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Learning Pathways 
Directory of Services

Page No. Facility
Your Learning Pathways Coordinator
Newcastel-under-Lyme College (Ofsted 
Introduction to the service
Alpha Learning
Pace Independent Special School 
Cheshire Alternate Provision School
(Ofsted registered)
Peak Education
Diamond Families
Phoenix U16 Independent School
PM Training
E.Quality Training Limited
Serenity Farm Project
Gareth Coles Farm Ltd
Sporting Stars Academy
IN-tuition Holistic Education
Stoke-on-Trent City Council Grounds  
Kreative Fioundations
and Parks
Martec Training & Independent School
Stoke on Trent College
Nacro Longton
Unity School
Nisai Learning
Unity Recipe for Success
Wichmore tutors
Your Learning Pathways 
Student Support
The role of the Flexible Learning Worker has 
Each student will be allocated a coordinator 
evolved into that of a coordinator who will work 
who will work directly to promote high levels of 
in partnership with relevant agencies to ensure 
participation, attendance and engagement.
prompt reintegration to the education system, 
providing a holistic package of support.
Your allocated support worker will provide:-
•  Social Care
•  Home visits
•  Education Welfare Service
•  Support into placements
•  Family Support
•  Regular contact
•  Careers Service
•  Pathway Planning
•  CAMHS and Young Mind
•  Progress Monitoring
•  Youth Offending Service
•  Attendance Monitoring
•  STAR Team
•  Post 16 support with an allocated worker
•  Young Peoples Drug Project/ T3
•  Base 58
Service contact:
•  Dove Service
•  Police
Sarah Bond: Lead for Learning Pathways
•  Sexual Exploitation Team
People Services: Learning Services
•  Youth Service
T: 01782 232399

The Learning Pathways Service underwent an independent review in June 2015, where the importance of 
the Learning Pathways Coordination (previously Flexible Learning Worker) was highlighted
The role of the Flexible Learning Workers is 
The simplest endorsement offered for the 
pivotal. They provide a broad range of support  quality of communication – already rated 
to students embracing education welfare 
highly during the referral process, as indicated 
and educational social worker functions. In a 
above – was that “there is always somebody 
system of varied provision, they are a unifying 
at the end of a ‘phone”. There was a 
factor, able not only to provide close individual  briskness about the support to students in the 
support but also to take a broad comparative 
programme that was valued. 
view of providers. Contributors to the review 
were clear that they embodied a “can-do” 
The role of the Flexible Learning Workers in 
attitude: accessible and quick to address any 
providing a degree of independent advocacy 
difficulties experienced by students. The way 
for students was a facet appreciated by 
in which their role unifies what might otherwise  several contributors. 
be functions delivered by different services 
gives represents a firmly unified and non-
The role of the professional support to 
bureaucratic mode of support 
providers from the local authority is of central 
importance. The combination of the Flexible 
From the perspective of providers to Learning  Learning Workers with a highly-respected 
Pathways, their contribution in supporting 
Learning Pathways Lead allows support to 
placements allowed providers to focus on           planning, attendance, progress-monitoring and 
the quality of education provided, confident 
social support that is of a high order. This is a 
that attendance and social problems 
distinctive feature of the Stoke arrangements.
negatively bearing on students would be 
swiftly addressed. 
Paul Copping, Consultant registered 
OFSTED inspector and Education Advisor
The regular review of planning and progress 
June 2015
for each student that the Flexible Learning 
Workers convene was valued by all 
contributors to the review. The six-weekly 
interval was considered suitably frequent and 
the attention to progress diligent. 

Provider Name: Alpha Learning
Curriculum Offer: 
To provide the highest quality of education in 
a safe and positive environment, within which 
The following subjects will taught: 
every young learner can flourish and achieve their 
GSCE Maths 
potential. We aim to create  a nurturing environment  GCSE English
in which personalised packages of education can 
GCSE Preparation for Working Life
be formed to meet individual needs. Teaching and 
GCSE Religious Studies
learning within Alpha Learning, aims to ensure 
BTEC Sport Level 1-2 
high standards are met, to produce high levels 
Entry 3 - Level 2 Functional Skills Maths
of attainment within learners.  We aim to provide 
Entry 3 - Level 2 Functional Skills English
pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum to 
ensure their continued development whether it be 
All learners in Year 10 – 11 will also be provided 
in further education, reintegration into mainstream 
with our Employability Package including the 
education or into employment.
following courses
We aim to engage all of our learners with a varied 
First Aid in the Workplace Level 2
and creative curriculum. All lessons take place 
Manual Handling Level 2
within a positive learning environment and a 
Fire Safety Level 2
small group setting, ideal for implementation of 
IT safety and display screen Level 2
personalised learning.  Though the medium of 
BTEC Working Skills
sport, we aim to engage learners both excluded or 
Customer Services Level 2
at risk of exclusion as well as helping them develop  Conflict Management Course 
self discipline, self esteem and self worth. 
Our curriculum also includes weekly PHSE lessons 
Our qualified and dedicated staff, have a wide 
and weekly cross curricular topic taught with an 
range of experience suited to working with young 
emphasis on humanities.
people. As an inclusive provision, we welcome 
learners of all abilities and strive to help them 
Delivery Location(s) 
progress vocationally and educationally to develop 
them as responsible and well rounded individuals.
Alpha Learning Staffordshire, Gitana Street, 
Hanley, Stoke on Trent ST1 1DY

Service User Description:
Young people referred to Alpha Learning will have 
Capacity: 25 places per day
experienced a wide range of difficulties both 
inside and outside of education. Many will be at 
Transport: Can be organised.
risk of social and or educational exclusion. Most 
young people attending Alpha Learning, will have 
experienced severe disruption in their educational 
progress due to social, emotional and behavioural 
difficulties. Some students may be suffering from 
low self esteem, lack of motivation or attachment 
Learner placement
Covering the full curriculum 
£90+VAT per student per day

Provider Name: : Cheshire Alternative Provision School 
(Ofsted Registered)

one support, extra support will also be offered to 
Our Aim is to provide high quality education and 
SEN/EAL pupils. All learners who attend CAPS will 
pastoral care to 11-16 year old students who 
have the opportunity to work towards GCSEs and 
struggle within the mainstream education system. 
a range qualifications from functional skills entry 
We work with students on a one to one basis and/
level through to Levels 1 & 2, AQA and ASDAN short 
or in small groups. We work with families, schools 
courses, ensuring that their full academic potential 
and other agencies to promote effective inclusion 
is achieved (subject availability is dependent on 
of all students in mainstream schooling, to ensure 
student selection). 
they achieve their full potential and provide a full 
academic and alternative education for those 
CAPS offer enrichment to all students, which will 
students who cannot, for any reason, access a 
include outdoor activities, trips, creative, artistic and 
mainstream education full time.
physical opportunities and much more. This will help 
students to work in teams to improve their social 
Service User Description:
and communication skills which will in addition help 
them improve and assess their own attitude and 
 We focus on individual needs within a safe, friendly  behaviour.
and nurturing environment. Our aim is to encourage 
independence, promote self-worth and enable 
As part of the alternative therapy programme we 
access back into the mainstream setting for the 
offer to our pupils, our provision includes: 
majority of our students. However, for those who 
Boxing, Fitness, Strength and Resistance Training 
prefer to remain within the CAPS setting, we will 
by Michael William (a physical alternative to anger 
ensure they achieve GCSE based and alternative 
management), the newly crowned BABB Winner, 
curriculum success. 
(British Amateur Bodybuilding Champion May 
2017) on the 1st floor of our building, including 
We will release potential in all our students to 
shower facilities.  Judo and Meditation taught as 
enable them to succeed in both education and life 
de-escalation discipline, therapeutic, Meditational 
in a confident and happy way.
and Fitness Yoga, Contemporary, Urban and Street 
Dance classes, swimming lessons and swimming 
All our teaching staff are qualified teachers; we 
also have extra support for EAL pupils. We have a 
qualified SENCo for all our learning difficulties. We 
Congleton Rugby Union Football Club provides 
provide one to one support for students struggling 
us our open space areas in the form of their rugby 
in any subjects. We have a Health & Safety Co-
playing field, 30 seconds walk from CAPS.
ordinator who is responsible for overseeing our Risk 
Assessments and ensuring correct measures are 
CAPS leads a ‘Horticultural Community Outreach 
put in place to monitor and minimize risks. All staff 
Project’ that is linked to St John’s Community 
possess an enhanced DBS disclosure.
Centre to improve the green areas of Congleton, 
Core Curriculum Offer: 
Macclesfield and surrounding areas of Cheshire 
At CAPS we offer a range of academic and 
vocational courses. GCSEs will be offered in core 
Finally CAPS operates an in-house ‘Motor Vehicle 
curriculum subjects as well as optional subjects 
Technology Project’ where students have the 
such as Preparation for working life, Careers, PSHE, 
opportunity to learn how to strip and rebuild a 
Art, Applied Science and PE. Personalised learning 
vintage ‘café racer’ motorbike. Leading to displaying 
sessions are built into the school time table, allowing  the ‘CAPS café racer’ at classic motorbike 
students to work in small focus groups in order to 
shows within the borough so students are able to 
cater for their specific needs including literacy and 
experience the appreciation of their hard work by 
enthusiasts and professionals alike.
All students are taught in groups based on their 
ability and age, allowing them to receive the support 
that they require. In addition to individual one to 

