This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Details required of sickness and absence policies and procedures and specific detail of how the board deal with staff with disabilities'.

Requirement for Review  

1.  We have procedures in place to allow an individual1 who is dissatisfied in any 
way with a decision taken by us on the provision of information under the 
Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 to require us to review decisions 
2.  This note sets out the procedures we follow where someone is dissatisfied.   
3.  Under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, this procedure is known 
as a “Requirement for Review”.   Under the Environment Information (Scotland) 
Regulations 2004 this is known as a “Representation”2. A requirement for 
review/representation can arise in circumstances where the applicant believes 
we have not complied with our obligations under the legislation, including (but 
not limited to):- 
(a) where we indicate that we do not hold information, but the individual 
believes we do; or 
(b) where the individual feels that we have not provided the advice and 
assistance we should have done; or 
(c)  where we have refused to provide information; or 
(d)  where we have failed to reply to a request for information; or 
(e) where we have failed to respond to a request for information within the 
prescribed timescale; or 
(f)  where the individual feels the charge for providing information is higher than 
it should be. 
4.  If the applicant is dissatisfied in anyway he/she can require us to review the 
way the request was handled or the decision reached.   
5.  Whenever we reply to a request for information a copy of this Requirement for 
Review Procedure must accompany the response.  The response must also 
explain to the applicant their right to seek a review of any decision taken and 
the subsequent right of appeal to the Scottish Information Commissioner and 
the Courts (see paragraphs 14 to 16 below).   
1   Reference to an individual is to any person or organisation that makes a request for 
2   For our procedure under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 
see our separate guidance.   
Version 1.8  7th March 2011 
©  NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde 2011  

6.  A requirement for review should be submitted in writing (or other permanent 
form) within 40 working days of either:- 
¾  the day the individual actually received a response from us; or 
¾  the end of the period within which we should have replied to a request.   
7.  We have the discretion to consider requests for review received beyond this 
timescale. It would normally be our intention to accept requirements for review 
outwith the 40 working days, unless there are practical difficulties in doing so 
e.g. relevant documentation was due for destruction and has been destroyed.  
It is always in the applicant’s interests to submit a review request within the 40 
working day period specified.   
Submission of Requirement for Review 
8.  Where a response is made to a request for information, the response must 
advise that any request for review is submitted to:- 
John Hamilton 
Head of Board Administration 
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde 
Board Headquarters,  
JB Russell House,  
Gartnavel Royal Hospital,  
1055 Great Western Road,  
Glasgow G12 0XH 
0141 201 4608 
Should the person making the request submit their requirement for review 
to another person within our organisation, the recipient must pass it 
immediately to the Head of Board Administration.   
The person seeking a request for review must state their name and an 
address for correspondence.  A statement explaining why the individual 
feels aggrieved at the decision taken (or the lack of response) by the 
organisation should accompany any request for review.  It is always helpful 
if the person seeking a review makes their dissatisfaction explicit in what 
they say to us and clearly sets out the grounds for requesting a review.   
Where the applicant is seeking further information relating to his/her original 
request this will normally be treated as a new request.    
Review Procedure 
The review procedure is designed to be accessible, prompt, fair and 
impartial.  It may result in a decision being made where no decision was 
made previously, confirmation of the original decision, or the making of a 
different decision to that originally taken being made.  The decision will be 
binding on the organisation.   
Requests for review have to be processed swiftly within a maximum 
timescale of 20 working days.  During this timeframe we will review our 

previous decision and provide any further information required if the review 
outcome requires this.   
Our Timescale  
(a) On receipt of a request. 
Send acknowledgement within two  2 
working days of receipt.  
(b) Identify person who was Download relevant information 2 
handling request. 
about request and response  
(including search log) from Datix. 
(c) Notify person who was handling  Receive comments from request  2-3 
request that a review request has  handler. 
been received and provide a copy   
of statement in support from 
applicant and seek comments on 
rationale for decision. 
(d) Selection of Review Person. 
Head  of  Board  Administration  to  4 
contact Non-Executive Director 
and invite him/her to undertake 
review with support from 
nominated FOI Specialist who was 
not involved in the original 
(e) Supply all available information  Head of Administration to check all  5 
to Reviewer and FOI Specialist. 
information is to hand then issue. 
(f) Undertake Review  
in  10 
consultation with FOI Specialist 
who was not involved in the 
original decision, calling for further 
information if required. 
(g) Write up of decision and sign  Provide final report to Head of  15 
off by Non-Executive Member.  
(h) Notification of decision  
Head  of  Administration  to  notify  20 
outcome of the review and right of 
further appeal.  
(i) If appropriate, provide any Head of Administration with 20  
additional information 
original handler to provide any 
recommended by review process  
appropriate additional information.  
If at stage (h) above it is concluded that the applicant has been unfairly 
treated, an apology should be offered on behalf of the organisation. 

The applicant is to be advised of his/her right to raise the matter further with 
the Scottish Information Commissioner if he/she remains dissatisfied with 
the decision of the organisation.  The right of appeal is to be exercised in 
writing (or some other permanent form) by the applicant who must provide 
an address for correspondence, specify the request for information to which 
the requirement for review relates and the reason for dissatisfaction.  An 
appeal to the Commissioner must be made within a period of 6 months from 
the date of any notice on the review request made to us or within 6 months 
from when a decision should have been notified by us.   
In advising of this right, the applicant should be given details of the contact 
address and e-mail address of the Commissioner at:- 
Kevin Dunion OBE 
Scottish Information Commissioner 
Kinburn Castle 
Doubledykes Road 
Fife   KY16  9DS 
01334 464610 
E-Mail: xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxx 
The applicant should also be advised of their right to make an appeal against any 
decision by the Scottish Information Commissioner 3 on a point of law to the Court 
of Session.   
Assistance to Applicants 
Under the spirit of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, the 
recipient of a request for review should provide assistance, if required, to 
any applicant who seeks it.   He should also ensure that the needs of 
persons with a disability within the terms of the Disability Discrimination Act 
1995 are not unfairly disadvantaged as a consequence of the procedure 
described above and shall make appropriate adjustments to the procedure 
where appropriate under the terms of that Act.  
Review of Requirements for Review and Decisions of the 
Scottish Information Commissioner    

Our internal procedures will provide for decisions on requirements for 
review and decisions by the Scottish Information Commissioner are 
reviewed to ensure that processes follow best practice in dealing with 
requests for information under the legislation.   
Under Section 56 of the Act.