/2018,24/08/2018,Dmi Not Working
1974139,Mansion House,Dmi On Platform3,23/08/2018,24/08/2018,No Train Description On Dmi
1974297,Fulham Broadway,Midway E/b - Plt 2,24/08/2018,28/08/2018,Train Description - Orange Test Too Bright And Glowing
52530253,KILBURN,Booking Hall - Station Building - Kilburn Stn,24/08/2018,25/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52530253/100003719401 - VID not displaying any train info
52530311,SOUTH EALING,South Ealing Stn,25/08/2018,26/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52530311/100003719455 - Westbound Platform 3 - VID - not displaying clock.
52530614,OAKWOOD,Oakwood Stn,25/08/2018,10/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52530614/100003719756 - Platform 2 - VID - blank.
52530631,ACTON TOWN,Acton Town Stn,25/08/2018,27/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52530631/100003719772 - All VIDs - showing wrong information.
1974580,Baker Street,Bottom Of Esc 3 & 4,25/08/2018,27/08/2018,Dmi Blank
1974666,Bank,Plt 1 + 2,26/08/2018,27/08/2018,2 X Veids - No Information
1974680,Ruislip Manor,Platform 2 Eastbound Midsection,26/08/2018,29/08/2018,Stickers Placed On Veids
52530867,SOUTH EALING,South Ealing Stn,27/08/2018,27/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52530867/100003719995 - Plt3 VID no clock working
1974872,Tower Hill,Station Office 1/301,27/08/2018,03/09/2018,Mica 3 Not Displaying Pl 3 Train Data - This Is A Veids Issue
1974887,Dagenham Heathway,Ticket Hall,27/08/2018,28/08/2018,Dmi - No Informtion On Wb Trains
1974894,Highbury & Islington,Both Vic Line Platforms,27/08/2018,31/08/2018,Veids Not Showing Any Train Information
1974926,Sloane Square,Middle Of Westbound Platform,27/08/2018,28/08/2018,Dmi Blank
1974958,Mile End,Ticket Hall And West Platform 2,27/08/2018,28/08/2018,Vids Not Working On The District Dispaly
1975072,Parsons Green,E/b & W/b,28/08/2018,28/08/2018,2 X Dmi's Not Showing Any Train Information
52531016,SOUTH HARROW,South Harrow Stn,28/08/2018,28/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52531016/100003720133 - W/B plt1 VID completely blank
1975243,West Harrow,All On Stn,28/08/2018,29/08/2018,Veids Blank After Power Failure
52531616,Camden Town,Camden Town Stn,29/08/2018,19/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52531616/100003720714 - VIDS on platforms 2 and 4 - not showing any information ( 07:44 and 08:05)
1975367,Dagenham Heathway,T/hall,29/08/2018,30/08/2018,Dmi - E/b Train Info Is Not Being Displayed
52532199,EAST FINCHLEY,Platform 4 - Southbound Fast - Station Building - East Finchley Stn,29/08/2018,30/08/2018,APJNP Ref 52532199/100003721286 - No info on VID041- platform 4
1975474,Ladbroke Grove,Plt 1 & 2,29/08/2018,30/08/2018,2 X Veid's - Not Showing Any Train Info
1975681,East Putney,Platforms 1 And 2 Dmis,30/08/2018,31/08/2018,Train Describes Not Displaying Info.
1975800,Warren Street,Vic Platforms 3 & 4,30/08/2018,03/09/2018,2 X Veids Only Showing Start Message
52533538,CLAPHAM NORTH,Clapham North Stn,30/08/2018,03/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52533538/100003722603 - Mica showing VIDs train data not found - N/B platform VID missing information - intermittently.
1975812,West Brompton,Eastbound Platform 2.,30/08/2018,04/09/2018,Dmi Not Fully Illuminated.
1975880,Vauxhall,Plat 1 & 2,31/08/2018,31/08/2018,2 X Dmi's Not Showing All Info
1975904,Tottenham Hale,Plt2,31/08/2018,31/08/2018,Vied Plt2 No Times/wrong Train Info
1975978,GUNNERSBURY STATION,WAITING ROOM AREA ISLAND PLT,31/08/2018,01/09/2018,1 X VIED IS FROZEN // 01/09/18 @ 03:03 - C1975978 Gunnersbury 1 x veid is frozen
52534088,SUDBURY HILL,Station Building - Sudbury Hill Stn,31/08/2018,01/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52534088/100003723137 - MICA system - loss of comms message to VIDS. Both platforms and booking hall VIDS are blank - no train information displaying.
