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Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Production Service Level Agreement 
©Copyright  Gridlink 2007. All rights reserved 
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Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 

Interpretations............................................................................................................... 4 

Definitions ..................................................................................................................... 4 

Period of the Agreement............................................................................................... 8 

Gridlink Core Data Component data flows between Consortium Members ................. 8 
Office for National Statistics (ONS)................................................................... 8 
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) ................................................... 9 
General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) .................................................. 9 
Royal Mail Group plc (RMG) ........................................................................... 10 
Ordnance Survey (OS).................................................................................... 10 
Delivery dates ................................................................................................. 10 

Consortium Members responsibilities......................................................................... 11 
Each Consortium Member agrees to: ............................................................. 11 
Office for National Statistics agrees to: ........................................................... 12 
Ordnance Survey agrees to: ........................................................................... 12 
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland agrees to: ............................................ 12 

The Gridlink Programme Board (GPB) ....................................................................... 13 

Withdrawal of a Consortium Member ......................................................................... 14 

Removing a Consortium Member and appointment of a new Consortium Member ... 15 

Termination of Agreement and disbanding the Gridlink Consortium........................... 16 
Assignment ................................................................................................................. 17 
Third Party Rights ....................................................................................................... 18 
Disputes...................................................................................................................... 18 
Confidentiality ............................................................................................................. 18 
Circumstances beyond the control of the Gridlink Consortium................................... 19 
Severability ................................................................................................................. 20 
Interpreting the Agreement ......................................................................................... 20 
The Complete Agreement........................................................................................... 20 
Dataset provision and other financial arrangements .................................................. 20 
Intellectual Property Rights......................................................................................... 22 
Bi-lateral Agreements ................................................................................................. 24 
Acceptance and signatures ........................................................................................ 25 
Annexe A 
Membership of the Gridlink Programme Board............................................... 26 
Annexe B 
Gridlink source identification ........................................................................... 28 
Annexe C 
Gridlink Core Dataset Process – Import and Export. ...................................... 29 
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Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
This Gridlink Production Service Level Agreement 
is made on .............................................  2007 to reflect the working practices currently in 
place in relation to the Gridlink Consortium BETWEEN 
Office for National Statistics, Cardiff Road, NEWPORT, South Wales, NP10 8XG 
Ordnance Survey, Romsey Road, SOUTHAMPTON, SO16 4GU (OS)  
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland, Colby House, Stranmillis Court, Malone 
General Register Office for Scotland, Ladywell House, Ladywell Road, 
Royal Mail Group plc, (company registration number 04138203) whose registered 
office is situated at 148 Old Street, LONDON, EC1V 9HQ (RMG)  
Agreement Introduction 
This Agreement is to operate between certain Crown bodies and therefore is not a legally 
binding agreement between the Non-GROS Crown Consortium Members. In the event of 
dispute between the Non-GROS Crown Consortium Members, the dispute is not subject to 
adjudication in a court of law. Between the Non-GROS Crown Consortium Members, this 
Agreement is a business arrangement and acknowledges the goodwill between the 
Non-GROS Crown Consortium Members and relies upon the cooperation of the Non-GROS 
Crown Consortium Members with all of its terms for its implementation to achieve the desired 
mutual benefit. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing contained in this Agreement shall prevent 
it from being a legally enforceable agreement between the Non-GROS Crown Consortium 
Members (either jointly or severally) and any party which is not a Non-GROS Crown 
Consortium Member and vice versa. 

The Consortium Members produce a variety of postcode location products and 
services and wish to maintain them in terms of quality, consistency and value for 
money. This has been achieved by the creation of a pool of data to produce 
accurate postcode location data and links to the commonly-used electoral, 
administrative and health areas in the UK. 

Building on the goodwill and spirit of cooperation between the Consortium Members 
and their commitment to the Modernising Government Agenda, the Consortium 
Members have agreed to establish the Gridlink Consortium on the terms of this 
Agreement to create the pool, which is to be managed by OS and called the Gridlink 
Core Dataset. This facilitates the production of consistent and harmonised postcode 
location products and services to meet customer needs. 

Each Consortium Member, as the source provider/owner of its contributory data, 
has agreed to provide such data to facilitate the creation of the Gridlink Core 
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Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 

Use and/or exploitation of the Gridlink Core Dataset in its entirety or any parts 
thereof, shall be provided for pursuant to separate licence terms within Bi-lateral 
Agreements pursuant to Section 20. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall 
prevent each Consortium Member from using or exploiting its own Gridlink Core 
Data Component independently of the Gridlink Core Dataset. 

