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Information Rights 
Mr W. Tully 
05 September 2017 
Dear Mr Tully 
Freedom of Information request – RFI20171255 
Thank you for your request to the BBC of 20th August 2017, seeking the following 
information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act):   
At no time did I suggest that the BBC "sells tickets" i asked why the licence payer isn't offered the 
tickets as they fund the BBC, therefore, without this funding the BBC would not have the broadcast 
rights and "free tickets" to " reward" staff with. 
So, why do employees of the BBC receive tickets in "exchange for a charitable donation" which could 
be as low as £1.00 whilst licence payers aren't offered the same just because they aren't a BBC 
Incidentally can the "charitable donation" be written off against personal income tax or corporate 
tax, for those utilising a company during their employment with the BBC? 
As is normal market practice, there are contractual limitations on what the BBC is 
permitted to do with tickets that it receives as part of its broadcast rights contracts. We are 
unable to make such tickets widely available to the general public.   
We are unable to answer the charitable donation/tax question.  HMRC may be able to assist 
you with this question.  
Yours sincerely 
Neil Land 
Chief Adviser & Business Manager, BBC Sport