12 Week Pupil School Ready 
Non FSM pupil can buy lunch 
£40 per day 60 days.
at a cost of £2.20 or bring a 
FSM pupils: £2,532inc Lunch
packed lunch in.
Non FSM pupils: £2,400 
 2 Pupils split school year 
1 Full School Year placement 
£40 per day over 190 day 
can be split by 2 pupils, so 
school year.
1 pupil can do 3 days and 
FSM pupils:£8,018
another pupil can do 2 days.
Non FSM pupil can buy lunch 
Non FSM pupils: £7,600
at a cost of £2.20 or bring a 
packed lunch in.

1 pupil school year placement
Non FSM pupil can buy lunch 
£40 per day over 190 days.
at a cost of £2.20 or bring a 
FSM pupils:£8,018
packed lunch in.
Non FSM pupils: £7,600
12 Week LAC/SEN Pupil School  Non FSM pupil can buy lunch 
£55 per day 60 days.
Ready programme
at a cost of £2.20 or bring a 
FSM pupils: £3,432 inc Lunch
packed lunch in.
Non FSM pupils: £3,300
2 LAC/SEN Pupils Split school 
1 Full School Year placement 
£55 per day over 190 day 
year Placement
can be split by 2 pupils, so 
school year.
1 pupil can do 3 days and 
FSM pupils:£10,582
another pupil can do 2 days.
Non FSM pupil can buy lunch 
Non FSM pupils: £10,450
at a cost of £2.20 or bring a 
packed lunch in.

LAC/SEN Pupil full school year  Non FSM pupil can buy lunch 
£55 per day over 190 days.
at a cost of £2.20 or bring a 
FSM pupils:£10,582
packed lunch in.
Non FSM pupils: £10,450
EHCP Pupil - full school year 
Non FSM pupil can buy lunch 
£79 per day over 190 days.
at a cost of £2.20 or bring a 
FSM pupils:£15,428
packed lunch in.
Non FSM pupils: £15,010
Delivery Location(s) 
Cheshire Alternative Provision School (CAPS), 
Transport: Unfortunately Cheshire Alternative 
Unit 1/2 Lower Park St Mill, Lower Park Street, 
Provision School cannot currently provide transport, 
Congleton, CW12 1EH.
however as you can see from our pricing we have 
tried to offset the cost of transport against our 
Capacity: 50 students
highly competitive rates.

Provider Name: CREATED Academy
Core Curriculum Offer: 
CREATED Academy is a provider of alternative 
•  BTEC First Sport  Level 1 & 2                                     
education offering academic and vocational 
•  BTEC  First  Sport  &  Active  Leisure  Level  1                                     
courses in specialised subjects: Sport, 
•  BTEC Creative Digital Media Production  Level 1 
Photography, Art and Design, Creative Media & 
Music for young people aged 11-16.
•  BTEC Creative Digital Media Production                           
Level 2 Cert
CREATED has been established to push the 
•  BTEC  First  Award  -  Music    Level  1  &  2                                                   
boundaries of what is possible in the learning 
•  BTEC  Specialist  Qualification  -  Photography                    
experiences for young people, meeting their 
Level 1 & 2
academic and individual needs. We specialise in 
•  BTEC  First  -  Art  and  Design    Level  1  &  2                                              
subjects such as Construction and Production of 
•  BTEC Specialist Qualification – Fashion and 
Music, Creative Media, Sports Coaching and more 
Clothing    Level 1
delivered by high quality experienced tutors and 
practitioners who have a wealth of knowledge and 
Key Stage 3 Students Foundation Courses Years 
teaching expertise. 
8 & 9
Students will experience an introduction to the BTEC 
The programme will be mainly practical, hands on 
level subjects at a foundation level. Arts Awards will 
learning, giving the students the skills they need to 
be delivered at Bronze and Silver level across a wide 
find the right path on to sustained learning, further 
range of arts subjects.
education and work, in a positive, creative and safe 
AQA Unit Award Scheme – Example Units
•  Introduction to Music Technology
Students at CREATED will be given the opportunity 
•  Introduction to DJing  
to engage with local communities, schools and 
•  Introduction to Leading a Sports Session
outreach projects through work experience and 
•  Leadership Skills
volunteering opportunities with local businesses 
•  Filming and Editing an Animation 
and youth projects. They will gain important and 
•  Basic Film Making Skills
transferable skills, knowledge & confidence in 
Arts Award Level 1 & 2 (Bronze & Sliver)
specialist sports coaching, youth work, business 
Arts Awards can be continued by students post age 
enterprise, music project management and film 
16 moving on to the Level 3 (Gold) Award.
Delivery Location(s) 
Service User Description:
CREATED Academy Stafford Street, Hanley, 
Students referred to CREATED are likely to have 
Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 1JQ.
been permanently excluded from their school, be at 
risk of exclusion from school or have a number of 
CREATED Academy is based at Soniq Studios in 
behavioural/attendance issues.  
the City Centre situated next to Hanley bus station.
Capacity: up to 14 students
Transport: CREATED is located 100 yards from 
Hanley bus station and accessible by 1 bus from 
anywhere in the City.
Breakfast & lunch provided
£80.00 per day
Breakfast & lunch provided
£80.00 per day
Breakfast & lunch provided
£95.00 per day

Provider Name: Diamond Families
Our vision aligns with that of the Stoke on Trent 
Diamond Families community interest company is a  children, young people and family plan for 2016-
dual education and therapeutic centre for Children, 
2020 and our strategic plan outlines how our 
Parents and Professionals working with children.  
service champions the priorities and can be 
All of our profits are reinvested back into the service  accessed from our main office. Our service is 
and local community specifically to improve mental 
currently providing guidance to local schools to 
health and wellbeing.
develop their own Health and wellbeing policies to 
support Staff and Students.
“We recognise that that families are forever just like 
Diamonds, precious, high maintenance and need 
Service User Description:
intricate skills to help care for them.” We focus on 
Any child or family suffering barriers to learning or 
increasing emotional intelligence, improving well-
community life. Our bespoke approach can be short 
being and re engagement back into education. 
or long term with the ultimate aim of supporting 
We are part of the CAMHS in schools model and 
integration and reaching  potential.
specialise in evidence based programmes to 
prevent or to help overcome depression, anxiety, 
Curriculum Offer: 
Solution focused consultation
One session
Out reach tuition
One hour
1 hour re engagement or 
One hour 
Family intervention

