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Freedom of Information Request  387-18 
Please can you assist me with the following for Ipswich Train Station: 
1.  How many bicycle thefts have been reported at Ipswich Station from January 

2018 - April 2018? 
a)  external secure store 
b)  internal secure store 

2.  How many of these thefts have been resolved by access to CCTV? 
3.  How many of these thefts were not resolved as a result of CCTV not being non-

4.  For how long / what duration was the CCTV on site non-operational? 
5.  Who is investigative lead for criminal organisation negligence for BTP? (ie 

faulty CCTV --> false assurance to paying customers --> ongoing theft = 
criminal negligence). 

6.  Who provides public liability insurance for the Ipswich site? 
7.  Who is the BTP member involved in processing and authorising public liability 

With regard to Questions 1(a), 1(b), 2 & 3 of your request there have been three cycle 
thefts recorded between 1st January 2018 and 27th March 2018. Our systems do not 
specify the specific location where the cycle was stolen from for these three crimes. 
CCTV footage was obtained for one of the thefts; however British Transport Police 
officers were unable to view the footage due to formatting issues. 
For the further two offences, CCTV footage was not requested or viewed as these 
crimes have been evaluated against current force policy screening guidelines. In these 
instances the criteria for CCTV enquiries has not been met based on the length of the 
offence time frame and value of property, so British Transport Police does not hold any 
information on the operational status of the systems. 
For question 5 of your request, there is no such post within British Transport Police of 
Investigative lead for criminal organisational negligence. 
British Transport Police does not procure public liability insurance in accordance with 
train stations as this would be a matter for the respective Train Operating Company. 
Concerning question 7 of your request, if there are claims made against British Transport 
Police then the Force Claims Manager processes such claims as part of their role. 
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