The timetable for producing the Gridlink Core Dataset has dictated that work has 
been required to be undertaken by the Consortium Members prior to the 
commencement of this Agreement. 
1 Interpretations 
As used in this Agreement: 
the masculine includes the feminine and neuter; and 
the singular includes the plural and vice versa. 
A reference to any statute, enactment, order, regulation or other similar instrument 
shall be construed as a reference to the statute, enactment, order, regulation or 
instrument as amended by any subsequent statute, enactment, order, regulation or 
instrument or as contained in any subsequent re-enactment thereof. 
Headings are included in this Agreement for ease of reference only and shall not 
affect the interpretation or construction of this Agreement. 
2 Definitions 
The expressions set out below shall have the meanings ascribed thereto: 
means this agreement (including its introduction and annexes). 
Bi-lateral Agreements 
means the separate agreements (as more particularly set out 
in Section 20) that may be agreed from time to time to allow a 
Consortium Member to exploit all or part of another Consortium 
Member’s Gridlink Core Data Component as part of the 
Gridlink Core Dataset (other than for the purpose of producing 
the Gridlink Core Dataset as permitted under this Agreement), 
which exploitation falls outside the scope of this Agreement. 
Business Day 
means any day on which banks in the United Kingdom are 
open for business excluding Saturdays, Sundays, public 
means the Central Management System being an OS address 
maintenance database. 
means the OS data product that provides National Grid 
coordinates for a point within each unit postcode in Great 
Britain and Northern Ireland. 
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Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Combined Changes 
means the RMG product containing the following sub-products; 
Changes, Single Changes, Expanded Changes, Expanded 
Single Changes, Welsh Changes and Keychain. 
Commercial Manager 
means the person named as such in Annexe A responsible for 
keeping records of all updates and other variations to this 
Confidential Information 
shall have the meaning given in Sub-section 13.1.1. 
Consortium Member 
means any one of the ONS, OS, GROS, OSNI and RMG and 
any new entity appointed in accordance with Sub-section 8.5. 
means the Controller of HMSO in England and Wales, being 
an official appointed by the Crown and residing in HMSO who 
is responsible for the control and administration and is entitled 
to hold and exercise Crown Copyright as if such copyright were 
her own. 
Crown Consortium 
means any Consortium Member that is acting on behalf of and 
as a servant and/or agent of the Crown and designated as 
such, being ONS, OS, GROS and OSNI at the date of this 
Crown Copyright  
means copyright material which is produced by employees of 
the Crown in the course of their duties. 
Departing Consortium 
means the Consortium Member which is either withdrawing 
from the Gridlink Consortium in accordance with Section 7 or 
being removed from the Gridlink Consortium in accordance 
with Section 8. 
Financial Year 
means a period running from 1 April in any given year to 
31 March of the following year inclusive. 
GPB Members 
means representatives from each of the Consortium Members 
sitting on the Gridlink Programme Board as detailed in 
Annexe A. 
Gridlink Consortium 
means the arrangements set up in accordance with the terms 
of this Agreement. 
Gridlink Core Data 
means each data item as detailed in Annexe B, which is 
supplied in accordance with Section 4 by each Consortium 
Member in order to create the Gridlink Core Dataset. 
Gridlink Core Dataset 
means the dataset created from the Gridlink Core Data 
Component of each Consortium Member producing a single 
set of postcode location data, comprising all ‘live’ UK 
postcodes, 1 metre resolution National or Irish grid references, 
UK country, electoral area, administrative area and health area 
assignments, and appropriate quality indicators. 
Page 5 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Gridlink Master Database  means the database in which the Gridlink  Core Dataset is 
Gridlink Programme 
shall have the meaning and functions ascribed in Section 6. 
Board (GPB) 
Gridlink Programme 
means the person named as such in Annexe A responsible for 
the day-to-day management of the Joint Venture Project. 
Gridlink Programme Plan  means the high-level plan for the Joint Venture Project 
maintained by the Gridlink Programme Manager against which 
progress and performance are monitored. 
Gridlink Technical Board  means the project board reporting to GPB, whose remit is to 
manage the processing, resolve technical issues and advise 
the GBP in respect of technical enhancements to the Gridlink 
Core Dataset. 
Gridlink User Guide 
means the documentation provided by OS that specifies the 
production process carried out within OS describing the data 
content and production processes associated with the Gridlink 
Core Dataset. 
means Her Majesty's Stationery Office. 
Intellectual Property 
means all intellectual property rights, including (without 
limitation) registered designs, copyrights, trade marks, service 
marks, trade and business names, get-up, database rights, 
design rights, patents, technical information and know-how (in 
each case, whether registered or not) and including any 
goodwill relating to the same and all applications or rights to 
apply for protection of the same, as may subsist or exist 
anywhere in the world. 
means the Invest to Save Bid initiative provided by 
HM Treasury to support the Joint Venture Project. 
Joint Branding 
means using the Gridlink word mark or logo and/or other 
descriptions or definitions agreed by the GPB when marketing 
or promoting Gridlink or the Gridlink Core Dataset and/or 
products derived from the same. 
Joint Venture Project 
means the work to be undertaken by the Gridlink Consortium 
pursuant to this Agreement to deliver more consistent and 
better value-for-money postcode location products and 
Non-GROS Crown 
means those Crown Consortium Members that cannot legally 
Consortium Members 
contract with other servants and/or agents of the Crown in 
England, being ONS, OS and OSNI as at the date of this 
Page 6 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
means the National Statistics Postcode Directory being the 
ONS product containing current and terminated unit postcodes 
in the United Kingdom, related to a range of administrative, 
health, electoral and other geographies, including National and 
Irish grid references. 
Operational Manager 
means the person appointed from time to time by the GPB who 
does not sit on the GPB and who will be responsible for 
monitoring this Agreement who, at the commencement of the 
Agreement, is named in Annexe A. 
means the database, or any part of it, created and developed 
by RMG and known as the 'Postcode Address File' containing 
all known address and postcode information in the United 
Kingdom as may be amended from time to time. 
means the address database being developed for Northern 
Ireland with the joint support of OSNI, the Valuation & Lands 
Agency (VLA) and RMG, in conjunction with local councils. 
Standardised addresses for every property in Northern Ireland 
are allocated a unique reference number and Irish Grid 
Postcode Boundary files  means the set of GROS postcode boundary files that 
correspond with GROS Postcode Index. 
Postcode Index 
means the GROS index of all live and deleted Scottish 
postcodes and their higher area allocations. 
Postcode Update 
means a product created and made available by RMG which 
provides information on major postcode and address 
reallocations every six (6) months. 
means a product (or any part of it) developed by RMG which 
comprises a version of PAF containing one record for each 
postcode in the UK and combines each postcode with an OS 
grid reference and a variety of other coded identifiers which 
describe, inter alia, Country, County, District and Local 
Authority Electoral Ward and National Health Service District 
Health Authority as may be amended from time to time. 
means the Queens Printer for Scotland, being the body 
responsible for the control and administration of Crown 
Copyright in Scotland. 
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Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 

Period of the Agreement 
This Agreement shall come into force on the date this Agreement is executed by the 
last in time of all Consortium Members appearing on page 3 of this Agreement 
(Commencement Date). This Agreement shall remain in force for three (3) years 
from the Commencement Date or such extended period as the GPB Members may 
direct in accordance with Sub-section 3.3, unless terminated in accordance with 
Section 9 or, in relation to a particular party that is a Departing Consortium Member, 
in accordance with Section 7 or 8 (as appropriate) and/or under the circumstance 
contemplated under Sub-section 18.4. 
This Agreement shall be subject to annual review by the GPB Members. This review 
shall be carried out during November of each year for which this Agreement is in 
force. No proposal for variation of the period or terms of this Agreement arising out 
of the review shall, however, be implemented without the written consent of each of 
the Consortium Members, or pursuant to Sub-section 3.3 in accordance with 
Sub-section 6.8.1. 
Any Consortium Member wishing this Agreement to be extended or amended shall 
make such a proposal to the GPB Members who shall, in accordance with 
Sub-sections 6.5, 6.6, 6.7 and 6.8, either approve and direct accordingly in 
accordance with Sub-section 6.8.1 or dismiss the proposal, provided always that 
any proposal for extension shall be limited to a term of twelve (12) months and only 
one such extension shall be granted in each calendar year of the term of this 
Agreement. All proposals for such extension or amendment shall be directed in 
writing in the first instance to the Operational Manager. 