Per session
Wellbeing out reach 
Tailored to the childs needs incorporating life 
skills, travel training, home learning, cooking, 
per annum
(3 x1-1 per week 2 x virtual )
anxiety management programmes – can include 
educational assessments if requested

Motivation and improved mental health through 
Science, technology, emotional  the use of STEM. 1 session a week for 8 weeks in 
health, Art, Maths 

the beautiful location of Etruria industrial museum. 
(upto 10 students)
(transport can be subsidised)
Staff workshops
Friends resilience, improving emotional health, 
Price on 
teaching the “unteachable”
Sparkle by design
Emotional health workshop using craft and design  £250
(Staff, students or parents)
as a way of releasing unwanted feelings to make 
space for a sparkling future

Parent  intervention and parent  Per session
Delivery Location(s) 
20, Rosslyn Road, Longton, ST3 4JD      

Provider Name: Encore
each student.  We also are able to offer a ‘Middle’ 
Our core mission at Encore is to ensure that young 
year’s curriculum for Year groups 7 and 8 as part 
people are given the skills and the foundations that 
of the Local Authority strategy to continue to raise 
they need to re-engage with mainstream education.   the standards of Education across the City.  The 
EnCore provides bespoke programmes of 
curriculum is devised at an induction meeting and 
personalised learning which are underpinned with 
will include discrete Literacy, Numeracy and ICT 
a commitment to getting young people back into 
alongside integrated Project work and a programme 
mainstream education or specialist provision.  We 
of individualised pastoral welfare.  Our aim is 
provide the opportunity to develop a wide range of 
to reintegrate back into mainstream and we will 
social and emotional skills alongside qualifications 
provide referring schools with a programme of 
that compliment mainstream education.
support.  ‘Middle’ year students are placed for a 
minimum of one term and will be re-integrated at 
Service User Description:
point of readiness after this period.   
EnCore is welcoming of referrals for students who 
are facing barriers to their learning in a mainstream 
Enrichment Activities: 
setting and have had fixed term exclusions who 
At Encore we run a half termly timetable of 
are at risk of permanent exclusion.  We offer small 
enrichment activities, including outdoor activities, 
group sizes in which to rebuild confidence and 
design and technology and martial arts, provided by 
motivation and look to enhance their strengths.  
a fully qualified martial arts teacher.
A team of trained teachers and support staff, 
including a Cognitive Behavioural therapist, work 
Delivery Location(s) 
tirelessly to ensure students at EnCore achieve 
positive outcomes.
Chelson Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent 

Curriculum Offer: 
We offer GCSE Maths, Science, English and 
The building is fully compliant with all health and 
Literature, at Level 1 and 2, as these qualifications 
safety legislation and all staff have undergone 
will support the students in their next phase of 
enhanced DBS checks.
education. We also offer vocational qualifications 
Design and Technology, construction and 
Capacity: 16 learners maximum per day ‘upper’ 
engineering and ICT application of Skills (BCS Level  years and 16 for ‘Middle’ years.  
2 Certificate).  These qualifications are available for 
‘upper’ year groups 9-11.    We also offer a full suite  Transport: All KS4 students are expected to make 
of national curriculum subjects for KS3. Students 
their own travel arrangements to EnCore, with the 
will experience project and topic based learning 
support of the referring school as appropriate.  
built around individual and team competencies. The  Arrangements can be made to support the 
curriculum aims to serve the particular needs of 
transport of ‘middle’ year students.
Tier 1
Basic Daily rate applied = £85.00
Basic Half day rate applied  = £70.00
Tier 2
Requiring additional age-appropriate  Basic Daily Rate + Counselling = £90.00
Basic Half Day Rate + Counselling = £75.00
Tier 3. 
Requiring additional below age-
1.5 x Basic Daily Rate + Counselling = £135.00
appropriate support/intervention
1.5 x Half Day Rate + Counselling  = £112.50
Tier 4. 
Referred for an Education, Health and  1.75 x Basic Daily Rate + Counselling = £157.50
Care Plan (EHC)
1.75 x Half Day Rate + Counselling = £131.25
Tier 5
Education, Health and Care Plan 
2 x Basic Daily Rate + Counselling = £180.00
(EHC) in place
2x Half Day Rate + Counselling = £150.00

Provider Name: E.Quality Training Limited
Our Alternative Provision programme offers a 
Our experienced tutors ensure that all learners 
range of vocational and sector specific 
benefit from a positive learning environment and 
qualifications, alongside functional skills, GCSEs 
ensure the needs of all learning styles are met 
and pastoral support.
through the variety of activities on offer.
Qualification Title
Qualification Level
Qualification Size
BTEC Caring for Children
Entry 3 Level 1
Preparing to Work in Health and Social Care 
Level 2
BTEC Vocational Certificate [a generic qualification  Entry 3 Level 1
of tasters in different sectors]
Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector
Level 1
Level 2
Functional Skills Mathematics
Entry 1,2,3 Level 1 and 2 Award
Functional Skills English
Entry 1,2,3 Level 1 and 2 Award
Functional Skills Information and Communication 
Entry 1,2,3 Level 1 and 2 Award
GCSE English and Maths
1 or 2 GCSEs 
Examples of personalised Alternative Provision Programmes
[Other bespoke programmes can be arranged for small groups]
3 days per week attendance at  Pearson BTEC Entry 3/Level 1
Functional Skills:
an E.Quality Training Centre
Award/ Certificate / Diploma  in   Maths,  English, ICT
Caring for Children

2 days per week attendance at  VTCT Level 1
Functional skills/GCSE 
an E.Quality Training Centre
Award/ Certificate or Diploma 
delivered in school
in  Introduction to the Hair and 
Beauty Sector

3 days per week attendance at  Pearson BTEC Entry 3/Level 1 
an E.Quality Training 
Award/Certificate or Diploma in Maths, English
Vocational Studies
Progression Pathways to Level 2 Apprenticeships and Full-time Study Programmes for post 16
Delivery Location(s) 
Transport: Most students travel to our centres 
using local transport.
Newcastle under Lyme


Daily rate for Alternative Provision invoiced 
monthly in arrears: £52.50

Capacity: Alternative provision students may join 
post-16 groups on an individual basis, or can be 
accommodated in discrete groups of 8-10 students

