This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Recruitment'.

FOI1401 – Concerning payments and recruitment 
arrangements with Grant’s People Solutions.
I can confirm that Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust holds the information you 
requested. Please see our responses below to your Freedom of Information request: 
Can you confirm if Grant’s People Solutions have been paid by you to recruit any staff or 
Executives to Southern Health Trust since April 2011. 
Have they ever had any contract with you to recruit staff. 
If they have recruited any personnel can you confirm the amounts paid to them with dates 
of payments please. 
We can confirm that we have checked our records and no payments have been made by the 
Trust to Grant’s People Solutions and also we have no contract with this company to recruit 
Freedom of Information, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust 
Woodhaven Hospital, Loperwood, Calmore, Hampshire, SO40 2TA 
Email:, Tel. (02380) 874415