4 March 2013 – Jobseekers required to use Universal Jobmatch

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

The Jobseekers required to use Universal Jobmatch (UJM)Press Release of today mentions having to "use" this Jobmatch site. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/newsroom/press-rel...

Please let me have asap copies of information that no Jobseekers Allowance (JA) mandated to use UJM will be required to >

*1* Create a Government Gateway (GG)account?
*2* Create a UJM account?
*3* Create a UJM profile?
*4* Upload their CV to Jobmatch?
*5* Give DWP access to any GG or UJM account?
*6* Use UJM as the only way to provide Jobsearch evidence for JSA entitlement conditionality?

How does the Jobcentre know>

*7* If a JSA claimant has registered on UJM?
*8* A JSA claimant has applied for a job only on UJM, if they have not given access?

Does a mandatory UJM JSA claimant have to:

*9* Apply for a job that is only on UJM and not externally?
*10* Register with every recruitment agency offering a suitable UJM advertised job?

What happens if advisers require use of UJM but the JSA claimant does not accept

*11* Cookies, for user tracking (original or third party)
*12* Java Script, for user tracking
*13* Web bugs/beacons (invisible user tracking images)
*14* Flash cookies, also known as "Local Shared Objects", for user tracking

when they use websites?

*15* Does being required to use UJM, only mean being required to anonymously search for jobs on it and not register an account?

Yours faithfully,
Ian Wolf

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Dear Ian Wolf

Attached is the response to your Freedom of Information Request -
Universal Jobmatch


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Mr Harris left an annotation ()

It is possible that while mandating to UJ is legal, it MAY be toothless - see https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/u...

adrian todd (Account suspended) left an annotation ()

This website controlled by DWP yes men.

As corrupt as the department we question?

Carl left an annotation ()

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