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Re-Completion Application
WONS/10944/0/RC/1 Version 1
LR/24- 4
WONS/10944/0/RC/1 Version
LR/24- 4
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Elevation (ft)
Are you going to recomplete the wellbore to enable stimulation?
○ Yes
◉ No
Anticipated perforation intervals
Portland Sandstone
Kimmeridge Limestone 4 (KL4)
Kimmeridge Limestone 3 (KL3)
Kimmeridge Limestone 2/1 (KL2/1)
Backgroud summary: objectives, justification and decision
The Portland Sandstone, KL4 and KL3 formations were perforated, completed and
tested in 2016. The current re-completion is to carry out longer term testing to assess
commerciality of these formations for production.
The KL2/1 formation would be a new exploration perforation interval, based on the
similar interval in the recent Broadford Bridge-1z well testing.
PI: Portland Sandstone
Is the reservoir target in this perforation interval conventional?
◉ Yes
○ No
Upper Jurassic
WONS/10944/0/RC/1 Version
LR/24- 4
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