This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Hydraulic Fracture Plan - Consolidated Onshore Guidance Nov 2017'.

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Ada Zaffina 
By email to: 
17 July 2018 
Dear Ms Zaffina, 
Thank you for your email of 23 May 2018 in which you requested: 
  “I refer to the OGA's Consolidated Onshore Guidance issued in November 2017 
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bFNCcwzcBALEiMKpE4%2FECq%2FY%3D&reserved=0) : 
1. According to the guidance HFP is required for any fracking operation. Can you please define what this means and 

whether it includes acid fracking and/or matrix acidising (both are stimulation methods and distinct from acid wash)? 
2. On 12th October 2017 you issued completion consent for Brockham BRX4Z sidetrack. BRX4Z has not been completed 

yet. If the operator of the site plans to carry out hydraulic fracturing that is below the volumes of associated hydraulic 
fracturing, wil  you require a fresh completion application including a HFP, or is the document already in place (dated 12 
Oct 2017) sufficient? 
3. Has a HFP been submitted for Brockham in the last 6 months? 

4. How many HFPs have been submitted across the South East of England in the last 6 months? I'd like to request copies 

of relevant documents.” 
Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding.  The need for a HFP and, if one is required 
its content, depends on the specific work proposed for a well completion. The best way to answer 
your questions would be by referring you to Chapter 7 (Hydraulic Fracture Plan Guidance) from the 
Consolidated Onshore Guidance (Pg. 31), the link to which was included in your request, where there 
is a diagram that shows examples of where a Hydraulic Fracture Plan (HFP) would be required. 
Where the OGA grants approval for a proposed Programme of Completion Work, this includes a 
Condition “(2) that a separate application is required for any activity not specifically covered by this 
approval, including hydraulic fracturing operations, for which the approval of a Hydraulic Fracture Plan 
would be required”, this was included in the approval given to Angus Energy Limited on 12th October 
2017 for a Programme of Completion Work for Brockham X4Z (LR/24-X4Z) which did not include 
fracturing operations. 
You may not be aware that the Environment Agency publish HFPs on their website once received as 
part of their consultations (for example
kirby-misperton-information-page/supporting_documents/Hydraulic%20Fracture%20Plan.pdf). There have been no 
HFPs relating to licences in the south of England published in the past six months. 
Yours sincerely 
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