This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Location of dwellings in Seaforth built by Maritime Housing Association'.

Mr Robinson 
Our Reference: RFI:7305-09  
7 January 2009  
Dear Mr Robinson  
Request for Information
Please accept this letter as receipt of your request for information under the Freedom of 
Information Act. Your unique identification number for this request is RFI:7305-09; please 
remember to quote this in all future correspondence on this matter.  
Your request for information has been transferred to Homes and Communities Agency from 
the Tenants Services Authority.  
You requested the form of response to be email. Your request was received on the 7 January 
2009. We aim to respond to your request within 20 working days, commencing the day after 
your email was received. We may charge a fee to cover our reasonable disbursements 
incurred in disclosing this information to you; we will issue a fees notice to you if this is the 
case. Service of this fees notice will extend the 20-day target by the period taken to pay the 
fee. There may also be scope to extend the target response date by a reasonable period if 
there is to be an application of the public interest test. 
Please note that the contents of your recent enquiry and our forthcoming response are also 
subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  Homes and Communities Agency may be 
required to disclose your request and our response accordingly. 
Yours sincerely  
Catherine Moran 
Information Access Officer 
Homes and Communities Agency 
Homes and Communities Agency, Central Business Exchange II 
Catherine Moran 
414-428 Midsummer Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 2EA 
0300 1234 500