Dear Royal Air Force,

I have been researching a friends father who was a navigator in 518 Squadron lastly based in Tiree, Scotland. A squadron in Coastal Command, their prime task was weather reconnaissance and indeed were a critical factor in the dalay of D-Day by one day. All of my findings are anecdotal as there is no official information regarding the squadron, nor the personnel within the squadron. Details of other Coastal Commend squadrons are freely available but I have discovered that operations and service records for 518 Squadron have been subject to the 75 year rule.

I am hoping that the imminent release of documents relating to 518 Squadron will shed some light on this and explain why my friend has been unable to see her father's service record. The documents are due for release later in 2019, September I think. Please will you advise me on how I can view these documente when they become available?

Yours faithfully,

Tony Shew

Stevenson, Paul B2 (DBS CIO-KI Records-Lead), Royal Air Force

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Dear Tony Shew,


Please find attached a response to your FOI request reference 2019/01357.



Defence Business Services

Knowledge and Information

Records Review Freedom of Information Team




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