1976271,Croxley,Plat 2 Sb,02/09/2018,03/09/2018,Dmi - Showing Wrong Information
1976307,Fairlop,Plt 1 & 2,02/09/2018,03/09/2018,Vieds Not Showing Train Info
52534643,WEST HAM,West Ham Stn,03/09/2018,03/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52534643/100003723673 - Platform NO5 - vid only displaying time no train destinations
1976434,Baker Street,Plat 8 - Bakerloo,03/09/2018,03/09/2018,Dmi Not Displaying Train Information At All Times
52534668,CLAPHAM NORTH,Clapham North Stn,03/09/2018,03/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52534668/100003723697 - VID on platform 1 & 2 not displaying any train information - intermittently
1976550,Aldgate East,Plt 1 Wb & And Both Ticket Halls,03/09/2018,04/09/2018,All Veids Showing Info For Plt1 Keep Changing Between Different Destinations & C
1976595,Highbury & Islington,Plat 3+5,03/09/2018,04/09/2018,Veid Not Showing All Info
1976599,Turnham Green,Ticket Hall,03/09/2018,05/09/2018,Veid Blank
1976600,Seven Sisters,"Plats 3, 4 & 5",03/09/2018,04/09/2018,Clocks On Veids 2 Mins Behind
52535240,WEST HAM,West Ham Stn,04/09/2018,13/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52535240/100003724249 - Jubilee platform 5 - DMI not working on one side- previously raised on 52534643 - please check both sides of DMI before closing
1976800,Gloucester Road,,04/09/2018,05/09/2018,"No Train Info On Veids On Plt 1, 2 And 3"
1977032,Mile End,Plat2 West District Line,05/09/2018,06/09/2018,Dmi Not Showing Correct Trains
1977059,Aldgate East,Plt 1 Wb & And Both Ticket Halls,05/09/2018,06/09/2018,All Veids Keep Changing Info Between Different Destinations
1977061,Whitechapel,Plat 2 W/b,05/09/2018,06/09/2018,Dmi Showing Incorrect Information
1977090,HARROW & WEALDSTONE STATION,PLAT 5,05/09/2018,06/09/2018,"CIS SCREEN 12 NOT WORKING // Hi, Please raise a job for CIS screen 12, platform 5, Harrow and Wealdstone. The screen is not working. Regards, Andrius Zinkevicius Customer Service Supervisor Wembley Central Area 07912299467"
1977193,Gloucester Road,Plt 3 - Midway - District,06/09/2018,06/09/2018,Veid - Not Showing Information
1977199,Elm Park,Display Next To Gate Line,06/09/2018,07/09/2018,Vied 3 Not Displaying Wb Trains
52537064,MILL HILL EAST,Mill Hill East Stn,06/09/2018,11/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52537064/100003726009 - VIDs on- platform are faded and its very difficult to read on one side of th display
1977306,Mansion House,E/b Plat 3,06/09/2018,17/09/2018,Blank Dmi
1977427,Highbury & Islington,Plat 3 + 5,07/09/2018,07/09/2018,Veids Showing Wrong Info
52537348,SUDBURY HILL,Sudbury Hill Stn,07/09/2018,07/09/2018,"Ticket hall area, CSS's office - VID - no information showing."
