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From: Mr Laycock []
Sent: 09 November 2017 10:57
To: Corporate Info Manager
Subject: Freedom of Information request - Tendring Crematorium

Dear Tendring District Council,

I have some questions regarding the Crematorium facility under the operations of this local authority:


1. Cremations done per year at facility; 2012-to now.

2012 1631

2013 1622

2014 1496

2015 1399

2016 1702

2017 Jan 1st to 14th Nov 1445

2. What is maximum capacity or number of possible cremation that can be done per year.

Approximately 2050

3. Number of cremation machines at facility.


4. How many cremation machines are operational.


5. Number of machines with mercury abatement.

Both are abated through one filter system

6. Revenue, expenses and profit from facility; last two reported financial years.

See attached.

7. Average cost of cremation; current price.

Current cremation fee £760 for a person 16 years or over

Baby and child under 16years; no fee

8. Cost of a no-service (low cost) cremation; current price.

We do not offer a no-service (low cost) option, see fees for question 7.

9. What is your average waiting time, if any - last available data.

This is difficult to calculate as it depends on the time of year. Looking at our diary for 2016 there were only 2 weeks when we could not offer at least 1 cremation time.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Laycock


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