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Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 
2010 (as amended)

LICENCE - Mitigation 
Technical Services
Wildlife Licensing
This licence authorises acts that would otherwise be 
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offences under the above legislation
Temple Quay House
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Any request for information in this licence will be considered 
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under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and 
the Freedom of Information Act 2000 as appropriate. 
Natural England Ref:
Under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 (as amended) Natural England has 
granted this licence for Great crested newts for the purpose of: 
Imperative reasons of overriding public interest including those of a social nature, under 
section 53(2)(e)

Name (in full):
Mrs April Rafferty
Company Name:
FCC Environment
FCC Environment Limited
Calvert Landfill
Brackley Lane
MK18 2HF
Between the dates of:
28 September 2016
01 August 2025
Project Description: 
Construction of an in-vessel composting facility, as per Annex C3_Planning Permission 07/200000/
AWD (30 March 2007); amended by Planning Permission 10/20002/AWD (2 August 2010).
At (locations):
Site/Location Name
OS Grid Reference
Calvert Landfill Site - In-Vessel 
Composting Facility
CWM EPS 02/03/16 V3
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For the following Species; activities and methods: 
Species Common Name
 (Taxonomic Name)
Great crested newt
Capture; Damage resting 
By hand; Destructive search; Drift 
(Triturus cristatus)
place; Destroy resting 
fencing; Exclusion by temporary 
place; Disturb; Transport
amphibian fencing; Hand search
For the following licensable activities and maximum numbers: 
Permitted Species
Licensable Activity
Maximum Number
 Common Name 
Great crested newt
Damage resting place
Great crested newt
See Additional Condition for 
Destroy resting place
Great crested newt
See Additional Condition for 
Great crested newt
Not Specified
Great crested newt
The maximum number(s) stated in the above table refers to the maximum number of
individuals of the stated species that can be captured or transported under the terms of
this licence and the maximum number/s of resting places or breeding sites that can be
damaged or destroyed under this licence (if applicable). Maximum numbers cannot be
specified and do not apply to disturbance activities. Where applicable, please also refer to
the special conditions outlined in your licence Annex for further details on how this/these
maximum number(s) applies/apply to the activities permitted under your licence.
This licence is granted subject to the licensee, including servants and named agents, adhering
to the conditions and notes specified below and to the activities agreed in the Method
Statement, or Annex and Work Schedule, between the licensee and Natural England. The
Method Statement, or Annex, for the mitigation scheme is appended to this licence. The
following person is authorised to act on behalf of the licensee:
Consultant Name:
Mr R Edmonds
SLR Consulting Ltd
8 Parker Court,
Stafford Technology Park
ST18 0WP
Nicholas Hartley
28 September 2016
CWM EPS 02/03/16 V3
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(for and on behalf of Natural England)

This licence authorises acts that would otherwise be offences under the 
Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 (as amended). Any 
departure from the conditions relating to this licence may be an offence under that 

This licence conveys no authority for actions prohibited by any other legislation;

This licence can be modified or revoked at any time by Natural England, but this will 
not be done unless there are good reasons for doing so. The licence is likely to be 
revoked immediately if it is discovered that false information had been provided 
which resulted in the issue of the licence.

Bodies corporate and their directors/secretaries are liable for offences under the 
Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 (as amended).