1977457,Baker Street,Bakerloo Plt 8,07/09/2018,09/09/2018,Dmi Has No Train Information - Only Showing Start Up
1977632,Euston,,07/09/2018,13/09/2018,Lost Data To Veids On Victoiria Line Plts
1977751,East Putney,Plt 1,08/09/2018,10/09/2018,Veid - Showing Edgware Rd Trains As High St Ken
1977752,Warwick Avenue,Plat 2 S/b,08/09/2018,10/09/2018,Dmi - Not Showing Any Train Info
52538111,QUEENSBURY,Queensbury Stn,08/09/2018,09/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52538111/100003726924 - VID in tickethall - no information showing
1977818,Victoria,Plt 3 & 4,09/09/2018,11/09/2018,4 X Veid's - No Train Info
1977828,Hornchurch,Plt 1 & 2,09/09/2018,09/09/2018,2 X Veids - Not Showing Any Train Info
1977835,Bow Road,T/hall,09/09/2018,10/09/2018,Veid - Not Showing Any Train Info For W/b
52538173,CLAPHAM NORTH,Clapham North Stn,09/09/2018,09/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52538173/100003726978 - MICA system showing status raised area CER-  no VIDS train DATA N/B
1977994,Hammersmith (Met),Plat 1 Mid,10/09/2018,10/09/2018,Dmi No Giving Platform Indication
1977995,Ladbroke Grove,E/b Platform,10/09/2018,10/09/2018,Veid Not Working
52538297,CANADA WATER,Jubilee Line - Canada Water Stn,10/09/2018,10/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52538297/100003727086 - Platform 3 southbound large wall mounted VIDS has been left open after working on it- - require securing.
1978393,Tower Hill,Plat 3,11/09/2018,14/09/2018,Train Describer Not In Sync With Trains Services
52539334,Oakwood,Oakwood Stn,12/09/2018,19/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52539334/100003728078 - PLATFORM No2 E/B - VID CIRCUIT BREAKER TRIPPING OUT UNABLE TO RESET
52539359,EUSTON,Euston Stn,12/09/2018,13/09/2018,"APJNP Ref 52539359/100003728102 - All VIDs - not working. Victoria line , Computer section requesting for joint meet with bcv, TELENT AND Computer- - "
52540627,TOOTING BROADWAY,Tooting Broadway Stn,12/09/2018,12/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52540627/100003729318 - VID on SB PLT not showing " Next train information"
1978640,East Putney,Platform 1,12/09/2018,14/09/2018,1 X Veid Showing Incorrect Train Destinations
1978742,Brixton,,13/09/2018,14/09/2018,Plats 1+2 - Dot Matrix Has No Live Train Info
52540997,Euston,Euston Stn,13/09/2018,17/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52540997/100003729613 - Vid platform 4 - currently blank
1978937,Holborn,Platform 1 - Cen Line,13/09/2018,14/09/2018,Veid Completely Blank
1978938,Holborn,Ticket Hall,13/09/2018,17/09/2018,Veid Not Showing Train Info
1978966,Woodford,Plt2,13/09/2018,14/09/2018,Vied No Train Information
1978967,Tower Hill,Platform 1,13/09/2018,17/09/2018,Dmi Missing Information
1979065,Eastcote,Wb Platform,14/09/2018,18/09/2018,Dmi Not Displaying Info Correctly
1979095,Blackfriars,Plat 2,14/09/2018,17/09/2018,Veid Not Showing Correct Info
1979104,Marylebone,S/b Platform,14/09/2018,17/09/2018,Dmi Not Showing Train Times
52541581,Canary Wharf,Canary Wharf Stn,14/09/2018,18/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52541581/100003730071 - Both Main Exits - illuminated high level DMI signages - very dirty
52541586,KILBURN,Kilburn Stn,14/09/2018,15/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52541586/100003730074 - Ticket hall area and Both platforms - VIDs - not showing any train information.
52541617,NORTH GREENWICH,Station Building - North Greenwich Stn,14/09/2018,15/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52541617/100003730099 - VID at the bus station entrance at level 1 - no train information displaying.
1979249,Edgware Road (Met),Plt 4 & 1,14/09/2018,17/09/2018,2 X Dmi's - Missing Information
1979258,Holborn,Plt 1,14/09/2018,17/09/2018,Dmi Is Blank
52541906,Tufnell Park,Platform 1 - Northbound Fast - Station Building - Tufnell Park Stn,15/09/2018,15/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52541906/100003730339 - VID not displaying any train info
1979497,East Putney,E/b Plat 1,16/09/2018,,Veid Shows All Edgware Rd Trains As High Street Kensington
52542065,Waterloo,Waterloo Stn,16/09/2018,,Long gallery G/8 -ÿVIDs 007 008 and 009 are completely blank. There is no obvious indication of power going toÿthese VIDs.
