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Dear Miss Warren

Please find attached Public Health England's response to your request for information.

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From: Joy Warren []
Sent: 02 February 2017 11:36
Subject: Freedom of Information request - Concentration of fluoride per litre of water

Dear Public Health England,

I refer to my FoI request in February 2014 (04/02/jb/532). Before I take this matter further, please let me know if any employees, consultants and/or committees of Public Health England have discussed the issue of reducing the concentration of fluoride from 1ppm to 0.7ppm in line with the practice followed in the Republic of Ireland and the USA in order to protect children's teeth from the ravages of dental fluorosis.

Please also consult your records for all written correspondence relating to this issue and which have been created since 1st April 2013 and make such records available to me. Such correspondence should contain the reasons why PHE has decided not to reduce the concentration and be accompanied by the science to justify this decision.

Please note that my last request on this topic mentioned committees and not employees, consultants and/or committees. Accordingly, this current request consitutes a new request and should not be treated as a duplicate request

In your last reply, you suggested that I should write to Duncan Selbie regarding the reduction. However, I would have thought that once a member of the public had raised a concern with you via the FoI process, then that concern should have been automatically referred to the responsible member of staff . Please let me know if this procedure exists at PHE.

Please assure me that Dr Sandra White will be notified of the existence of this FoI request.

Yours faithfully,

Joy Warren


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