Gridlink Core Data Component data flows 
between Consortium Members 

(See also Annexe C) 
This Section 4 sets out the flow of data between the parties in order for that data to 
become part of the Gridlink Core Dataset in accordance with the terms of this 
Agreement. This Section 4 shall take precedence in the event of any conflict or 
inconsistency between this Section 4 and Annexe C. 
Office for National Statistics (ONS) 
Provides the following data to OSNI: 
Imputed one (1) metre resolution Irish Grid references for 
new Northern Ireland postcodes on the 5th working day after 
the 3rd Friday of each month. 
Health area/electoral area/administrative area matrix for 
Northern Ireland as part of the UK service by the 28 February 
each year, for quality assurance and amendment. 
Page 8 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Provides the following data to GROS: 
A ward: health area matrix to enable postcodes to be 
assigned to health boards in Scotland as part of the UK 
service by 28 February each year, for quality assurance and 
Provides the following data to OS: 
Changes to electoral and administrative area names and 
codes for the UK via FTP transfer on an impromptu basis on 
Imputed one (1) metre resolution National Grid references for 
new postcodes in the UK via FTP transfer on the 5th working 
day after the 3rd Friday of each month. 
Health area/electoral area/administrative area matrix 
including names and codes for the UK via FTP transfer by 
31 March each year. 
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) 
Provides the following data to ONS: 
Northern Ireland electoral, administrative and health area 
names and codes and health area/electoral 
area/administrative area matrix for Northern Ireland by 
24 March each year. 
Provides the following data to OS: 
Postcodes for Northern Ireland with one (1) metre resolution 
Irish Grid references on the 9th working day after the 
3rd Friday of each month for the following months input. 
Postcode links to Northern Ireland health, electoral and 
administrative areas on the 9th working day after the 
3rd Friday of each month for the following months input. 
General Register Office for Scotland (GROS) 
Provides the following data to ONS: 
Amended and updated ward: health area matrix to enable 
postcodes to be assigned to health boards in Scotland by 
24 March each year. 
Provides the following data to OS: 
One (1) metre resolution National Grid references for new 
Scottish postcodes for inclusion in the Gridlink Core Dataset 
in the absence of OS derived grid references on the 9th 
working day after the 3rd Friday of each month. 
Page 9 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Quality assured Scottish part of the Gridlink Core Dataset 
using GROS’ one (1) metre resolution grid references for 
Scottish postcodes and also returning a monthly list of 
ADDRESS-POINT queries to OS, for database 
Royal Mail Group plc (RMG) 
Provides the following data to ONS for the purposes of extracting 
postcode data: 
The Postzon product and a separate new postcode file in the 
week following the 3rd Friday of each month. 
Notification in March and September of major postcode 
changes through Postcode Update. 
PAF in May and November of each year. 
Provides the following data to OS for the purposes of extracting 
postcode data: 
Expanded Changes and Postzon product for importing into 
the CMS. Downloaded from the FTP site on the Monday after 
the 3rd Friday of each month. 
Ordnance Survey (OS) 
Provides the following data to ONS: 
Gridlink Core Dataset for the UK on the 15th working day after 
the 3rd Friday of each month. 
Provides the following data to GROS: 
Gridlink Core Dataset for Scotland on the 15th working day 
after the 3rd Friday of each month. 
Provides the following data to RMG: 
Gridlink Core Dataset for the UK on the Monday before the 
3rd Friday of each month. 
Provides the following data to OSNI: 
Gridlink Core Dataset for Northern Ireland on the 15th working 
day after the 3rd Friday of each month. 
4.6 Delivery 
No failure by any of the Consortium Members to provide any data 
specified in this Section 4 by the due date shall be a breach of this 
Agreement if that Consortium Member has used reasonable endeavours 
to provide the same by that date and continues to use reasonable 
endeavours to do so until the same has been provided. 
Page 10 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
If for any reason a Consortium Member is unlikely to meet the due date 
for provision of any data pursuant to this Section, that Consortium 
Member shall provide as much advance warning as is reasonably 
practicable to all other Consortium Members, and shall as soon as 
reasonably practicable notify them of a revised delivery date and shall 
use reasonable endeavours to ensure that such a failure or delay does 
not reoccur. 

Consortium Members responsibilities 
Each Consortium Member agrees to: 
Ensure that its GPB Members attend all relevant meetings of the GPB 
and the Gridlink Technical Board. 
Contribute their Gridlink Core Data Component in order to enable OS to 
compile the Gridlink Core Dataset. The timing and frequency of such 
data provision shall be adhered to by the parties in accordance with 
Section 4 of this Agreement. In order for OS to produce the Gridlink 
Core Dataset and to ensure that the same complies with quality 
standards agreed by the GPB, each Consortium Member shall ensure 
that its Gridlink Core Data Component shall comply with quality 
standards agreed by the GPB which shall be notified to each 
Consortium Member in writing from time to time. 
Develop and maintain systems and interfaces to enable them to provide 
the timely input of their Gridlink Core Data Component to the Gridlink 
Master Database in accordance with the terms of the Gridlink User 
Guide (which is available from OS). 
Develop and maintain systems and interfaces which access the Gridlink 
Core Dataset and enable the Gridlink Core Data Component to be 
brought together into the relevant Consortium Member’s Gridlink derived 
Cooperate with the Gridlink Technical Board to develop improved 
dissemination systems between the Consortium Members. 
Use, in accordance with any directions issued by the GPB (acting 
reasonably), Joint Branding on copies of their Gridlink Core Dataset. 
Use, in accordance with any directions issued by the GPB (acting 
reasonably), Jointly Branded product descriptions, metadata, version 
notes, user guidance and any other associated customer information on 
copies of their Gridlink Core Dataset derived products. 
Contribute to the development and production of metadata for use in 
relation to the Gridlink Core Dataset. 
Ensure that the source data provided for import and export will be quality 
assured, in accordance with any directions recommended by the 
Gridlink Technical Board and implemented by the GPB (acting 
reasonably), to maintain any Gridlink Core Dataset specification 
Page 11 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Meet with the other relevant Consortium Members within six (6) months 
of the Commencement Date to discuss progress in relation to agreeing 
formal written Bi-lateral Agreements. 
Office for National Statistics agrees to: 
Chair the Gridlink Technical Board. 
Manage the ISB fund in accordance with Sub-section 18.5 until the 
earlier of expiry or termination of this Agreement or until the ISB fund is 
depleted completely. 
Contribute to the quality assurance of the Gridlink Core Dataset. 
Update ONS systems to provide required data to OS, GROS, RMG and 
Update ONS product creation and delivery systems to use the Gridlink 
Core Dataset. 
Ordnance Survey agrees to: 
Manage and maintain the UK Gridlink Master Database production 
system with appropriate configuration and contingency plans. 
Ensure the Gridlink Core Dataset is managed and controlled on a 
day-to-day basis, taking reasonable instructions from the GPB. 
Manage the process of taking monthly data files from ONS, GROS, 
RMG and OSNI for inclusion in Gridlink Core Dataset and matching and 
allocating the data. 
Contribute, in accordance with any directions issued by the GPB (acting 
reasonably), to the quality assurance of the Gridlink Core Dataset. 
Update OS product and delivery systems to use the Gridlink Core 
Lead developments through the Gridlink Technical Board in relation to 
improved dissemination mechanisms. 
Generate one (1) metre resolution National Grid references for GB 
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland agrees to: 
Update the methodology and system for creating Irish Grid references 
for postcodes in Northern Ireland, and assigning postcodes to health, 
electoral and administrative areas to be consistent with the methodology 
used by OS. 
Generate one (1) metre resolution Irish Grid references for Northern 
Ireland postcodes. 
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Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 

