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Title number GR298328
Edition date 08.08.2016
– This official copy shows the entries on the register of title on
11 MAY 2017 at 09:19:34.
– This date must be quoted as the "search from date" in any
official search application based on this copy.
– The date at the beginning of an entry is the date on which
the entry was made in the register.
– Issued on 11 May 2017.
– Under s.67 of the Land Registration Act 2002, this copy is
admissible in evidence to the same extent as the original.
– This title is dealt with by HM Land Registry, Gloucester
A: Property Register
This register describes the land and estate comprised in the title.
(11.10.2006) The Freehold land shown edged with red on the plan of the
above title filed at the Registry and being Subscription Rooms, George
Street, Stroud (GL5 1AE).
(11.10.2006) The rights of the highway authority are excluded from
those parts of the title which are highway maintainable at public
B: Proprietorship Register
This register specifies the class of title and identifies the owner. It contains
any entries that affect the right of disposal.
Title absolute
(11.10.2006) PROPRIETOR: STROUD DISTRICT COUNCIL of Legal Services
Unit, Council Offices, Ebley Mill, Westward Road, Ebley, Stroud,
Gloucestershire GL5 4UB.
(11.10.2006) The Conveyance to the proprietor contains a covenant to
observe and perform the covenants in the Indenture dated 23 December
1925 referred to in the Charges Register and of indemnity in respect
(08.08.2016) RESTRICTION: No transfer or lease is to be registered
without a certificate signed by a conveyancer that the transfer or
lease did not contravene section 95(1) of the Localism Act 2011.
C: Charges Register
This register contains any charges and other matters that affect the land.
(11.10.2006) An Indenture of the land pink on the title plan dated 23
December 1925 made between (1) William Hill Bishop and others (the
Vendors) and (2) The Stroud Subscription Rooms Limited (The Company)
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Title number GR298328
C: Charges Register continued
contains covenants details of which are set out in the schedule of
restrictive covenants hereto.
(11.10.2006) A Conveyance of the land tinted blue on the title plan
dated 31 May 1927 made between (1) The Stroud Subscription Rooms
Limited (Vendor) and (2) The Urban District Council of Stroud (The
Council) contains the following covenants:-
"The Council hereby covenant with the Vendors that the said pieces of
land shall be thrown into the adjoining Streets and shall be properly
metalled and made up as parts of such Streets by the Council and that
no erection or obstruction of any kind shall be erected or placed
thereon except for the purposes of necessary repairs thereto"
Schedule of restrictive covenants
The following are details of the covenants contained in the Indenture
dated 23 December 1925 referred to in the Charges Register:-
Covenant by the Company with Vendors and Proprietors as follows:
(a) That unless the said building should be destroyed or injured by
fire there would not be made or suffer to be made any material
alteration in the plan internal or external construction height roof
walls elevation or architectural appearance of the said Stroud
Subscription Rooms other than the actual alterations then contemplated
and about to be carried out by the Company or (with the exception of
the actual tenancies then contemplated which were specified in the
Schedule thereto) let or agree to let the said Stroud Subscription
Rooms or any part or parts thereof for any continuous period of more
than 14 days without in any of these cases the sanction of an
Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company
(b) That the Company would not unless the said building should be
destroyed or injured by fire make or suffer to be made any alteration
or adaptation of the Assembly Hall on the 1st floor of the said Stroud
Subscription Rooms or make or suffer to be made any such arrangement as
to its use as may render it unfit unsuitable or unavailable for public
gatherings of all kinds but would maintain it of such a size and in
such a condition that it should at all times be available when required
for the purposes of all such public and private meetings and
entertainments as might be approved by the Company upon such terms and
subject to such conditions as the Company might think fit.
End of register
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