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Rance, Kevin
Christopher Wright
22 May 2018 10:50
Rance, Kevin
FW: Lower Hoddern Farm planning application LW/17/0226 - Comments upon 
ESCC Highways submission
Hi Kevin, 
This is the last of the three emails, dated 24 October 2017. 
Kind regards 
Christopher Wright MRTPI  
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From: Kal Kamboh []  
Sent: 24 October 2017 09:48 
To: Christopher Wright 
Subject: Lower Hoddern Farm planning application LW/17/0226 - Comments upon ESCC Highways submission 
Hello Chris,  
The GTA report that 
 refers to was as you know completed by them in response to the first 
submission of the TA and included recommendations on what we as HA should seek in a revised 
submission. While in the end there was much toing and froing the TA was improved and the matters raised 
by GTA addressed. As a result is ESCC has agreed highway works on the East Sussex part of the network. 
The junction at Rottingdean is a matter for Brighton and Hove CC who have also been consulted as 
neighbouring authority. 
It is also important to note that the planning policy for this site development requires the developer to 
mitigate any traffic impact (i.e. achieve nil detriment on the network). In accordance with NPPF we cannot 
require them to address existing transport issues. The highway works and improvements to bus services, 
other accessibility measures and Travel Plan will be put in place to achieve “nil detriment”. Therefore, the 
important section of my report is that which sets out the criteria for the Travel Plan monitoring: 
1)  Establish pre-construction baseline flows on the A259 at agreed points on said road, identifying bus
passenger numbers and vehicle flows 
2)  Establish baseline flows at main junctions onto the A259 in Peacehaven, identifying bus passenger
numbers and vehicle flows 
3)  Continued monitoring on an annual basis at agreed survey points for at least 5 years after last
occupation of final phase, or at defined levels of site development build-out 
4)  To have a financial bond up to the sum of £450,000 secured within the s106 should the STS/Travel
Plan not achieve the agreed objectives to fund additional measures to be agreed and include, though
not exclusively, bus tickets, cycle training/maintenance, resident meetings, shopping delivery

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