The Gridlink Programme Board (GPB) 
The GPB shall consist of representatives from each Consortium Member as detailed 
in Annexe A. The GPB shall be supported by a Secretariat as also detailed in 
Annexe A. 
The activities of the Gridlink Consortium relating to this Agreement and the Joint 
Venture Project shall be managed by the GPB. It is the responsibility of the GPB to 
ensure the smooth running of the Gridlink Consortium, set any necessary quality 
standards for Gridlink Core Data Components and the Gridlink Core Dataset and 
enforce an agreed timetable for all deliverables as set out in Sections 4 and 5. 
The GPB shall appoint a Chairman on an annual basis and the Chairman shall 
serve for one (1) year. The GPB may, in accordance with Sub-section 6.8.3, remove 
or replace the Chairman. 
The GPB shall appoint the Operational Manager and may, acting in accordance with 
Sub-section 6.8.3, remove or replace the Operational Manager. 
The Chairman of the GPB shall arrange and provide each GPB Member with at 
least ten (10) Business Days’ advance written notice of any GPB meeting. Any 
requests for a meeting by the other Consortium Members shall be directed to the 
Chairman who may call a meeting at his discretion, acting reasonably. 
No meeting shall take place unless a quorum is present. For these purposes, a 
quorum shall mean at least three (3) of the Consortium Members are represented. If 
a Consortium Member’s GPB Member is unable to attend a meeting (including via a 
teleconference link), he may appoint another person/agent from that Consortium 
Member to attend the meeting (including via a teleconference link) and act/vote on 
his behalf. 
Unless specified to the contrary in this Agreement, matters for decision by the GPB 
shall be decided by a simple majority vote of those present and eligible to vote at 
the meeting. Each Consortium Member (including the Chairman) shall have one (1) 
vote, and the Chairman shall, in addition, have a casting vote if there is a tie. 
The following matters will require the agreement of all Consortium Members who 
shall be present (including via a teleconference link) at the GPB if these matters are 
discussed and/or voted upon. Written representations may be made by those 
Consortium Members unable to attend the meeting. 
A variation to this Agreement. 
Approval of financial expenditure and budget allocation. 
Appointment, removal and/or replacement of the GPB Chairman and/or 
the Operational Manager. 
Appointment of any new Consortium Members. 
The termination of this Agreement (other than in accordance with 
Sub-section 3.1) and disbanding of the Gridlink Consortium. 
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Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
The GPB shall establish a project board at such time as it thinks fit. A representative 
from each Consortium Member shall be included on the project board. The project 
board shall report to the GPB who shall agree the project board’s role and 
responsibility. The GBP shall initiate meetings of the project board at such times as 
it thinks fit. The Gridlink Technical Board is one such project board. 
Any Consortium Member may at any time remove and replace its member of the 
GPB by written notice to the GPB Secretariat as detailed in Annexe A. 
The GPB may at any time remove and replace the Programme Manager and 
members of the Secretariat as detailed in Annexe A. 

Withdrawal of a Consortium Member 
Each Consortium Member is hereby granted the right to withdraw from the Gridlink 
Consortium by giving the other Consortium Members not less than twelve (12) 
months advanced notice in writing in the event that: 
a Consortium Member fails to agree formal written Bi-laterals to replace 
the informal arrangement under Sub-section 20.2 within the timeframes 
set out in Sub-section 20.3 or 20.4 (as applicable); or  
for any reason whatsoever. 
Upon expiry of such notice this Agreement shall be deemed to be terminated in 
relation to such Departing Consortium Member. Accordingly such Departing 
Consortium Member shall be relieved from the performance of its obligations under 
this Agreement and the remaining Consortium Members shall be relieved from the 
performance of their obligations towards the Departing Consortium Member under 
this Agreement. The remaining Consortium Members may, but are not obliged to, 
work together in good faith to agree any amendments to this Agreement that may be 
necessary to give effect to this Agreement (if possible) as a consequence of the 
withdrawal of the Departing Consortium Member. 
Upon expiry of the notice under Sub-section 7.1 (or upon expiry of the period set out 
in Sub-section 20.6 or immediately on removal pursuant to Sub-section 8.4), all 
remaining Consortium Members: 
shall stop creating and shall not use new products or services which use 
any version of the Gridlink Core Data Component of the Departing 
Consortium Member, unless such use is expressly permitted under the 
terms of their relevant Bi-lateral Agreement with the Departing 
Consortium Member; 
subject to the terms of any relevant Bi-lateral Agreements and only 
provided that such Bi-lateral Agreements expressly continue to permit 
such use, may continue to use the Gridlink Core Dataset which contain 
any Gridlink Core Data Components supplied  by the Departing 
Consortium Member pursuant to this Agreement, in products or services 
which already existed at the date of withdrawal of that Consortium 
Member; and 
Page 14 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
shall at the option of the Departing Consortium Member, delete, destroy 
or return to the Departing Consortium Member any confidential papers, 
files or magnetic media in relation to the Gridlink Core Data Component, 
which the Departing Consortium Member has provided. 
Upon expiry of the notice under Sub-section 7.1 (or immediately on removal 
pursuant to Sub-section 8.4), the Departing Consortium Member: 
shall stop creating and shall not use new products or services which use 
any version of the Gridlink Core Data Component of the remaining 
Consortium Members, unless such use is expressly permitted under the 
terms of a Bi-lateral Agreement with any remaining Consortium Member; 
subject to the terms of any relevant Bi-lateral Agreements and only 
provided that such Bi-lateral Agreement expressly continues to permit 
such use, may continue to use the Gridlink Core Dataset which contain 
any Gridlink Core Data Components supplied by the remaining 
Consortium Members pursuant to this Agreement, in products or 
services which already existed at the date of withdrawal of that 
Consortium Member; and 
shall at the option of the remaining Consortium Members, delete, 
destroy or return to the remaining Consortium Member any confidential 
papers, files or magnetic media in relation to the Gridlink Core Data 
Component, which the remaining Consortium Member have provided. 

