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From: Louise Oldfield [mailto:[FOI #414161 email]]
Sent: 24 June 2017 12:36
Subject: Freedom of Information request - Costs related to the Dog DNA scheme


Dear Thanet District Council,


I'm writing to request information about your publicised Dog DNA scheme. Specifically I would like:


1. The cost of setting up and running the scheme.

The is no set up cost. The cost of running the scheme to date is £5,000.


2. The cost of an individual dog waste bin.

56ltr dog waste bin is £160.


3. How many dog wardens you have in Thanet.



4. The cost of a dog warden.



5. How many fines issued for dog fouling in the last 2 years.



6. Details of who will run the dog DNA scheme.

The supplier of the pilot is Streetkleen Bio Limited.


Yours faithfully,


Louise Oldfield




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