1979566,Hillingdon,W/b Plt And T/hall,16/09/2018,17/09/2018,2 X Dmi Are Showing Wrong Info
52542119,Westminster,Westminster Stn,16/09/2018,17/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52542119/100003730523 - w/b plat n01 vid not showing train info
1979702,Bow Road,W/b,17/09/2018,18/09/2018,Veids Not Showing Correct Info
1979785,STONEBRIDGE PARK STATION,PLAT 1 & 2,17/09/2018,18/09/2018,VIEID'S FROZEN
1979954,Ruislip Manor,Eastbound Platform 2.,18/09/2018,18/09/2018,Veid Frozen
1979991,East Ham,Ticket Hall,18/09/2018,18/09/2018,Veid Not Showing Correct Train Information
52542782,Waterloo,Waterloo Stn,18/09/2018,18/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52542782/100003731139 - Vids on plat 6 (E/b Jub) is showing incorrect timing and train info.
1980032,Mile End,Plat 2 Dist Line,18/09/2018,19/09/2018,Dmi Not Showing Correct Information
1980045,BLACKHORSE ROAD STATION,PLAT 2 (LOROL),18/09/2018,,VEID SHOWING NO TRAIN TIMES // 25/09/2018 12:04...
1980117,Earl's Court,Tail Wall Area Plats 3+4,18/09/2018,19/09/2018,Veid Screen Has A Fault Display
52543391,Stanmore,Platform 3 - Single Line Local - Station Building - Stanmore Stn,18/09/2018,25/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52543391/100003731629 - VID not displaying any train info
52543409,North Ealing,Platform 2 - Eastbound Main - Station Building - North Ealing Stn,18/09/2018,02/10/2018,eastbound platform 2 vid blank
1980293,Southfields,Eb Platform 1,19/09/2018,20/09/2018,Veid Showing Incorrect Info
1980603,Ladbroke Grove,"Plat 1 & 2, E/b & W/b, Midway",20/09/2018,20/09/2018,Dmi Not Working X 2
1980638,Leytonstone,Plat 1 + 2,20/09/2018,24/09/2018,Veids Displaying Different Times
52545071,Euston,Station Building - Euston Stn,20/09/2018,20/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52545071/100003733237 - Victoria line platform no 5 VID`s not showing train or times.- 
1980765,Stepney Green,,20/09/2018,24/09/2018,Veids Blank
1980886,Baker Street,Plt 8,21/09/2018,21/09/2018,Dmi Is Not Displaying Any Train Info
1980904,Tower Hill,Plat 3 E/b And Booking Hall Area,21/09/2018,21/09/2018,2 X Vieds Showing Incorrect Info
1980995,Whitechapel,Plat2 Wb,21/09/2018,21/09/2018,Train Descriptions Displaying Incorrect Infomation
1981164,Northwood,Toward Tail End Of Platform 1,22/09/2018,25/09/2018,Veid 5 No Information
1981208,Baker Street,"Ctrl Rm, Met Tckt Hall",22/09/2018,25/09/2018,Td Not Working
1981245,Great Portland Street,Platforms 1 & 2 And T/hall,22/09/2018,25/09/2018,The Vieids Have No Train Describers And Times Showing
1981267,Barbican,,22/09/2018,25/09/2018,Dmi's Not Showing Any Train Info
1981307,Notting Hill Gate,Ticket Hall & Plat 1,23/09/2018,24/09/2018,2 X Veids Not Showing Any Train Information
1981342,Moorgate,Platforms 1 & 2,23/09/2018,25/09/2018,Dmi No Train Info
1981422,Mile End,Plat 2,23/09/2018,24/09/2018,Veids Showing Incorrect Information
1981446,Aldgate,Over Bridge Concourse,23/09/2018,25/09/2018,Veid Not Giving The Right Information
1981549,Liverpool Street,Plat 1 + 2 Met Line,24/09/2018,25/09/2018,Plat 1+2 Dmi Not Working
1981688,Gloucester Road,,24/09/2018,25/09/2018,Veids Not Showing Next Train
52546827,Finchley Central,Northern Line - Finchley Central Stn,24/09/2018,08/10/2018,Ticket hall area and overbridge VID001 is blank
1981867,Kings Cross,Victoria Line Platform 3 & 4,25/09/2018,25/09/2018,Dot Matrix Train Not Working
1981911,Aldgate,Lower Concourse,25/09/2018,26/09/2018,Veid Not Showing The Train Departure Or Arrival Times
1981917,Paddington,"Bakerloo Pltforms 3 & 4, District Pltfomrs 1 & 2",25/09/2018,25/09/2018,Train Time Indicators Are 2 Mins Out Of Time