Removing a Consortium Member and 
appointment of a new Consortium Member 

Subject to Sub-sections 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4 below, the GPB may vote to remove a 
Consortium Member at any time. 
A Consortium Member shall only be removed from the Gridlink Consortium by the 
GPB if: 
irreconcilable difficulties arise between the Consortium Members which 
cannot be resolved in accordance with Section 12; or  
there is a change in the status of any Consortium Member which is 
inconsistent with this Agreement (which shall include, by way of 
example, any change in the legal status of the Crown Consortium 
Members) such that they cease to be an office or agency of the Crown 
or a change of management or control of any Consortium Member which 
is not a Crown Consortium Member; or 
a Consortium Member fails to make a payment due pursuant to the 
terms of this Agreement and then fails to remedy within ninety (90) 
Business Days from the GPB requesting the Consortium Member to do 
so in writing; or 
Page 15 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
any Consortium Member commits a continuing or material breach of any 
of the provisions of this Agreement and, in the case of such a breach 
which is capable of remedy, fails to remedy the same within ninety (90) 
Business Days after receipt of a written notice from any other 
Consortium Member giving full particulars of the breach and requiring it 
to be remedied; or 
the circumstances in Sub-section 14.3 arise. 
A majority of seventy-five per cent (75%) of those GPB Members present and 
entitled to vote shall be required by the GPB to remove a Consortium Member. 
Upon removal of a Departing Consortium Member the provisions of Sub-section 7.2 
and 7.3 shall apply and this Agreement shall be deemed terminated in relation to 
such Departing Consortium Member. Accordingly, such Departing Consortium 
Member shall be relieved from the performance of its obligations under this 
Agreement and the remaining Consortium Members shall be relieved from the 
performance of their obligations towards the Departing Consortium Member under 
this Agreement. The remaining Consortium Members may, but are not obliged to, 
work together in good faith to agree any amendments to this Agreement that may be 
necessary to give effect to this Agreement (if  possible) as a consequence of the 
removal of the Departing Consortium Member. 
Subject to unanimous agreement by all GPB Members present and entitled to vote, 
the GPB may vote to appoint a new entity as a Consortium Member to the Gridlink 
Consortium at any time. Such appointment shall only be effective upon the new 
Consortium Member becoming a party to this Agreement, by way of a written 
variation signed by all parties (at the time of such appointment) to this Agreement 
and provided that the new Consortium Member shall: 
join the Gridlink Consortium on the same terms and conditions as 
contained in this Agreement; 
make a contribution to the ISB fund, the level of which shall be 
determined by the GPB by a majority vote (being a majority of 
seventy-five per cent (75%) of those GBP Members present and entitled 
to vote); and 
supply data which will enhance the Gridlink Core Dataset. 

Termination of Agreement and disbanding the 
Gridlink Consortium 

This Agreement shall only be terminated and the Gridlink Consortium disbanded by 
the Consortium Members if: 
the GPB resolves that irreconcilable difficulties have arisen between the 
Consortium Members which have not been or cannot be resolved in 
accordance with Section 12; or 
this Agreement comes to an end pursuant to Sub-section 3.1; or 
the Consortium Members decide by mutual agreement that this 
Agreement should be terminated. 
Page 16 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
A majority of seventy-five per cent (75%) of those present at a meeting of the GPB 
and entitled to vote shall be required by the GPB for any resolution pursuant to 
Sub-section 9.1.1. 
Upon termination of this Agreement and the disbanding of the Gridlink Consortium: 
each Consortium Member shall stop creating and shall not use new 
products or services which use any version of the Gridlink Core Data 
Components provided by the other Consortium Members, unless 
expressly permitted under the terms of the relevant Bi-lateral 
Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, all Consortium Members may, 
subject to the terms of any relevant Bi-lateral Agreements and only 
provided that such Bi-lateral Agreements expressly continue to permit 
such use, continue to use any Gridlink Core Dataset supplied to 
Consortium Members pursuant to this Agreement before the termination 
or expiry in products or services which already existed at the date of 
termination or expiry of this Agreement; and 
any licence granted under this Agreement shall immediately cease, but 
all current Bi-lateral Agreements shall continue pursuant to and in 
accordance with their own terms unless or until they expire or are 
terminated in accordance with those terms; and 
the Consortium Members shall, at the option of the relevant other 
Consortium Members, delete, destroy or return to the other Consortium 
Members any confidential papers, files or magnetic media in relation to 
the Gridlink Core Data Component, which the other Consortium 
Members have provided. 
10 Assignment 
Save as under Sub-section 10.2, no Consortium Member may assign in whole or in 
part any rights and/or obligations that arise out of this Agreement to any third party, 
without the prior written consent of all the other Consortium Members, such consent 
not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed. 
Each Consortium Member (or subsequent recognised successor) shall be entitled to 
assign, novate, subcontract or otherwise dispose of their rights and obligations 
under this Agreement or any part thereof to any office or agency of the Crown. 
The parties recognise that in the event that any Crown Consortium Member is 
merged with another public body or bodies by a Transfer of Functions order or other 
Order, or disposed of by statute to other parties, the benefit and liabilities of this 
Agreement will, without penalty or restriction, be assigned to and inure to the benefit 
of the Crown and in joint and proportional shares. 
The Consortium Members acknowledge that the Intellectual Property Rights in the 
Crown Consortium Members’ Gridlink Core Data Components belong to the Crown 
and can not be assigned without express consent from the Controller or QPS. 
Accordingly, the assigning party under Sub-section 10.2 and/or Sub-section 10.3 
shall undertake and shall procure that any third party assignee shall undertake to 
seek advice and the necessary consent from the Controller or QPS prior to any 
assignment under any of the eventualities listed in Sub-section 10.2 and/or 
Sub-section 10.3. 
Page 17 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
11 Third 
Other than the Controller or QPS, a person who is not party to this Agreement has 
no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties Act) 1999 to enforce any term 
of this Agreement. 
12 Disputes 
In the event of any question or dispute arising between the Consortium Members 
about any matter relating to the Gridlink Consortium, including (without limitation) 
the performance and/or termination of this Agreement, but excluding any disputes 
relating to the terms or subject-matter of any Bi-lateral Agreement, which cannot be 
resolved by the parties within forty-five (45) Business Days of notice of such dispute 
being brought, the issue will be escalated to the GPB. 
In the event that such dispute continues, and cannot be resolved by GPB within 
ninety (90) Business Days, the dispute will be referred to mediation in accordance 
with the Guidelines for Mediation of The Academy of Experts, 2 South Square, 
Gray’s Inn, LONDON, WC1R 5HT, or such other alternative dispute resolution 
procedure as is agreed between the parties in writing, each acting in good faith. 
The use of mediation will be without prejudice to the rights of the Consortium 
Members in all respects save that compliance with this Section shall be a condition 
precedent to any litigation or arbitration on the dispute. 
13 Confidentiality 
The Consortium Members: 
Undertake to treat any information provided in relation to this Agreement 
as confidential where such information (i) by its nature or the 
circumstances of its disclosure, is or ought reasonably to have been 
regarded as confidential; or (ii) is notified by the disclosing Consortium 
Member as being confidential (Confidential Information). 
Shall not disclose or divulge Confidential Information to any third party 
without the written authority of the relevant Consortium Member, nor use 
it for any purpose other than in connection with this Agreement. 
Shall at all times be at liberty to discuss Confidential Information with its 
staff, contractors, advisers and other Consortium Members who are 
directly involved with the performance of a party’s obligations under the 
Agreement (i) strictly on a need-to-know basis only; and (ii) provided that 
such staff, contractors and advisers are under obligations of 
confidentiality no less restrictive than those contained in this Section 13. 
Shall use Confidential Information of another Consortium Member only 
to the extent required for the performance of its obligations or pursuant 
to its rights under this Agreement. 
Page 18 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
May disclose Confidential Information if required by a Court of Law or 
other competent jurisdiction or any other regulatory authority to the 
extent necessary to comply with any law or Order of any such Court or 
regulatory authority, provided that any such Consortium Member shall, 
where possible, give the other Consortium Members no less than 
seven (7) Business Days of notice of such disclosure. 
Further to Sub-section 13.1.5 and subject to giving notice under the 
same, it is expressly acknowledged that the Crown Consortium Members 
are under certain disclosure obligations under the Freedom of Information 
Act 2000
 and the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (as 
applicable). Consistent with the spirit of their respective obligations under 
the aforementioned legislation, each Crown Consortium Member is 
obliged to restrict the scope of the confidentiality obligations under 
Section 13.1, unless any exceptions apply. In determining whether or not 
any exceptions apply, each Crown Consortium Member will apply criteria 
which are consistent with the criteria applicable to their other customers, 
contractors or suppliers. 
The obligation set out in Sub-section 13.1 above shall cease to apply in respect of: 
any information which reaches the public domain other than through a 
Consortium Member’s default;  
any information which was disclosed to one Consortium Member by a 
third party legally in possession of the Confidential Information and who 
was not restricted from disclosing it; 
any information which is independently created without use or 
knowledge of any Confidential Information; or  
any information already in the possession of one Consortium Member 
without breaching any duty of confidence predating this Agreement. 
The provisions of this Section 13 shall survive the expiry or termination of this 
14  Circumstances beyond the control of the 
Gridlink Consortium 
Notwithstanding anything else contained in this Agreement, no Consortium Member 
shall be liable for any failure or delay in performing any of its obligations hereunder if 
such failure or delay is caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control 
(including, without limitation, any delay caused by any act or omission of another 
Consortium Member or strikes, riots, sabotage, acts of war or piracy, essential 
equipment being destroyed by fire, explosions, storm, flood or earthquake, and 
delays caused by failure of power supplies, transport failure or unavailability of 
Subject to the affected Consortium Member not delaying prompt notification to the 
other Consortium Members in writing of the reasons for the failure or delay (and the 
