Subject: FOI Response - FOI/NCS/0793


Dear Mr Wynter


RE: Freedom of Information Request: 0793


We could do with some clarification about the information requested please?


Is this a snapshot figure required on a particular date,  or is there a particular period to be looked at?


1.How many elderly people need* residential care homes/assisted living/supported living within the Local Authority**?


*There may be a lot of people who ‘need’ the services but aren’t necessarily eligible.  There could also be many people within the borough that ‘need’ those services that never approach the council for support (eg Self Funders) – so, could you check exactly what they mean here please?


** Can we confirm if they mean ‘within the Local Authority boundaries’ or ‘supported by the Local Authority’ as we could supply the latter but not the former.


These queries are applicable to question 2 also.


3. How many adults are homeless within the council?    We cannot say how many adults are homeless (I assume you mean Warrington) as not all would have approached the council for assistance.

Do you mean everyone who has approached the council for advice and assistance about housing or homelessness,  or just those who have made a statutory homeless application? 

Do you mean all single adults or adults with children or couples?

If you mean those who have made a statutory homeless application,  then this is available on the DCLG Website below.


What percentage of adults are homeless rehoused in supported housing until they are rehoused by the council?

Do you mean people who have made a statutory homeless application,  where we perhaps use supported housing as temporary accommodation until permanent housing is allocated?

Or,  do you mean people who access supported housing (not all people accessing supported housing come through the council, or approach the council for re-housing when they are ready to move on)?


We would require the most up to date statistics of homelessness in your area that fits your criteria for those to be temporarily rehoused for example:

having no accommodation at all

having accommodation that is not reasonable to live in, even in the short-term (e.g. because of violence or health reasons)


All councils publish data on a quarterly basis by the Department for Communities and Local Government which may assist with the answer to this question.






Until we hear back from you the clock has stopped on this request and the 20 day deadline will start afresh when we have received your clarification.


Kind Regards


Warrington Borough Council

Families & Wellbeing Directorate
2nd Floor, New Town House

Buttermarket Street

Warrington, Cheshire