Provider Name: Gareth Coles Farm Ltd
Service User Description:
Beechcliffe Farm is a working farm environment 
Beechliffe Farm are here to help and provide 
which provides enrichment activities for students 
support for students who are not making the 
who are at risk of exclusion or not engaging with 
expected level of progress on mainstream 
the mainstream curriculum at school. We offer a 
education and show an interest in the farming 
vast range of enrichment, farm-based activities 
industry. We find students relate well to farming 
and work experience through the farming year 
activities (often students who have no knowledge 
based on a 250 acre beef and sheep farm. These 
pf farming) and use this environment to develop 
include Lambing, Tractor driving (for those aged 
and enhance self-confidence and personal and 
over thirteen), fencing & forestry work and cooking. 
social skills. For some it can be the start to a 
Students are expected to take part in these and 
life long career and for others it can simply be a 
gain not only farming experience but also real 
learning opportunity to develop those skills that are 
life, personal and social development skills. For 
required as they move into further education and 
example, activities such as weighing and worming 
cattle and herding the animals can incorporate a 
range of learning opportunities for a student. These  Delivery Location(s) 
can include functional skills, estimating weights, 
reading scales in Ibs and kg in 5 unit increments, 
Beechcliffe Farm, Beechcliffe Lane, Beech, Nr 
calibrating the worming gun and calculating the 
Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, 
does rate ratios of 1:10. Other skills such as team 
building, communication, animal behaviour and 
body language are also developed with all learners.
Capacity: 10 pupils per session—available on 
Whilst we do not have set accredited qualifications, 
the students do follow a curriculum and structure 
Transport: Students make their own way to the 
based around the farming industry . Our best 
farm organised by the school
sessions at the farm are those that are student 
led and can include discussions and debates 
in the classroom and via practical work-based 
activities; this allows the students to learn and 
develop knowledge in areas which are relevant 
and interesting to them. The students are given the 
opportunity to develop portfolios to enhance CVs 
and display their work in preparation for post-16 
Farming is a great way for students to link in with 
a vast range of jobs as almost every industry has 
some links to agriculture. We encourage students 
to start to look at how skills learned on a farm can 
convert to everyday life and jobs. Unlike some 
sectors everyone in farming who wants a job can 
find one often with little or no qualification.
School Package KS3/KS4
Short / Long Term 
£45 per session—lunch 

Provider Name: IN-tuition Holistic Education 
provide the continuous nurturing support. We have 
In-tuition Holistic Education aims to educate 
Open Credit Network status and our learners will 
young people that have been identified as needing 
develop substantial portfolios for accreditation and 
an alternative and holistic educational pathway 
progressively work towards obtaining functional skill 
to reach their potential. Our provision offers a 
awards and levels, for core subjects and vocational 
nurturing and supportive environment whereby 
aspects of the curriculum. 
education and life skills can be enriched. 
Our provision is complimented by our onsite 
In-tuition also recognises that some of our 
therapeutic partner, Diamond Families which 
young people may not be able to access our site 
allows us to access psychological and therapeutic 
physically, therefore we have a virtual curriculum 
enhancement in striving to improve life chances for 
that can be fully accessed by those learners, 
our young people and their family. 
Service User Description:
Learners have regular access to a gym, with 
In-tuition provides personalised and nurturing 
programmes led by a fully qualified personal 
education for students 11- 16 years. We specialise 
trainer. Vocational days will also be part of our 
in working with complex young people that have 
learners experience, within a scout hut type facility 
suffered from trauma, anxiety and/ or depression 
that offers catering, first aid and team building 
and those who have emotional health or social 
difficulties. It is our aim, that through robust and 
creative assessment processes, creative and 
Our Business Enterprise scheme offers our 
innovative strategies; that we provide a platform 
learners experience within the possibilities of 
whereby young people can thrive and transition 
entrepreneurship. Learners will explore business 
successfully to their next educational or life stage. 
planning and product design in order to plan and 
The staff at In-tuition have an abundance of 
market their products on stalls at local markets and 
experience and a comprehensive skill set that 
craft fairs. 
compliments our curricula offer. All staff have the 
relevant qualifications for their role, as well as 
Delivery Location(s) 
enhanced DBS status and appropriate safeguarding 
20 Rosslyn Road Longton Stoke On Trent, 
ST3 4JD 

Curriculum Offer: 
Transport: Currently provided through referring 
In-tuition offers various personalised educational 
school / local authority or bus pass
packages. These comprise of a combination of 
‘ core ‘ subjects, including Maths, English, ICT 
and vocational study opportunities in Business 
Enterprise, Art and PSHE. Well- being and 
Enrichment programmes enhance our learners 
holistic educational experience and endeavour to 
Full Day ( EHCP) 
Full Day
One Session
Bespoke – in on roll school 
Tailored package to need.
Virtual Tuition 
X10 subjects per term/ year. Functional skills 
£2,000/ £5,000
Math, English, ICT assessments optional 

Provider Name: Kreative Foundations 
We will continually evaluate the needs and interests 
Kreative Foundations are an alternative education 
of the service user, providing adhoc training, 
and community development company. Our core 
activities and projects; providing valuable learning 
focus is to develop behavior, confidence and 
experiences through a supportive approach. 
community engagement for service users of all 
These activities will be completely bespoke to 
the individual, including real life work experience, 
support to achieve activities that may cause them 
We deliver our services through aspirational training,  unease and much more. Through said activities 
mentoring, project work and creative consultation, 
and training, Kreative Foundations will incorporate 
and offer a wide range of flexible Personal 
academic skills, which should demonstrate to 
Development Programmes. We also develop and 
service users how essential these skills are to 
deliver completely bespoke activities – creating 
their daily routines and heighten their self-belief; 
unique projects that really benefit the groups we 
demonstrating that they are more than capable of 
work with.
academic learning if they set their minds to it.
All of our programmes endeavour to support 
Once service users have reached a point that 
service users to reach their potential, personally 
they are able to take control of their current 
and professionally. We strive to change the mind 
circumstances in a more positive manner, with 
set of those who have become, or are becoming, 
a clear direction to continue their development, 
disengaged or disillusioned with various elements of  Kreative Foundations can continue their support 
their lives such as their communities, their academic  to re-engage service users into the education 
achievements, or their own self-belief; providing 
environment. If appropriate to do so, Kreative 
our services in a way that reignites creative and 
Foundations can work with the service user and the 
reflective thinking. Additionally we relish the 
school to reintegrate them into this environment, 
opportunity to support those who wish to further 
working with the service user during this time to 
their development and increase their skills, who 
develop learning and behaviour strategies to help 
want to go all-out to support their communities.
them flourish and work with staff.
Service User Description:
We also offer group self-esteem training 
On behalf of Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Kreative 
sessions, filled with interactive activities and open 
Foundations will provide one to one support to 
discussions. Sessions encourage service users to 
service users aged 11 and over, who have become 
think and collectively talk through their concerns 
disengaged and/or disillusioned with factors 
and problems, finding a better solution to overcome 
such as education, their communities, home life, 
social interaction or belief in themselves. Kreative 
Foundations will support users to boost their 
Delivery Location(s) 
confidence and develop a variety of skills - personal, 
social, academic or professional.
Kreative Foundations can deliver their services from 
the following locations:
Curriculum Offer: 
•  School based sessions
Kreative Foundations will initiate their support by 
•  YMCA, Hanley, Stoke on Trent (satellite site)
exploring ways to develop service users’ self-
•  Home sessions
esteem and social skills, through which we will 
endeavour to change their current restrictive views 
Users will be expected to make their own way to 
in order to move forward with a different, more 
sessions held at YMCA, Hanley.
reflective mind set and begin to develop an action 
plan for change. Ultimately, service users will be 
supported to take ownership of their current and 
•  1-2-1 support
future circumstances, and their progression.
•  Group training – maximum numbers 10
1-2-1 mentoring
£35 p/h
Group self-esteem training
3 - 5 half day sessions 
£125 per session (plus materials)

Provider Name: Martec Training & Independent School 
(Ofsted registered)

