This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Pupil data: Off-register Back Office use by Home Office in Q1 2017'.

File: ‘table_content’ 
Note: This log provides details of the data available within the PupilOnRoll, 
PupilOnRoll_Unrestricted, PupilNoLongerOnRoll, PupilNoLongerOnRoll_Unrestricted and Nationality 
database tables alongside details of the active directory groups with access to those tables. 
PupilOnRoll view – Properties: 
PupilOnRoll view – Information schema: 

PupilOnRoll_Unrestricted view – Properties: 
PupilOnRoll_Unrestricted view – Information schema: 

PupilNoLongerOnRoll view – Properties: 
PupilNoLongerOnRoll view – Information schema: 

PupilNoLongerOnRoll_Unrestricted view – Properties: 
PupilNoLongerOnRoll_Unrestricted view – Information schema: 

Nationality view - Properties: 
Nationality view - Information schema: