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n To provide space, time and input to promote,
time embraces our school’s Jewish ethos
care for and look after the mental health of our n To include, amongst others, sessions under
the term Social and Emotional Learning (SEL),
n To reduce the stigma of mental illness and to building on students’ existing resilience levels
provide a place where students have an oppor-
and character, with the aim of encouraging in-
tunity to seek further help beyond the HH via
dependence and a feeling of internal safety
the Counselling Service.
and confidence
n To create a space that offers acceptance of
n To provide a whole-school philosophy to-
different emotions, provided in a warm, respect- wards the emotional wellbeing of students as
ful and inclusive environment which celebrates well as the wider school community (e.g. all
difference and tolerance, whilst at the same
SLT Line Manager
The advertising to students will be
through assemblies and all other possi-
ble channels e.g. the LRC, Year Teams
etc. The existence of the HH and its
services for students would of course
also need to be communicated to par-
ents (via Parents Evenings and other
Medical Welfare Service
possible invitations etc). In time, we
could possibly suggest separate ‘theme
help to liaise
evenings’ for parents ...
with external
Internal team of about
The Medical
5-6 staff (under the
n making appoint-
Counselling Service) to
To build up relationships with external
ments for visits
be involved in
medical agencies (e.g. the Borough School
n dealing with unfore-
lunchtime rotations.
Nurse) so that such persons can work
Although the HH is a concept for stu-
seen cancellations
Counsellor to deliver
cohesively within the school’s systems.
dents to buy into (feel an investment
n arranging for appro-
training and oversee
in and ownership of), the suggestion is
priate certification (e.g.
‘peer supervision’, build-
that it is an actual (physical) hut
up-to-date police
ing on skills using re-
flection. The aim will be
Timetable For Sessions
erected somewhere in the school’s
n arranging school’s
to build a team based on
grounds. A suggested capacity would be
Week A: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 
at least 20 (perhaps 30/ tutor group
payment for services
support, good practice,
12.10 – 1.25pm
and a feeling of empow-
size, to maximise flexibility of use). It
Week B: As per Week A
would need to have a telephone, a fil-
erment and growth in
ing cabinet, some form of heating and
order to enhance best
consideration should be given to a
practice in working
These will be covered by one (ideally
panic button. The hut would be deco-
with potentially vulner-
two) of our internal team. The Hut will
rated very differently from the rest of
able young people.
present different themes which will
the school, based on feedback from
have been previously discussed within
students. We could ask for assistance
School Counsellor to
the peer supervision sessions. Themes
from the Art department and if possi-
build up direct relation-
would evolve, based on students’ feedback
ble make use of the huge talent that
ships with existing ap-
and input. At all times, staff to be mind-
the students demonstrate.
propriate persons in
ful of the wider context of the school:
external agencies and
safeguarding/Jewish ethos/awareness of
NO confidential notes would be made
additional HH contacts,
boundaries and staff understanding of
or kept in the HH – only information
with a view to consis-
their own limitations when working
relevant to the subject matter offered.
tent and good relations.
with students in the HH.
This encourages good
The ideal is that there are two members
investment into the
of staff in the HH. This would ensure that
project and helps the
should a crisis arise (e.g.
Links with PSHE 
operation run smoothly.
safeguarding/psychological intervention)
it could be dealt with swiftly, whilst still
enabling the session to continue for others.
As far as possible, the HH will interlink
with what is happening within other
parts of the school’s PSHE programme.
An outside agency to cover a topic/dis-
The Hut can provide a smaller context
cussion group e.g.
in which students can reflect on and
building of resilience/self- awareness
of the build-up of stress and worry that
process their learning from PSHE, thus
can affect long term mental health
having the opportunity to internalise
n the importance of a balanced life e.g.
the valuable PSHE learning sessions
rest/diet/exercise/healthy use of tech-
and translate them into their everyday
life and experience.
Shirah Herman
n Research by Medical Welfare Officer and the School Counsellor, as well as others, can
School Counsellor
start from now, to find out what subjects/discussions students would find helpful. A Hut for
students will continually require their input, ideas, feedback etc
n Sourcing of possible options for a physical hut should begin