Edexcel Work-skills: Supports young people 
Martec Training offers an academic curriculum 
to develop and demonstrate a range of skills 
covering core and foundation subjects alongside 
recognises their personal achievements and helps 
motor vehicle, work-related learning and life skills. 
the students to manage their own learning and 
Part time work base learning courses, vocational 
develop their employability skills.
training and work experience are also available. 
The aim of the provision is to re-engage learners 
Functional skills: English, Numeracy and ICT all 
known to be at risk of dropping out of mainstream 
Entry 3—level 1.
All three strands develop previously acquired skills 
putting them into a functional context.
Martec’s mission statement is to remain one of the 
leaders in the field of motor industry training and 
Short Courses: 
establish a reputation for excellence across a wider 
Sex and Relationships: understanding of sex and 
range of disciplines.
relationship issues.
Roadwise: Understanding of the highway code, the 
Curriculum Offer: 
prevention of accidents and the cycle network of 
IMI Motor Vehicle: Assisted by our experienced 
motor vehicle tutors, students will have the 
opportunity to gain real practice skills in the 
Sports and Fitness: opportunity to take part in 
maintenance of a motor vehicle. Workshops will 
fitness activities and understand the importance of 
focus on maintenance and construction of a petrol 
a healthy lifestyle.
and diesel engine, the cooling system both air 
GCSE English 
and water cooled. The braking system dual, single 
GCSE Maths: 
circuit and mechanical and the range of suspension 
systems, independent, torsional and lead spring 
Access to Additional Courses/Opportunities: 
as fitted to a modern motor vehicle. Students will 
Martec offer specialist support for young people 
develop an awareness of what technical faults 
with additional learning needs by working in 
can occur within these systems and how to 
partnership with Staffordshire British Dyslexia 
remedy them during practical sessions focussing 
Association. Martec also offer child care nursery 
on component replacement. This will take the 
places via local Ofsted registered nursery’s.
form of practical assessments linked directly to 
the competence requirements of each individual 
Enrichment: Crash course, Residential, Arts & 
unit; each unit is designed to encompass both the 
Crafts, Cooking and extended work experience is 
practical and the theoretical elements so as to give 
available for students in many industries. 
the student a sound foundation on which to build a 
potential career.
Delivery Location(s) 
Engineering: Students will complete units towards 
London Road, Lyme Valley, ST5 1LZ
a level one award in engineering, emphasis will be 
placed on developing the students’ awareness on 
Capacity: 10 - 20 students
the importance of good H&S practice whilst in the 
workshop. Each unit is designed to develop the 
Prices: £85 per day, SEN £100
student’s skills in measuring, shaping and cutting, 
and also fabrication and welding. Throughout the 
course not only will the students learn and develop 
these new vocational skills , they will also develop 
skills such as self-evaluation and quality control, 
skills much in demand in today’s manufacturing and 
engineering industries.

Provider Name: Nacro Longton 
Curriculum Offer: 
To provide an alternative education programme to 
•  Construction Skills City & Guilds Accredited 
Years 10 and 11. We treat people as individuals 
•  Catering City &Guilds Accredited
so they can find a course that suits them. We offer 
•  Cycle Maintenance NOCN Accredited 
accredited qualifications in the following:
•  Sporting activities NOCN Accredited
•  Construction skills: this consists of woodwork, 
•  Personal Development NOCN Accredited
bricklaying, tiling and woodwork
•  English, Maths and IT City &Guilds Accredited
•  Catering: these courses take place in our 
bespoke training kitchen
•  Cycle Maintenance: A mix of theory and 
Delivery Location(s) 
practical based learning
•  Sporting Activities: Enrichment, Football , Gym ,  54 -58 Market Street, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent 
Basket Ball ,Boxing, Golf 
ST3 1BS            
•  English, Maths and IT courses are also available
Capacity: 10-12 students
Learners can attend Nacro between one and four 
days per week. 
Transport: Learners will have the use of a minibus 
to take them to all external activities. 
We also run a breakfast club which gives learners 
an opportunity to have a healthy start to the day 
Prices: £70 per day 
and interact with their peers.
Service User Description:
We work with young people who may:
•  find it difficult to focus and function within larger 
classroom settings
•  respond positively to a more flexible approach 
to education within smaller, informal groups
•  prefer a practical approach to learning which 
allows them to try out different things
•  be at risk of offending or have a history of 
•  be in the care system

Provider Name: :  Nisai Learning
and achieve.  Timetabling of lessons ensures 
Our mission is to deliver a high quality education 
structure for the pupil and maintains routine, whilst 
in order to ensure that every student is able 
differentiated lessons provide outcomes and 
to complete their education and earn real 
progress pathways to learners of different academic 
qualifications, regardless of the barriers they may 
abilities.   Reporting of attendance, behaviour and 
contribution ensures tracking of pupil engagement 
and progress as well providing the school with the 
Service User Description:
up to date information on each of their learners.  In 
We work with young people who may:
addition to academic progress, students can gain 
Nisai provides quality assured, live lessons, 
confidence and socialise with peers via the Nisai 
taught by qualified, subject specialists allowing 
Virtual Academy.  Here they have access to clubs 
students to engage with staff and peers through 
and societies within our well-being centre as well as 
a virtual classroom.  OFSTED rated as ‘Good’ 
becoming a member of a Nisai House where each 
(November 2014), Nisai offers youngsters the 
individual can earn house points and take part in 
opportunity to thrive and achieve on either short 
inter-house competitions.
or long term curriculums spanning across KS3 
– KS5.  Accessible from a PC or laptop, pupils 
With an Edubase listing of 10-25, Nisai offers a 
can participate in their learning from a variety of 
diverse range of courses, including academic 
and vocational routes.  All lessons are live but 
students can access recordings of their lessons for 
Nisai offers a flexible curriculum designed to 
consolidation purposes or as a catch up if lessons 
meet the needs of each individual and provides 
have been missed.
a path to allow the pupil to engage, progress 
Curriculum Offer: 
Course Name
Personal Skills
Internet Safety
3 hours
Study skills
10 weeks
ESOL – English for Speakers of another language 
24 weeks
Academic Skills
AS/A level courses
Academic Year
AS/A level English language
AS/A level English Literature
AS/A level Mathematics
AS/A level History
AS/A level Psychology
Level 3 ITQ
Academic Year

Academic Skills
GCSE English Language
1 and 2 year options
GCSE English Literature
2 year
GCSE Maths
1 and 2 year options
GCSE Core Science ***
1 year
GCSE Additional Science ***
1 year
GCSE Economics ***
1 year
GCSE Psychology ***
1 year
GCSE History
2 year
GCSE Geography
2 year
ITQ (Level 1 or Level 2)
1 year
Core Curriculum – Short Term Provision
Up to 6 weeks 
Transition Booster Courses (English and Maths)
10/20 weeks
Working skills
Functional Skills English an Maths
Academic Year
(Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2)
Employability (Level 2)
Academic Year
*** Enrolment deadlines apply
50 Nisai Learning Credits
Valid for 12 months
100 Nisai Learning Credits
Valid for 12 months
150 Nisai Learning Credits
Valid for 12 months
200 Nisai Learning Credits
Valid for 12 months
Delivery Location(s) 
Accessible from a wide variety of locations 
Varies dependent upon the curriculum selected, 
including School, College, Library, Hospital, Home  
(e.g. £1550 / Key Stage 3, GCSE, Functional Skill / 
Device requirements – Laptop
academic year)
•  Desktop
•  Tablet (Short Term Provision only)

Please contact Fiona Walker for further information.
•  WiFi or 3G dongle 
Capacity: 1,200
Transport: Not applicable

Provider Name: Newcastle-under-Lyme College 
(Ofsted registered)