The licensee is responsible for ensuring that operations comply with all terms and conditions of 
the licence.
While engaged in the activities to which this licence applies the licensee shall make a copy of 
the licence (including any Annex and Work Schedule if applicable) available for inspection on 
each site where the activities are taking place and shall produce it on demand to any constable 
or an officer of Natural England.
No agent of the licensee shall carry out any of the activities to which this licence (including any 
Annex and Work Schedule if applicable) applies unless authorised in writing by the licensee, 
appointing them the licensee's agent. The agent shall make a copy of the authorisation 
available for and shall produce it on demand to any constable or officer of Natural England.
The licensee must submit a written report of actions taken under the licence (including any 
Annex and Work Schedule if applicable), even if no action is taken, and send it to the Natural 
England officer at the address shown at the top of the report form, to arrive not later than 14 
days (two weeks) after the expiry of the licence. Failure to make reports may result in the 
licence being revoked and/or the refusal to grant subsequent licences. Please note some 
licences may have additional reporting requirements specified in an attached Annex.
It is a condition of the licence (including any Annex and Work Schedule if applicable) that any 
post development monitoring data (e.g. survey data and habitat assessment) including nil 
returns are submitted to Natural England to arrive no later than 14 days (two weeks) after the 
expiry of the licence or as specified in any Annex. Post development survey data (except nil 
returns) must also be sent to the relevant Local Biological Records centre within this time period.
A person authorised by the licensee shall provide him/her with such information as is within his/
her knowledge and is necessary for the report, which the licensee is required to make to Natural 
CWM EPS 02/03/16 V3
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The licensee shall permit an officer of Natural England, accompanied by such persons as he/
she considers necessary for the purpose, on production of his/her identification on demand, 
reasonable access to the site for monitoring purposes and to be present during any operations 
carried out under the authority of this licence for the purpose of ascertaining whether the 
conditions of this licence are being, or have been, complied with. The licensee shall give all 
reasonable assistance to an officer of Natural England and any persons accompanying him/her.
The licensee, including servants and named agents, must adhere to the activities; the 
licensable methods; the numbers per species (if relevant) and the timescales agreed between 
the Licensee and Natural England in the Method Statement or, if applicable, in the Annex and 
Work Schedule attached to the licence.
All activities authorised by this licence, and all equipment used in connection herewith shall be 
carried out, constructed and maintained (as the case may be) so as to avoid cruelty, 
unnecessary injury or distress to any species covered by this licence.
Methods used in connection with the execution of this licence must comply with the relevant 
published mitigation guidelines, unless otherwise agreed with Natural England.
Good practice and reasonable avoidance measures must be followed at all times.
All records are to be made available for inspection at any reasonable time by Natural England.
The licensee and named ecologist are responsible for all activities of the persons they have 
appointed in connection with this licence.
The ecologist named on the licence is authorised to appoint such persons in writing to enable 
them to handle Great crested newts for the specific task of relocating animals from pitfall traps 
and/or artificial refugia (e.g. carpet tiles) either to the opposite side of the exclusion fencing or to 
the receptor site, as appropriate. Those appointed persons will be classed as assistants and will 
only be covered by this licence if they have received appropriate training which includes the 
handling and welfare of the species. Such persons, who may be site staff or field workers are 
not required to hold individual Great crested newt licences and may work unsupervised. 
Persons appointed as assistants by the ecologist named on this licence will be required to 
produce on demand their written authorisation to a police constable or an officer of Natural 
It is a condition of this licence that you must have obtained prior consent from all landowners 
and/or occupiers before commencing any activities that are authorised by this licence.
Additional Condition(s): 
AC01 This licence permits the destruction of 0 breeding sites and in accordance with the licensed 
method statement.
AC02 This licence permits the damage of 0 breeding sites and in accordance with the licensed 
method statement.
AC03 This licence permits the damage of resting places (number not specified) and in accordance 
with the licensed method statement.
AC04 This licence permits the destruction of resting places (number not specified) and in accordance 
with the licensed method statement.
CWM EPS 02/03/16 V3
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Under Regulation 58(1) of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 (as 
amended), it is an offence to contravene or fail to comply with a licence condition. This includes 
all persons authorised to act under this licence.
Any person who provided a false statement or information to obtain this licence is guilty of an 
offence and may be liable to prosecution.
Please read the details of your licence carefully to ensure that you comply with it paying 
particular attention to the number and species licensed as this may differ to what was 
requested in your application.
If this licence has been issued as a result of a modification request then the licensed number 
excludes any animals or plants permitted to be captured/taken/disturbed/transported/etc. under 
your previous licence and this modified licence replaces your previous licence.
Additional Note(s): 
Additional Authorised Individuals
The additional authorised individuals listed below are also authorised to act under the terms and 
conditions of this licence:
CWM EPS 02/03/16 V3
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