1982039,Edgware Road (Met),Ticket Hall,25/09/2018,26/09/2018,Dot Matrix Has Blank Panels
1982114,Edgware Road (Bak),Sb Plt 2 Headwall End,25/09/2018,27/09/2018,Dot Matrix Blank -
1982302,St James's Park,Wb Platform 1,26/09/2018,26/09/2018,Dmi Centre Display Not Working
1982390,Earl's Court,Towards Tail Wall On Plats 3+4,26/09/2018,27/09/2018,Faulty Dot Matrix
1982401,South Woodford,Both Plts,26/09/2018,27/09/2018,2 X Veids Not Showing Train Info
1982459,Dagenham Heathway,E/b Plt 2,27/09/2018,28/09/2018,Veid Showing Incorrect Info
52549173,Tottenham Court Road,Tottenham Court Road Stn,27/09/2018,28/09/2018,APJNP Ref 52549173/100003737097 - both nthn line plats vids half desc
1982928,Gloucester Road,"Css Off., Tckt Hall",29/09/2018,02/10/2018,Veid 002 Displaying Psu Fault
52550629,Southwark,Southwark Stn,29/09/2018,09/10/2018,VID on PLT 2 by PED 9 7/261 is blank
1983029,Baker Street,Plt 10 - Jub Line -,29/09/2018,29/09/2018,Veid Is Showing Part Information
1983047,Vauxhall,Both Platforms,29/09/2018,04/10/2018,Dmi - Time Is Incorrect - Too Slow
52550758,North Ealing,North Ealing Stn,30/09/2018,30/09/2018,VID plat 2 blank
1983272,Moor Park,S/b Platform,01/10/2018,02/10/2018,2 X Dmi's Blank
1983307,Warwick Avenue,N/b Platform,01/10/2018,02/10/2018,Dot Matrix Led Not Lit - Text Is Broken
1983677,Warwick Avenue,N/b Platform,01/10/2018,04/10/2018,Dot Matrix Led Not Lit - Text Is Broken
1983337,Rickmansworth,S/b Platform,01/10/2018,02/10/2018,Dmi Showing Wrong Information
1983434,Gants Hill,Plat 1 & 2,01/10/2018,02/10/2018,2 X Dmi Showing No Info
52551908,Osterley,Osterley Stn,01/10/2018,,ticket hall area vid blank
1983493,Bow Road,Platform 2,01/10/2018,02/10/2018,Train Describer Out Of Sink.
52551977,Sudbury Hill,Station Building - Sudbury Hill Stn,02/10/2018,06/10/2018,VID in ticket hall is not displaying an train times
1983620,Baker Street,Plat 8,02/10/2018,,Plat 8 Dmi Working Intermittently
1983629,Stepney Green,West Bound Platform,02/10/2018,05/10/2018,Dot Matrix. Not Displaying Correct Info
1983647,Oxford Circus,Plat 3,02/10/2018,03/10/2018,Dmi Not Working - Blank Screen
1983676,West Harrow,T/hall,02/10/2018,03/10/2018,Dmi Blank
1983755,Ladbroke Grove,Goldhawk Rd To Royal Oak,02/10/2018,04/10/2018,Eb Veids Not Showing Any Train Information
1983802,Parsons Green,Eastbound Platform 2,03/10/2018,03/10/2018,Dot Matrix Showing Incomplete Informatio
1983803,Preston Road,Both Plats,03/10/2018,03/10/2018,Veids Are Blank
1984055,Ruislip Manor,Eastbound Platform 2,04/10/2018,05/10/2018,Veid Is Stuck On Wrong Info
1984056,Blackhorse Road,Platforms 1&2,04/10/2018,04/10/2018,Incorrect Time On Veid
1984067,Gloucester Road,"All Plt's 1, 2 , 3 ,4 And 5",04/10/2018,05/10/2018,All Dmi 's - Not Working - Blank
1984087,St James's Park,Platform 2 Eastbound,04/10/2018,09/10/2018,Dot Matrix Indicator Faulty
1984178,Embankment,Plat 3 And 4 - Plat1 By Headwall,04/10/2018,04/10/2018,Dmi Not Showing Correct Information
52553710,ACTON TOWN,Station Building - Acton Town Stn,04/10/2018,06/10/2018,MICA displaying system fault - VIDs out of service
1984250,Putney Bridge,E/b Platform,04/10/2018,10/10/2018,Veid Showing Incorrect Train Info
1984312,Gloucester Road,"Plts 1, 2 & 3 Dist Lne",05/10/2018,05/10/2018,3 X Veids Showing No Info
1984489,Kings Cross,Both Nothern Line Platforms,05/10/2018,07/10/2018,2 X Veids Not Showing Train Info
1984565,Fulham Broadway,E/b Plat 2,06/10/2018,07/10/2018,Dmi E/b Plat - No Train Info
52554290,Golders Green,Golders Green Stn,06/10/2018,07/10/2018,VIDS on platform and ticket hall area. Showing incorrect information and time.