Curriculum Offer: 
Newcastle-under-Lyme College offers provision to 
The majority of under 16s are on our Entry 3 / Level 
young people in year 10 and 11. The circumstances  1 programmes (see the following link to search for 
under which under 16s are referred to us are 
courses, for example select ‘entry level’ or ‘level 
varied and will be discussed on a case by case 
1’ . In 
basis. They can range from bullying, moved out of 
exceptional circumstances we have placed on level 
area, emotional / social concerns, mental health 
2 programmes but this has to be considered very 
/ health issues, poor attendance, behavioural, 
carefully in terms of their level of ability and future 
home schooled etc. We work with under 16s on 
progression routes. Entry 3 and level 1 programmes 
whatever issues they present with and we require 
include a wide range of subject pathways which 
a full disclosure of background so that we can be 
can be found in our College prospectus. Alongside 
successful in tackling any barriers to learning and/
the course they will also study Functional Skills 
or attendance. In addition, where a young person 
Maths and English at the level appropriate to them 
has SEN or is Statemented we would provide all 
(they will be assessed at the start of their course to 
necessary support (additional costs would be 
ensure they work towards the right level for them). 
attached – see below). We are keen to identify and 
In certain cases we can do English and Maths 
support any Looked after Children and the College 
GCSE but this is also assessed when they start 
holds a Buttle Quality Mark for work with LAC – 
and is dependent on set criteria. Please refer to 
see our webpage:
the College prospectus for all courses as we would 
consider each learner on a case by case basis. 
Delivery Location(s) 
Service User Description:
Under 16s may present with complex issues / 
Newcastle-under-Lyme College        
needs whether that be in terms of home life, Child 
Protection, SEN, behavioural issues, emotional / 
Capacity: We do not have a set limit for referrals
social needs. Whatever the level of need, support 
for each learner would be tailored and appropriate 
Transport: College does not provide transport 
to the individual.
costs. Any cost would need to be funded by the 
Local Authority / PRU
Full time programme (between  £5,000 per year for a full time 
15 – 18 hours per week which is  place
the equivalent to 3 full days)

Part time (part course / qual)
Pro-rata from the full-time cost
Additional Learning Support
Any level of additional learning  Dependent upon needs, to be 
support for Statemented 

discussed case by case

Provider Name: Pace Independent Special School 
(Ofsted registered)

Curriculum Offer: 
Pace is an independent special school and provider  Pace’s placement programme can be tailored, 
of alternative education welcoming young people 
and “creative packages” are available. Our range 
who have become disengaged from mainstream 
of qualifications and award schemes are set 
learning and/or those who have a statement of 
specifically to enable young people to participate 
special educational needs/ Education, Health and 
no matter how many days they are present—this is 
Care plan. 
a particularly helpful to mainstream schools when 
choosing where to place a pupil as the pupil will 
Most students that attend pace are in KS3 and 
often still attend their mainstream school as well as 
KS4 but their lessons aren’t restricted to the kind 
attending Pace. Students can study the following 
found in mainstream schools. From achieving 
GCSEs and key learning milestones to pursing 
ASDAN qualifications and enjoying extra-curricular 
GCSE English, GCSE Maths and GCSE ICT, GCSE 
activities, there is plenty to get young people 
Science both higher and foundation level 
motivated. Young people are taught in small groups;  Functional Skills Qualifications in English, Maths 
a typical group is four pupils with two members of 
and ICT.
staff supporting their individual needs. We can also 
provide one-to-on teaching where necessary.
ASDAN Qualifications and Awards are: Diploma in 
Pace is a non-denominational school for boys and 
Life skills, Employability Qualification, Certificate 
girls. We provide education without fear or anxiety 
in Career Planning, AOPE (Award of Personal 
in a well-structured environment with clear rules 
Effectiveness), Award/Certificate of Personal and 
and boundaries in place. All young people are 
Social Development, English for speakers of other 
encouraged to achieve and feel confident in their 
Languages, The Mathematics Award, The English 
abilities. Whether a student is part-time or full-time, 
Award, Citizenship, Enterprise, PSHE, Personal 
we aim to get them “back on track”, reviving their 
Finance, Sports and Fitness, Environmental Award, 
passion for life and learning.
Beliefs and Values, Animal Care, Leadership Award, 
Activities and Peer Tutoring, Football Award, 
Road wise, Sex and Relationships, Food wise, 
Service User Description:
International Award, Careers and Experiencing 
Pace has been making a positive difference to 
young people’s lives since it was founded in 2005. 
As well as providing a vital lifeline to those that have 
been excluded from school and those on the verge 
Delivery Location(s) 
of permanent exclusion, we also provide support 
to those at risk of exclusion or who may need extra 
Pace Independent Special School, Black Horse 
support with their mainstream school subjects.
House, 3 Porthill Bank Newcastle Under Lyme, 
Our school is set up to help pupils who have 
ST5 0LS        
become disengaged from their education, or 
young people who have found mainstream school 
Capacity: 30 students
a challenge. We assist students who are subject 
to statement of needs (EHC’S) and support 
Prices: £694.00 Per Week.
young people who are looked after. Our staff are 
experienced and equipped to help youngsters 
working through social, emotional and behavioural 
difficulties and have worked with a variety of 
students to overcome barriers to learning i.e poor 
attendance, EAL Students, young people who may 
be at risk of substance misuse, school phobia’s, 
travellers, new arrivals to the city/country, students 
with mental health issues, eating disorders etc. Pace 
aims to provide a quality service to all who pass 
through its doors.

Provider Name: : Peak Education
Delivery Location(s) 
To provide young people with opportunities to 
experience success in order for them to re-engage 
The primary sites for education delivery for peak 
in education and reach their academic potential.
education are the Shelton site and Gailey site.  The 
secondary site for delivery is Audley.
Service User Description:
Intensive Provision – for young people unable to 
Peak Education offers young people a unique 
engage in a group setting we provide transport and 
opportunity to mix classroom based learning with 
2 staff per day and can deliver anywhere within 
contextualised outdoor adventurous activities and 
enrichment activities. 
We also deliver our adventurous activities and off-
Our universal program works with up to 5 young 
site classroom days across Staffordshire, Cheshire 
people per day per group (maximum of 3 groups) 
and the Peak District. 
on a full or part time basis. These programs follow 
a fixed timetable of delivery across our suit of 
Audley is registered for a roll of 30 Year 1-6
Shelton is registered for a roll of 100 Year 7-13
Our intensive support program works with young 
Cannock is registered for a roll of 30 Year 7-13
people whose needs struggle to be met in group 
work situations, therefore a bespoke timetable with 
consistent staffing enables the young person to 
Alternative Provision does not include transport 
develop trusting relationships and work through 
into school but may include transport if the young 
their educational barriers to experience success. 
people are taken offsite for activities.
Intensive Provision includes all transport 
Curriculum Offer: 
•  Functional Skills English, Maths ICT from                
E1 – L2.
•  Life Skills with Sports Specialism E3 / L1 Award, 
Certificate and Diploma.
•  UKCC 1* / 2* and Paddlepower
•  National Navigation Award Bronze, Silver, Gold
•  Duke of Edinburgh Award Bronze, Silver
•  GB Archery awards
•  GCSE – Maths, English and ICT
Alternative Provision
Group Work – no transport 
£85 per day (Lunch included)
unless activity based – 
transport is then from School 
to activity only. 

Intensive Provision
Individually developed program  £300 per day
– 2 staff all transport


Provider Name: Phoenix U16 Independent School
Curriculum Offer: 
Phoenix U16 provides personalised learning 
GCSE English Language
pathways for young people leading to accredited 
GCSE English Literature
GCSE Mathematics
GCSE History
Each young person’s personal learning plan is 
GCSE Science
tailored carefully to allow achievement in line with 
BTEC Award/Certificate in Sport
expected progress based on prior attainment data 
BTEC Award/Certificate in Business Studies
and as identified through school target setting.  
BTEC Award/Certificate in Health & Social Care
BTEC Entry Level & Level 1 Programmes
Our team is made up of qualified teachers and 
staff with experience of leadership, classroom 
Arts Award – Bronze & Silver Level
teaching SEN and EAL in mainstream and special 
Functional Skills
schools.  We have specialist teachers in English, 
Maths, Science, History, Geography, Sport, Drama, 
Access to additional courses/opportunities
ICT, Business Studies & Economics who are all 
Drug & Alcohol Awareness
well equipped to offer appropriate and challenging 
First Aid
teaching at all levels.  
Mental Health Awareness
Careers & Financial Awareness
We also offer tailored learning pathways for 
Positive Parenting
students with Statements of Special Educational 
Sexual Health
Needs/Education Healthcare Plans, integrating 
Stimul8 – Emotional Skills Programme 
appropriate intervention support relating to 
Cookery & Food Hygiene
Statement/EHC objectives.  
Part-Time Access And Costing
We have a dedicated welfare team to coordinate 
student referrals and ensure appropriate student 
access to external support agencies. The team 
Access to all programmes can be provided on a full 
also liaise closely with Social Care and the Family 
or part-time basis to suit the needs of each young 
Matters Team, implementing and overseeing the 
Early Help Process as necessary.
Transport: Transport can be arranged but it is 
In 2013 we received our first Ofsted Inspection 
expected that each young person will ultimately 
where we were judged as good in every category.  
take responsibility for independently travelling to 
and from the school.  
Prices: Costs can vary depending on the 
programme offered but our standard cost is 
£85 per day
Breakfast, drinks and snacks are provided.  
Phoenix U16 offers provision between 8.00am until 
4.30pm each weekday.  

