This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'PhD studentship cost centre'.

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Ms Cathy Darling 
Correspondence via e-mail to: 
5th March 2018 
Dear Ms Darling, 
Freedom of Information Act Request 2018/039
Thank you for your email dated 8th February 2018 requesting information about City, University 
of London, made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. For ease of 
reference, your questions are reproduced below in bold followed by our responses.  
Which cost centre at City University of London holds the circa £16,000 per annum 
PhD studentship bursaries? What is the name of the individual responsible for this 
particular cost code and budget allocation? 

Our response: 
We have withheld the information requested in reliance on Section 43 (2) (Commercial 
Interests) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 
We consider this information to be commercially sensitive and that disclosure may harm 
City’s commercial interests. Section 43 (2) is a qualified exemption and so subject to the 
public interest test which follows. We recognise that it is in the general public interest for 
City, University of London to publish as much information as possible about its financial 
affairs. This could increase public understanding and trust in City’s decisions. However, the 
higher education sector is competitive in respect of attracting students, recruiting and 
retaining academic staff and developing new funding opportunities or revenue streams often 
in partnership with the private sector. We consider that disclosing actual cost centre which 
holds circa £16,000 per annum PhD studentship bursaries would harm our commercial and 
strategic interests. City, University of London must be able to protect commercially sensitive 
information where disclosure would allow its competitors to undermine its commercial 
interests. Having considered the public interest test, we feel that the general public interest is 
satisfied with the information published on our website at: Therefore, we have 
decided to withhold the information requested. However, please note, Student bursaries are 
issued by all Five Schools at City. 
We have also withheld the name of the individual responsible for this particular cost code and 
budget allocation under section of Section 40 (2) of the Act. Information available under Data 
Protection Act 1998. 
FOI exemption Section 40 (2) provides an absolute exemption for personal data which then 
falls to be dealt with under the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal data of third parties can be 
disclosed only in accordance with the data protection principles. In particular, the first data 
protection principle requires that disclosure must be fair and lawful and must comply with one 
of the conditions in Schedule 2 of the Data Protection Act. We do not think that it is fair to 
disclose the information requested, members of staff would have had no expectation that their 
names and or budget responsibility details would be released into the public domain and to 
do so without their consent would be unfair and so unlawful under the first principle of the Data 
Protection Act.  
If you are dissatisfied with the way your request for information has been managed, please 
contact the Director of Information Technology at:   
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Director of Information Technology 
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Please do so in writing, describe the original request, explain your grounds for dissatisfaction 
and include an address for correspondence.   
If after contacting City, University of London you are still dissatisfied with the outcome, you 
have a right of appeal to the Information Commissioner:  
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Information Commissioner's Office 
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Yours sincerely, 
Saidu Sesay 
Information Compliance Officer