1984613,Ruislip Manor,Both Platforms And Ticket Hall,06/10/2018,,Veids Have Frozen
1984691,Parsons Green,Platform 2 Eastbound,07/10/2018,07/10/2018,Dot Matrix Showing Incomplete Info
1984692,Parsons Green,Platform 1,07/10/2018,07/10/2018,Dot Matrix Showing Incomplete Info
52554575,Southwark,Station Building - Southwark Stn,07/10/2018,,Blackfriars road entranceÿVID has one side completely blank.ÿ
52554700,Hendon Central,Hendon Central Station Platform 1,07/10/2018,08/10/2018,platform 1 vid 012 : Top line is very dull
1984871,Baker Street,Platform 8,08/10/2018,10/10/2018,"Dot Matrix, Part Of Info Not Displaying"
1984968,Aldgate East,Plt 2,08/10/2018,09/10/2018,2 X Veids Not Working - Blank
1984987,Bow Road,Plat 1,08/10/2018,09/10/2018,Dmi Not Displaying Any H&c Services
52556573,Southwark,Southwark Stn,08/10/2018,08/10/2018,VID on PLT 2 - Not showing information correctly - Scrambled display
52556627,Osterley,Ticket Office - Station Building - Osterley Stn,09/10/2018,09/10/2018,Ticket hall vid blank
1985281,Hornchurch,Tickethall Above Ticket Office,09/10/2018,09/10/2018,Visual Display(vied) Not Showing Any Info. Disc Error
1985296,Edgware Road (Met),Ticket Hall,09/10/2018,10/10/2018,Veid - Blank
1985320,Barkingside,Platform 1,09/10/2018,10/10/2018,Train Time/destination Indicator Fault
1985434,Bethnal Green,Plat 2,10/10/2018,10/10/2018,Veid Intermittently Failing
1985554,Upton Park,Plat 1 7 2,10/10/2018,,2 X Dmi's Displaying Incorrect Train Information
1985564,Euston Square,Platform 1,10/10/2018,,Veid - No Train Info
1985589,Baker Street,Platform 6,10/10/2018,10/10/2018,Dmi On Not Showing Full Destinations
1985775,Gloucester Road,Around Station- Telent On Site At Time Of Call,11/10/2018,11/10/2018,Veids All Gone Off Line
1985778,Ladbroke Grove,Plat 2,11/10/2018,12/10/2018,Veid Not Displaying Any W/b Train Information
1985813,Roding Valley,Ticket Hall,11/10/2018,15/10/2018,Veid - Not Showing Train Info
1985870,Barkingside,Plat 1 & 2,11/10/2018,15/10/2018,2 X Dmi's Blank
1985930,Elephant & Castle,Ticket Hall,12/10/2018,15/10/2018,Veids Is Blank
1986189,Regents Park,Plt2,13/10/2018,15/10/2018,Vied Blank
1986374,Aldgate,Plt3 & 4,14/10/2018,,Next Train Monitor
1986423,South Ruislip,Platform 2 Veids,14/10/2018,15/10/2018,Not Showing Train Arrival Times
1986480,Rickmansworth,Platform 1 Northbound And Platform 2 Southbound,14/10/2018,,Veids Are Not Working On Both Platforms