Provider Name: PM Training
Delivery Location(s) 
To Prepare Young People for Employment
Shelton Centre, College Road, Shelton ST1 4DQ
Service User Description:
Private Training Provider
Capacity: 24 learners at any one time, maximum 3 
days per week for each learner
Curriculum Offer: 
Transport: To be provided by lead provider
Work Experience and designated sessions in 
Construction Departments 
Work Experience and 
Work experience facilitated by  £60 per day per learner plus
designated sessions in 
Homeworks vans, focusing on  One off costs for PPE £20
construction departments.  
preparation for work.  Desig-
nated sessions in construction 
departments dependent on 
learner’s interests. Choose 
from: P&D, Joinery, Brickwork, 
Engineering and Plumbing

Free breakfast: cereals, fruit 
yoghurts toast etc. Beverages 
throughout the day.


Provider Name: Serenity Farm Project
Service User Description:
To teach and develop skills around animal care and 
Individuals who thrive in open space and have 
agriculture, using activities around the animals and 
lots of energy, students who enjoy being around 
farm to enhance communication skills, behaviour 
animals, students who need to build their 
management, respect and build confidence 
confidence and self-esteem and those who find 
and self-esteem. Animals bring out the best in 
it hard to manage their behaviour in a classroom 
people, they judge as they find, therefore to have 
setting. Serenity’s founder Lucy has many years 
a positive encounter with an animal students learn 
experience working with challenging behaviour and 
to moderate their actions and behaviours in order 
students with learning disabilities including autism.
to gain trust and reward, in return they have a 
special experience that develops their pride and 
Curriculum Offer: 
No formal qualifications but students will learn to 
Alongside this students learn the skills needed 
moderate behavioural issues to be able to work 
to take care of an animals daily needs many of 
with the animals, learn all aspects of animal care, 
which are the same requirements to look after 
agricultural skills and horticulture, respect of self 
themselves properly (healthy eating, exercise, 
and others, health and safety, peer working and 
personal care, keeping the environment clean and 
problem-solving. Students who have anxieties, 
tidy). Alongside the animals at Serenity Farm we 
stresses and anger issues benefit from the quiet 
help and support the local environment and teach 
country location and open space.
about the importance of wildlife and the countryside 
. For those more suited to physical work there is the  Delivery Location(s) 
maintenance of paddocks, fencing and dry-stone 
Near Bucknall and Milton
There is also currently being developed a large 
Capacity: Currently 3 per day (dependent on 
sensory garden which needs on-going development  individual needs) – this could increase in the future. 
and maintenance. Animals currently in residence at 
We can also offer education visits to school groups.
the farm are: 3 horses, 2 small ponies, 2 very tame 
pigs, 2 very tame baby goats, 4 dogs, 2 cats/ and 
Transport: Can arrange pick-up from Bucknall 
several chickens. 
or Milton
One-day farm-based activities 
Lunch can be provided
£60 (£65 with lunch)
and skills-learning combined 
with positive hands-on experi-
ence with the farm animals
Group educational visits

Tailored school visits
Speak to Lucy
1-1 or small group Equine Fa-
Aimed at developing 
£35 per session (approx 45 mins)
cilitated learning sessions
particular skills such as 
confidence, communi-
cation, behaviour man-


Provider Name: : Sporting Stars Academy
Bonnie has over ten years’ experience working 
Sporting Stars Academy is an Outstanding School 
with young people with social, emotional, 
and we provide a very high quality of academic 
behavioural and mental health challenges 
and personal development opportunities which 
including: bereavement, self-harming behaviours, 
improves the intellectual and emotional well-
anxiety disorders and illnesses, depression and 
being of our students and enables them to gain 
related illnesses, obsessive compulsive disorder, 
qualifications, enjoy sport and benefit positively 
oppositional defiant disorder, Autistic Spectrum 
from the school’s holistic approach to pastoral care.
disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 
to name a few.  
Service User Description:
We are a fully inclusive school that affords all young  Delivery Location(s) 
people the opportunity to engage in learning, 
supported by a well-established and dedicated staff  Field Avenue, Baddeley Green, Stoke-on-Trent
team that have the prowess to engage, motivate 
ased in Baddeley Green Sporting Stars Academy 
and inspire young people. 
occupies a bespoke educational structure that 
boasts state of the art facilities.  In addition to 
Curriculum Offer: 
this, we work closely with several local sports 
organisations to utilise their leisure facilities, 
GCSE’s, BTEC’s, Functional Skills, Coaching.  
including the sports testing lab, health and fitness 
Additionally we offer a wide range of accredited 
complex and all weather 4G pitches. 
enrichment opportunities, details of which can be 
found in our prospectus.
Capacity: Sporting Stars Academy is registered 
to provide 50 full-time equivalent places. Full-time 
Therapeutic Offer:  
equates to 25 hours per week, not including breaks 
Individual, family and art based therapy is 
and lunch. 
available for all young people in attendance. Our 
Art Psychotherapist is based in-house four days 
Transport: Sporting Stars Academy offer a free 
per week and offers a multifaceted and holistic 
transport facility for students who live within the city 
Key Stage 3 & 4
Part or Full-time
From £89 per day fully inclusive of all 
refreshments and lunch, regardless of 
FSM status. 

Key Stage 3 & 4
Part or Full-time
From £99 per day fully inclusive of all 
Students with an ECHP
refreshments and lunch, regardless of 
FSM status.

Key Stage 3 & 4 Bespoke 
Part or Full-time
Price on application
Education Package

Provider Name: Stoke-on-Trent City Council Grounds  

Service User Description:
Stoke-on-Trent’s green spaces provide places for 
Grounds and Parks is a team within the 
us to use and enjoy. Popular and well used spaces 
Environment Waste and Fleet Section of Stoke-on-
can bring residents and their communities closer 
Trent city council.
together and engender a rich sense of civic and 
community pride and identity.
We manage and maintain over 1,380 hectares of 
green space across the city, including open spaces, 
The Grounds and Parks team are able to offer a 
parks, bowling greens and play areas. The city’s 76 
unique placement opportunity for students to gain 
parks range from large, formal parks of historical 
experience of working in the city’s green spaces, as  significance, like those at Hanley and Longton, to 
well as achieving a relevant council certificate.
smaller local parks like those in Northwood and 
The city’s green spaces include parks, gardens, 
open countryside, woodlands, recreation and 
play spaces. Our team can provide on the job 
Alternative provision has been added to a range 
experience for learners on how these public spaces  of volunteer and qualification opportunities offered 
are maintained and kept clean and green.
by the team, for learners interested in practical 
The work involved will be varied, but will involve 
horticulture skills. 
activities such as shrub pruning, turf laying, and 
ornamental bedding.
Curriculum Offer: 
We offer on the job experience that will contribute 
The experience we provide gives the opportunity for  to learners being able to successfully complete the 
learners to:
following units based on the NOCN qualification:
•  Gain experience of team working
•  Volunteering
•  Learn skills in horticulture and grounds 
•  Teamwork
•  Amenity horticulture
•  Gain knowledge on the use of garden tools and 
•  Using hand tools
their maintenance
•  Identifying plants
•  Gain experience of amenity planting, laying turf 
and their maintenance
•  Gain knowledge on the main characteristics of 
Delivery Location(s) 
plants and trees
Parks citywide.
The intended benefits of our placement to the 
learner are:
Capacity: Five learners per week
•  Improved confidence and self esteem
•  Council certificate on completion of course
Transport: Transport will be provided between the 
•  Improved career prospects
Cromer Road depot and the leaners work location if 
Grounds and Parks Alternative  Full day of tuition
£80 per day
£110 one-off charge for PPE

