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Naval Service FOI Coordination Cell 
Navy Command Headquarters 
MP 1-4, Leach Building 

Navy Command 
Whale Island 
PO2 8BY 
Telephone:  02392 625081 
Fax: 02392 625279 
Our Reference: 14-06-2010-171708-001 
Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx 
Date: 16 June 2010 
Via E-mail: 
Dear Nicola 
Request for Information – Acknowledgement 
Thank you for your request for information received on 14 June. Your enquiry has been 
considered to be a request for information in accordance with the Freedom of Information 
Act 2000. 
This letter is to acknowledge receipt of your request and to inform you that generally, in 
accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 a response is to be given within 20 
working days of your application, in this case 12 July. However, if your request is  
voluminous or complex it may take some time to process in which case we will advise you 
A copy of your question as received by this office is attached.   
Yours sincerely 
Wayne Cadman 

Request for Information 
 Dear Britannia Royal Naval College, 
     1. How you procure Construction Consultancy Services 
     2. How you procure Construction Contractors 
     3. If by your own framework, please tell me: 
     a. The titles and content of the relevant frameworks 
     b. Who is on the current frameworks 
     c. The start and end dates of the frameworks 
     d. Any possible extension periods to the frameworks 
     e. The name and contact email of person responsible for the