This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Horse Hill request for information'.

Oil & Gas Authority
21 Bloomsbury Street
London WC1B 3HF

28th March 2018


Confirmation of Planning Permission

Further to your letter of 26 March 2018 on this subject to
, the Horse Hil  Developments
Ltd (HHDL) Board of Directors hereby confirms that:

•  HHDL has planning permission in place to cover all of the operations and activities of the Horse
Hil -1  (LR/24-4)  re-completion  and  extended  well  test  for  which  we  have  sought  Oil  &  Gas
Authority (OGA) consent.
•  This  planning  permission  was  provided  by  Surrey  County  Council  on  1st  November  2017,
Application Number SCC 2016/0189.
•  The expiry date of the planning permission is 31st October 2020. The Horse Hil -1 re-completion
and extended well test wil  be completed long before this date.
•  HHDL is not aware of any disagreement with the planning authority as to whether permission
exists that covers the Horse Hil -1 extended well test operations.

Yours Sincerely,

Director Horse Hil  Developments Ltd

W: www.horsehil