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Design options
Visions and values
The trust has narrowed down four 
design options for the new hospital:
Our vision for Broadmoor Hosptial:
1.  Refurbishing existing buildings 
to make them more suitable for 
“To provide a safe, secure and 
delivering patient care.
Broadmoor Hospital 
therapeutic environment which 
2.  Developing two storey ward 
delivers active engagement, 
accommodation, with 14 new wards, 
rehabilitation and recovery, 
and utilising four existing wards. 
Outline business case
The listed buildings Kent House, 
through high quality care and 
Dorset House and Central Hall would 
treatment,  for the benefit of 
become a central therapy mall for 
patients to visit throughout the day.
patients, carers  and the  safety 
3.  Developing two storey ward 
of the public.”
accommodation, with 16 new wards, 
and utilising two existing wards. 
This vision is underpinned by the 
The listed buildings Kent House, 
following core values:
Dorset House and Central Hall would 
become a central therapy mall for 
patients to visit throughout the day.
•  Respect
4.  A complete rebuild of the hospital 
to the south east of the existing 
•  Partnership
site. While this option is the most 
•  Self responsibility
expensive, it offers a range of options 
for patients and the wider NHS which 
•  Honesty
the trust is keen to explore.
•  Autonomy
Our preferred option, four, is a complete 
•  Teamwork
rebuild – in effect, a new hospital. It 
•  Humanity
addresses all of the shortcomings of the 
current accommodation by developing 
•  Valuing achievements
purpose-built accommodation designed 
to 21st century mental health care 
specifications. It would mean building 
outside the secure perimeter, which 
For more information, contact
would minimise both disruption to the 
operation of the hospital. or visit
March 2009

Broadmoor Hospital 
Broadmoor Hospital provides mental 
health services in conditions of 
high security for men from London 
and the South of England. It is one 
of three high security psychiatric 
A view of how the new hospital might look
hospitals in England, the other two 
being Ashworth and Rampton. 
Hospital was approved by the Secretary 
Clinical model
of State for Health in November 2005.
A new clinical model for the hospital’s 
Since this approval, we have undertaken 
patients has been developed as part of 
Built in 1863, the hospital provides beds 
a substantial amount of work in the 
the redevelopment process.
for 244 male patients. The average 
development of a vision and new 
patient stay is about six years.
clinical model for the redevelopment 
The innovative model has been 
developed following consultation across 
Most of the buildings were built in 
the hospital, the wider NHS and public 
the Victorian era, and while the trust 
We recognise that Broadmoor Hospital 
sector and with our international panel 
continues to do all it can to address their 
has an international reputation and we 
of mental health experts.
limitations, the patient accommodation 
have been fortunate to include a range 
is not fit for modern mental health 
of healthcare professionals from America, 
The new model is aimed at more active 
services and it is clear that a complete 
Australia and Europe in the development 
engagement with patients. It will 
redevelopment of the hospital is crucial 
of our new clinical model.
mean a clearer patient pathway, with 
in the longer term. 
an ongoing partnership between the 
hospital, medium secure units and the 
The Commission for Healthcare 
Outline business case
prison service throughout the patient’s 
Improvement (CHI) described the current 
stay until discharge.
hospital accommodation as ‘unfit for 
The Outline Business Case aims to deliver 
purpose’ in 2003.
the agreed clinical model, and we have 
The clinical model is designed around 
reviewed four short-listed options.
risk reduction, and the safety of the 
The trust has now submitted an Outline 
public, patients and staff.
Business Case for the redevelopment of 
These range from a development within 
the hospital, which will provide 266 beds 
the existing secure perimeter, to a new 
for patients from London and the South 
build option to the south east of the 
of England. The Strategic Outline Case 
existing hospital site.
for the redevelopment of Broadmoor