This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Kingdom Services Group "Whistle Blower"'.


Date: 03/08/2018 
Response/Digest FOI:    8423 
Wrexham County Borough Council does hold some of the information 
Kingdom Services Group "Whistle Blower" 
In relation to the following article released this evening by the Liverpool Echo. Please 
see the below link for clarity.
1.  Could you confirm that you have read the article? 
The Streetscene Manager has confirmed that he has read the article. 
2.  Could you confirm that the Enforcement officers employed by Kingdom are 
not being paid a bonus of £5 if they issue 5 FPNs and £5 for every 
subsequent FPN issued beyond 5 for the duration of each working shift?   
Information is not held. 
3.  Could you confirm that all Kingdom employees have been employed on full 
contracts and do not have zero-hour contracts working on behalf of the local 
Information is not held. 
4.  Could you confirm whether Kingdom Service Group recognises the union 
and whether their employees are given the option of joining a union when 
commencing employment? 
Information is not held. 
5.  Could you confirm whether the local authority will allow Kingdom Services 
Group to use Flexi-Workers (again zero hour contracts)? 
Information is not held. 
6.  Could you confirm the date your contract is due to expire with Kingdom 
Services Group? 
  11 May 2019 (with an option to extend by 12 months) 
Please note that where information is subject to copyright belonging to the Council, you will need to 
obtain the permission of the Council to re-use it for purposes other than private study or non-
commercial research. The Council may charge for re-use. Where third party copyright material is 
disclosed, you must obtain permission to re-use from the copyright holders concerned.