Provider Name: Stoke on Trent College
Curriculum Offer: 
The Bridge Academy offers educational 
Courses are available from a range of awarding 
programmes that meet the academic and pastoral 
bodies i.e. OCNWMR, NCFE, City & Guilds etc. 
needs of Key Stage 4 pupils who may typically 
Following assessment, students may be placed 
experience barriers to learning. Bridge Academy 
on a bespoke timetable appropriate to the level at 
staff support students by building their confidence 
which they are working, from entry level to level 
and self-esteem, with the aim of re-engaging 
1. GCSE Maths and English classes specifically 
the young person in education. Focus is placed 
designed to meet the needs of Bridge Academy 
on developing academic and social skills to 
pupils are also offered. Students can attend from 1 
help students progress onto a sustainable post 
to 5 days per week dependent upon the learner’s 
16 pathway. The college has robust policies/
procedures in place that ensure that the most 
vulnerable learners, such as children in care 
A wide range of vocational course are offered, 
and those with special educational needs and/
or disabilities are supported in their learning. The 
•  Motor Vehicle 
flexibility of course structure means students can 
•  ICT  
join a Bridge Academy programme at any point 
•  Public Services/ Sport 
during the academic year. 
•  Sports Coaching 
•  Catering 
Service User Description:
•  Health and Social Care (Entry 3 and Level 1)
•  Construction 
Students are referred to the Bridge Academy for a 
•  Hair and Beauty 
variety of complex reasons. They may have refused  •  Fashion, Textiles and Photography
to engage at school and have poor attendance 
•  Joinery 
and low achievement. Bridge learners may lack 
•  Retail (Level 1)
motivation and have a history of behavioural, 
•  Creative Arts (Entry 3 and Level 1)
social and emotional issues. The young person 
•  Construction 
may lack educational confidence and require 
•  Step into College (Entry Level 2)
support, particularly with literacy and numeracy. 
The high levels of support offered mean that “at 
ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) is 
risk” learners such as Looked after Children and 
a college specialism that is offered as part of the 
students that have external agency intervention 
Bridge Academy Curriculum. 
are appropriately monitored and supported. 
The college’s ESOL (English for Speakers of 
other Languages) specialism makes it the most 
Delivery Location(s) 
appropriate placement for new arrivals to the 
country and travellers. 
The Bridge Academy is based at the college’s 
Burslem campus but dependent upon the 
vocational programme selected, courses are 
available at the college’s Cauldon and Burslem 
Capacity: Unlimited
Student Assistance: Bridge Academy students 
are provided with a meal voucher during each full 
day’s attendance. All students have access to the 
college’s enhanced support services, i.e. a Learning 
Support Worker in class, personal mentoring, 
enrichment programme, safeguarding team and 
college counselling service.

Provider Name: Unity School
Curriculum Offer: 
Unity is a well-established OFSTED registered 
GCSE - English / Maths / Citizenship Studies / 
Independent School that aims to create an equality 
Physical Education / Science
of opportunity to learn for all young people aged 13   
– 16.
Functional Skills -  (Entry Level – Level 2) English /
Maths / ICT 
We offer a well-rounded curriculum that is both 
Arts Award - Entry Level – Level 2
academic and vocational and intertwines a focus 
BTEC Sport and Active Leisure / Creative Media 
on creativity and sport that acts as a catalyst for 
Production / IT Users
positive engagement and enjoyable learning.
Our curriculum also allows us to develop student’s 
Delivery Location(s) 
personal, social and emotional skills together with 
improved confidence, self-esteem and sense of 
Unity School, Cartwright House, Broad Street, 
Hanley, ST1 4EU
We aim to equip students with the skills they 
Capacity: 24 students
require to become productive and positive young 
adults with the skills to further education or seek 
Transport: Unity Independent School is centrally 
located and easily accessible by 1 bus from 
anywhere in the city. Our School is a 3-minute walk 
Service User Description:
from Hanley Bus Station. Students are expected to 
We work with a broad range of young people and 
make their own way.
have a very experienced team of qualified staff 
who will provide the support our children need to 
progress onto positive outcomes.
We specialise in young people who require 
supportive environments to help them manage their 
behaviour or emotions, Young people who are in 
Care, SEN students, students who may have had 
multiple school exclusions, school Phobic, or who 
display other issues including attachment disorders, 
sexual exploitation and who are accessing other 
services such as CAMHS.
We can create bespoke packages for those that 
need significantly more help in accessing suitable 
learning opportunities.
Part time Student
1-3 days
Full – Time Student
4 or 5 days

Provider Name: Unity Recipe for Success
Curriculum Offer: 
•  Developing the skills for independent living and 
BTEC Home Cooking Skills LV1-LV2
positive self-care.
BTEC Introduction To The Hospitality Industry E3-
•  Engaging young people in activities with 
multiple transferable skills.
BTEC Basic Cooking Skills E3-LV1
•  Promotion of health and wellbeing for young 
Functional Skills English & Maths
people and families.
GCSE English & Maths
•  Improvement of opportunities to progress into 
an industry worth circa
Delivery Location(s) 
•  £80 billion each year.
Massala Junction, Victoria square, ST1 4JH
Service User Description:
A new innovative programme that uses catering 
and hospitality as a mechanism of engagement 
with young people 13 – 16 in Staffordshire.  
Delivered part time or in conjunction with our full 
time Independent School offer, this programme 
will engage those who require a very vocational 
pathway. Facilitated in a ‘learning’ kitchen at a fully 
refurbished country restaurant, this project fuses 
vocational learning with real work like situations to 
create a robust offer of specialist education. Use 
in conjunction with Unity School in order to get 
access to English and Maths qualifications from 
Entry Level to GCSE.
Part time Student
1-3 days
Full – Time Student
4 or 5 days

Provider Name: Winchmore Tutors
Curriculum Offer: 
Provide 1:1 tuition as alternative provision or 
KS1-5 – English, Maths and Science (following 
supplementary support the student within the 
national curriculum). Lessons are tailored to specific 
school/provision setting. Tuition can be provided as  needs of the student.
a short or long term placement.
Service User Description:
Delivery Location(s) 
Provider of qualified teachers to deliver 1:1 tuition 
in core subjects, in line with the national curriculum.  Home, School, Local Library 
We also provide specialist tutors with experience 
in working with students with SEN and EBD needs, 
Capacity: Any
including tutors with specific training eg. Makaton, 
Team Teach.
Transport: Not provided
1:1 Tuition
1:1 Tuition
For every 5 hours of tuition delivered 
there is an additional 1 hour charge for 
planning & preparation

2:1 Tuition
Two teachers in place 
Second teacher charged at a 
for more challenging 
discounted rate
behavioural needs