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guidelines  v1.0 August 2015

Over the past months, we’ve been on a journey. 
Together we’ve explored who we are, where we’re 
headed, and what that means. 
The conversations were exciting and positive. 
People from across the Borough shared their thoughts 
and insights with us. What we discovered, 
in a nutshel , is this:
Haringey is more than just a place. 
We’re an attitude. 
This book examines that idea. It looks at how we can use 
it to inform the ways we connect with each other. 
You’re reading this because you’re part of our story. This 
book helps you bring that story to life, every day.

We are: 
Bustling markets. Kids in playgrounds. 
Flourishing businesses. Fantastic schools. 
Cafes on corners. More homes 
for more families. A seat on the bus.  
Toddlers in parks. Central London in 
20 mins. Dappled sunlight in ancient 
woods. Warm hellos. A helping hand. 
Ally Pally. Friendly pubs. Park gyms. 
Successful start ups. Tearing down 
‘No Ball game’ signs. A treasured heritage. 
A bright future. 

To live and work in Haringey is to be part 
of something special.
We’re authentic, edgy and innovative. 
We’re a place that Londoners love to visit, work 
and live. We thrive on collaboration.
We’re ready and willing. We’re optimistic.
We have the drive to make great things happen. 
We’re in this together. 
We’re London at its very best. 
Our brand celebrates this.

Haringey is transforming London – 
authentic, edgy and innovative. 
It’s an attitude, not a place. 
Are you in?

Our values
These values sum up the 
things we hold dear. 
• Pride and postivity toward our Borough.
• An exciting energy, and a vibrant atmosphere.
• Unity and togetherness that transcends the 
boundaries of our individual neighbourhoods.
• Promise, potential and big plans for the future.
• An edgy and authentic identity.