This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'School waiting list distance offer data for September 1st 2017'.

School,Furthest distance offered at NOD,Furthest distance offered by 1/9/2017
Christs (open places),1.291km,1.344km
Grey Court,2.941km,3.788km
Hampton High,Not oversubscribed,N/A
Orleans Park,1.611km,2.724km
Richmond Park Academy,Not oversubscribed,N/A
St Richard Reynolds,Random allocation,N/A
The Richmond Upon Thames School,5.445km,33.00km
Turing House,3.235km,4.137km
Twickenham Academy,Not oversubscribed,N/A
Waldegrave Area 1,1.911km,2.04km
Waldegrave Area 2,5.304km,5.719km