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17th August 2010 
Ref FoI_Req_188 
Dear C.D Fahey 
Thank you for your request for information concerning library statistics. Please find the 
information below on page 2. 
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Records  Manager,  Brynmor  Jones  Library,  University  of  Hull,  Hull,  HU6  7RX  in  the  first 
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Information Requested 

The following library information relates to the Brynmor Jones Library located on 
the Hull Campus 
1.  The library opening hours during term time 
With effect from next semester, the opening hours will be 7 to midnight Monday to Friday 
and 9 to midnight Saturday and Sunday. 
2.  How many students are employed by the library & the average hours worked by 
students employed in the library 
The Library currently employs 9 students working 14 hours per week. 
3.  The library budget 
The latest year for which library budget figures are available is 2008/09 
Total expenditure was £3,633,436. 
This breaks down as follows: 
£1,804,384  expenditure on staff;  
£1,580,404  information provision and access – i.e. purchase of/access to library resources 
(print and online);  
 £142,869  expenditure on equipment;  
 £105,779  other expenditure. 
4.  The number of registered students in the University 
The number of registered students at the University is 23165. This includes students 
studying on both Scarborough and Hull campuses.