This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Barley page framework'.

Freedom of Information 
Internal Review clarification 
RFI20171161 / IR2017061 
11 September 2017  
Dear Mr Gurney, 
We write regarding your email to the BBC of 8 September 2017 which states: 
Thank you for your prompt response. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the 
documentation to which you refer in the ZIP file. 
On 8 September, the BBC provided you with the files necessary to understand and 
implement the Barley source code. The nature of your request, and the files provided, 
require some knowledge of coding and, as made clear in our response of 8 
September, also require particular software to access some of the documents 
contained in the file. The BBC is not able to provide you with the requested 
information in a different format as this would materially alter the files. 
BBC Information Rights