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To: Central Enquiry Unit
Subject: BBC FOI request re marriage letter


Date: 12th June 2017


Dear Sir,


On the 10th June 2017 Marco Biagi tweeted the following “When I was a minister DUP's Arlene Foster wrote to me asking us to curtail access of Northern Irish citizens to Scottish same-sex marriages” with a follow up tweet saying “I said no”


Under your stated obligations under the Freedom of Information Act, I would ask you to release all correspondence between Marco Biagi MSP and Arlene Foster MLA in relation to this issue. This should cover Mrs Foster’s time in the Department of Finance and also from her time in the Executive Office (OFMDFM)


Please also release any correspondence between any officials/civil servants in the Scottish government and the Northern Irish governement in relation to same sex marriage and couples from Northern Ireland.


If you could supply the information as a pdf that would be appreciated


Please also include a schedule of all correspondence


Please feel free to give me a call if you need any further information on [REDACTED] and I can also be reached on [email address]






Peter Coulter

Senior Broadcast Journalist

BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Newsline


E-Mail: [email address]

Twitter: @peter_coulter 





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