likely duration of any delay), the performance of the affected Consortium Member’s 
obligations shall be suspended during the period that the said circumstances persist 
and it shall be granted an extension of time for performance equal to the period of 
any delay. 
Page 19 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
If the affected Consortium Member is unable to resume its performance of this 
Agreement within sixty (60) Business Days of giving notification to the other 
Consortium Members under Sub-section 14.2, the GPB may vote to remove the 
affected Consortium Member in accordance with Section 8. 
15 Severability 
The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall not affect 
the validity or enforceability or any other provision of this Agreement, so that each 
provision is severable from each other provision. 
16  Interpreting the Agreement 
This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with English Law. 
17  The Complete Agreement 
This Agreement, together with the Annexes hereto supersedes all prior statements, 
agreements, arrangements and understanding between the parties. It constitutes 
this entire Agreement between the Consortium Members relating to the subject 
matter hereof. Each party confirms that it has not relied upon any representation not 
recorded in this document inducing it to enter into this Agreement. No addition to or 
modification of any provision of this Agreement, except where provided for, shall be 
binding upon the Consortium Members unless agreed in writing by the Consortium 
Members in accordance with the terms set out herein. 
18  Dataset provision and other financial 
OS will manage and maintain the production process relating to the Gridlink Core 
Dataset on behalf of the Gridlink Consortium. The ISB funds will continue to be used 
to meet the Gridlink Core Database maintenance that OS undertakes, up to such a 
time when the fund is finally diminished or subject to HM Treasury conditions. 
ONS will notify each Consortium Member and the GBP, by giving written notice, as 
soon as the ISB fund is down to ten per cent (10%) of its original value (being one 
hundred and thirty seven thousand pounds (£137 000)). 
Upon complete exhaustion of the ISB fund (including top up contributions by the 
Consortium Members), OS shall be responsible for the Gridlink Core Dataset 
production costs, unless and until such production costs exceed four thousand and 
five hundred pounds (£4 500) per Financial Year (plus an increase equal to the 
average percentage change in retail price index for the applicable period) (the OS 
Initial Cap
). Any production costs that exceed the OS Initial Cap up to a further 
amount of five thousand and five hundred pounds (£5 500) (plus an increase equal 
to the average percentage change in retail price index for the applicable period) in a 
particular Financial Year (which will be itemised by OS) shall then be shared equally 
among the Consortium Members (the Excess Costs Cap). 
Page 20 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
OS shall promptly notify the GPB and all Consortium Members in writing in the 
event that production costs are likely to exceed the Excess Costs Cap in any 
Financial Year and, insofar as possible, provide an estimate of the total production 
costs for that particular Financial Year. The GPB shall have a period of twenty (20) 
Business Days from OS notice to decide by unanimous vote and to notify each 
Consortium Member whether or not production of the Gridlink Core Dataset should 
continue and how such production costs will be shared between the Consortium 
Members, and all Consortium Members shall work together in good faith to enable 
the GPB to make a decision within that timeframe. Any failure by any Consortium 
Member to comply with their respective obligations under Sections 4 and 5 (other 
than in relation to Sub-section 5.1.1) of this Agreement during the period the GPB is 
deliberating production continuation and/or sharing of production costs shall not 
constitute a breach of their respective obligations. If after a period of one (1) month 
from the end of the twenty (20) Business day period the GPB has failed to make a 
decision and notify all Consortium Members of the same, then the Consortium 
Members will immediately terminate this Agreement pursuant to Sub-section 9.1.3. 
ONS acts as the accounting officer and budget holder during the period covered by 
the ISB funding, and is accountable to HM Treasury and to the GPB for the 
management of these ISB funds. ONS shall hold ISB funds on trust for all 
Consortium Members in a separate ring-fenced Gridlink Joint Venture Project 
budget account. No interest is received by ONS on the ISB funds that it holds, save 
that such interest as accrues on such ISB funds shall be credited to that account. 
The financial accounts will be made available to all Consortium Members and the 
GPB for auditing on the first day of each Financial Year during the term of this 
Agreement. Each Consortium Member and/or the GPB, by giving ONS thirty (30) 
Business Days notice, shall have the right not more than once each Financial Year 
to request copies of financial accounts, records and other documents and materials 
relating to this Agreement in the possession or under the control of ONS. 
Each Consortium Member will maintain records of their expenditure1 for the duration 
of this Agreement, for any work required to be undertaken by them and for which it 
is agreed by the Gridlink Technical Board or the GPB will be funded from the ISB 
funds. During periods of such work, each Consortium Member will provide quarterly 
statements, including nil expenditure, to ONS copied to GPB. 
The formal arrangements for the transfer of funds in respect of standard 
maintenance costs identified as relating to Gridlink shall be through standard 
invoicing procedures. 
1   Such expenditure routinely includes employment costs, travel & subsistence, and consumables (for example, 
stationery) and also, but only with the prior agreement of the GPB, outsourced or hard-charged work such as 
consultancy, reprographic work and so on. Accommodation costs, PC and any support/overhead costs are 
excluded unless specifical y agreed by the GPB. In deciding whether to acquire a service in-house or from an 
outsource/hard-charged area, the GPB will take account of the quality and timeliness of the service; cost 
would not be the prime driver. Staff costs will exclude departmental/directorate/divisional/branch overheads. 
Page 21 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
19  Intellectual Property Rights 
RMG owns or is otherwise authorised to use all Intellectual Property Rights in any 
Gridlink Core Data Component(s) and related materials supplied by RMG under the 
terms of this Agreement, including (without limitation) PAF, Postzon, Postcode 
Update and Combined Changes. All Intellectual Property Rights subsisting or arising 
in relation to any RMG Gridlink Core Data Component shall vest in or remain the 
property of RMG or, where relevant, its licensor irrespective of the style, content and 
format of such material. 
All Intellectual Property in and to the Crown Consortium Members’ Gridlink Core 
Data Components and/or all other material supplied by them under this Agreement 
is owned by the Crown (and therefore protected by Crown Copyright) and is 
controlled and managed by: 
the Controller in England, Wales & Northern Ireland. The Controller has 
delegated powers to the Chief Executive of OSNI, the Chief Executive 
Officer for OS and the Registrar General for England and Wales for the 
ONS, for the administration and licensing of any Intellectual Property in 
and to their respective Gridlink Core Data Components; and 
QPS in Scotland. QPS has delegated power to The Registrar General 
for Scotland for the administration and licensing of the Intellectual 
Property in and to GROS’ Gridlink Core Data Components. 
Each Consortium Member agrees that such Intellectual Property Rights as may 
arise in relation to the amalgamated data items in the Gridlink Core Dataset by 
reason of the implementation of this Agreement belongs to the Crown and RMG for 
the time being in proportion to the percentage of each Consortium Member’s 
Gridlink Core Data Components as part of the Gridlink Core Dataset. Consortium 
Members agree that any use and/or exploitation of the Gridlink Core Dataset, or any 
parts thereof shall be subject to the appropriate Bi-lateral Agreements between 
Consortium Members provided that each Consortium Member is able to use its 
respective Gridlink Core Data Component without restriction. The Intellectual 
Property Rights in the Gridlink Core Dataset do not impact on the Intellectual 
Property Rights of the individual Gridlink Core Data Components which shall vest in 
or remain the property of RMG or the Crown in accordance with Sub-section 19.1 
