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29th January 2019 
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Dear Madam, 
We write to respond to your Freedom of Information request. 
Enquiry date 15/09/18 
Q1) What are the minimum offers for a CBSE student for A-levels for 2019 entry? 
Q2)How many international students were for the admissions cycle of 2018-2019 who were from India? 
Q3)What are the CBSE grade 10 equivalent qualifications for GCSE required (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)?( Conversion of 
A-level to CBSE grade 12 and conversion of GCSE to CBSE grade 10). 
Q4) What is the minimum time duration work experience for Medicine required? 
Q5)How much of importance is given towards extracurricular activities such football i.e., high , medium or low? 
Q6) Is it mandatory to get a statement of comparability for UK NARIC for Grade 10 and Grade 12? 
Q7)What is the minimum Ukcat score required for 2018 entry to A100 medicine? 
Q8)Are the questions asked during medical interviews complicated? 
Q9) If a student from CBSE based exam has done subjects like English and Physical Education with Physics, Chemistry and 
Biology are those two subjects also taken into account along with the other three? 
Q1) The offer for a CBSE student would be equivalent to AAA at A level. However, CBSE applicants 
would be considered individually and we would need to see the certificates to make a formal 
Q2) 7 students from India applied to St George’s and 6 were offered places. 4 students were 
enrolled in September.  
Q3) We accept the School Leaving Certificate as equivalent to GCSEs. We require an average score 
of 75% (or B1) across all subjects taken in grade 12. Candidates must offer Biology, Chemistry and 
either Maths or Physics to grade 12. This information is found here:
Q4) We do not have a minimum time duration for work experience, but we do expect applicants to 
have enough experience that they can discuss the insight they have gleaned ahead of taking the 
decision to apply to study Medicine.  
Q5) Extracurricular activities will not affect the admissions process for an applicant, but some use 
their experiences during such activities as a demonstration of their transferable skills.  
Q6) It is not mandatory at application, but if a statement of comparability is requested by the 
Admissions Team, you will need to provide one before assessment of your application can continue.  
Q7) 2590 
Q8) The questions asked during a Medicine interview are not designed to be complicated. We use 
simple wording, do not expect any prior medical knowledge, and do not ask any trick questions. 
Q9) We require an average score of 75% (or B1) across all subjects taken in grade 12 so even non-
science subjects will impact on the average score applicants are awarded. 
Whilst writing may I advise that if you are not happy with the way in which we have handled your 
request, you can appeal by writing to the Chief Operating Officer of the institution:  
Paul Ratcliffe 
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