and 19.2 above. 
Each Consortium Member (other than OS) hereby grants to OS a non-exclusive, 
non-transferable, royalty-free licence to use its Gridlink Core Data Component(s) for 
the duration of this Agreement or, if shorter, the duration of the relevant Consortium 
Member’s participation in the Gridlink Consortium only for the purposes of the 
creation, development and maintenance of the Gridlink Core Dataset in accordance 
with the terms of this Agreement. 
The Intellectual Property in the Gridlink User Guide is owned by OS. OS hereby 
grants all Consortium Members the non-exclusive right to use the Gridlink User 
Guide for the purposes of effecting this Agreement on a royalty free basis for the 
term of this Agreement. 
Page 22 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Each Consortium Member agrees to notify the GPB immediately if they become 
aware of any actual, threatened, suspected or potential infringement of Intellectual 
Property Rights in the Gridlink Core Dataset or any Gridlink Core Data Component. 
The GPB may then institute the necessary steps to confirm and, where relevant, 
request the Consortium Members to take action against such confirmed 
infringement. Neither the GPB nor any Consortium Member shall be obliged to take 
any actions in respect of any actual, threatened, suspected or potential 
infringements of the Intellectual Property Rights in any individual Gridlink Core Data 
Components, however each Consortium Member may at the request of the owner of 
the individual Gridlink Core Data Components give all reasonable assistance to 
such owner (at the owner’s own expense) in connection with any claims or 
proceedings made or instituted against any third party (including its employees) for 
such actual, threatened, suspected or potential infringement of the owner’s Gridlink 
Core Data Components. 
Each Consortium Member warrants that the use in the manner contemplated by this 
Agreement of each Gridlink Core Data Component provided by it hereunder will not 
infringe any Intellectual Property Rights of any third party or any other Consortium 
Save as permitted under Sub-section 19.4 to allow production of the Gridlink Core 
Dataset, Consortium Members shall not at any time copy, reproduce, publish, sell, 
let, lend, reutilise, transfer, extract or otherwise part with possession of the whole or 
any part of another Consortium Member’s Gridlink Core Data Component or relay or 
disseminate the same to any third party, except as is expressly permitted by the 
terms of this Agreement or Bi-lateral Agreement. Each Consortium Member may 
make a reasonable number of back-up copies of the Data for security purposes. 
Each Consortium Member may only use such archived back-up copies of the Data 
for archive retention and retrieval purposes. 
If any Consortium Member considers that Intellectual Property devised jointly by the 
parties should be protected by registration or in any other way, the Consortium 
Member shall notify the GPB and if the GPB, acting reasonably, requires, the 
Consortium Members shall enter into such deeds and documents and do such acts 
as may be necessary to effect such registration, the costs of which to be shared 
equally by the Consortium Members. 
The Gridlink word mark and logo are registered trade marks of OS and are held on 
trust for all Consortium Members in equal shares as tenants in common. Save as to 
allow OS to administer the registration and maintenance of the Gridlink word mark 
and logo, the parties acknowledge that no Consortium Member may use the Gridlink 
word mark and/or logo without the written consent of the GPB. 
Each Consortium Member acknowledges that: 
19.11.1 Pointer® is a registered trade mark of OSNI; 
19.11.2 Postzon® and PAF® and Royal Mail ® are registered trade marks of 
19.11.3 Code-Point®, ADDRESS-POINT®, Ordnance Survey® and the 
Ordnance Survey symbol are registered trade marks of OS and 
19.11.4 OSNI® and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland® are registered trade 
marks of OSNI. 
Page 23 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Subject to Sub-section 19.10, nothing in this Agreement shall entitle a Consortium 
Member to use the trade marks of another Consortium Member, including but 
without limitation those listed above. 
20 Bi-lateral 
Use and/or exploitation of the Gridlink Core Dataset in its entirety or any parts 
thereof, shall be provided for pursuant to separate licence terms within Bi-lateral 
Agreements as may be agreed from time to time between certain of the Consortium 
Members outside of the terms of this Agreement.  
The Consortium Members agree and acknowledge that as at the Commencement 
Date certain informal arrangements exist to enable each of them to use and/or 
exploit the relevant parts (or whole) of the Gridlink Core Dataset for the sole 
purpose of the relevant Consortium Member creating the products set out in the 
Annexe C under the heading ‘Export: Core Dataset’. 
The Consortium Members shall work together in good faith to agree formal written 
Bi-lateral Agreements within twelve (12) months of the Commencement Date. 
The GPB may grant any Consortium Member an extension of up to six (6) months 
from expiry of the period set out in Sub-section 20.3, if the Consortium Member 
requesting such any extension can demonstrate to the GPB that such an extension 
is legitimately required to conclude formal written Bi-lateral Agreements. Any 
request for an extension under this Sub-section 20.4 must be sent to the GPB in 
writing within ten (10) Business Days after the meeting under Sub-section 5.1.10. 
The GPB will notify the party requesting an extension of its decision in writing within 
twenty (20) Business Days of receiving a written request. A majority of seventy-five 
per cent (75%) of those GPB Members present and entitled to vote shall be required 
by the GPB to grant an extension under this Sub-section 20.4. 
The Consortium Members shall continue with any informal arrangements that exist 
between them to use and/or exploit the relevant parts (or whole) of the Gridlink Core 
Dataset until expiry of the periods set out in Sub-section 20.3 and, if applicable, 
Sub-section 20.4. 
If any Consortium Member fails to agree formal written Bi-lateral Agreements in 
place of those referred to in Sub-section 20.2 within the timeframes set out in 
Sub-section 20.3 or, if applicable, Sub-section 20.4 then that Consortium Member 
will be deemed to have given notice of withdrawal from the Gridlink Consortium from 
the date of such failure pursuant to Sub-section 7.1.1. For the purpose of 
Sub-section 7.2.1 and 7.3.1, it is expressly acknowledged that the informal 
arrangements referred to in Sub-section 20.2 shall automatically terminate 
twelve (12) months from the expiry of the notice period set out in Sub-section 7.1, 
after which period the provisions of Sub-sections 7.2 and 7.3 shall apply. All 
Consortium Members agree and acknowledge that the provisions of this 
Sub-section 20.6 shall take precedence over the terms (whether expressed or 
implied) of any informal arrangement referred to in Sub-section 20.2 with whom 
written Bi-lateral Agreements have not been agreed. 
Nothing contained in this Agreement shall prevent each Consortium Member from 
using or exploiting its own Gridlink Core Data Component independently of the 
Gridlink Core Dataset. 
Page 24 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
21  Acceptance and signatures 
Cyril Fitzgerald 
Peter ter Haar 
IT Procurement Executive  
Director Products 
Department  Office for National Statistics 
Department  Ordnance Survey 
or Agency 
or Agency 
Peter Scrimgeour 
Iain Greenway 
Head of Statistics Division 
Chief Executive 
Department  General Register Office for 
Department  Ordnance Survey of Northern 
or Agency 
or Agency 
..............................................   Date 
..............................................   Signature 
Jennie Longden 
Head of Address Management
Consortium  Royal Mail Group plc 
Page 25 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Annexe A  Membership of the Gridlink Programme 
Graham Jenkinson, Office for National Statistics 
Segensworth Road 
PO15 5RR 
Tel: 01329 
Peter ter Haar, Ordnance Survey 
Romsey Road 
United Kingdom 
SO16 4GU 
023 8079 2464 
Email:  xxxxx.xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx  
Mick Martin, Royal Mail Group plc 
Fourth Floor 
Address Management Centre 
Royal Mail Group plc 
Slindon Street 
PO1 1AF 
02392 88 2700 
Iain Greenway, Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland 
Colby House 
Stranmillis Court 
Malone Lower 
BT9 5BJ 
028 9025 5702 
Tricia Couper, General Register Office for Scotland 
Ladywell House 
Ladywell Road 
EH12 7TF 
0131 314 4643 
Page 26 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Gridlink Programme Manager: 
Alan Taylor, Office for National Statistics  
(GPB Member non-voting) 

Segensworth Road 
PO15 5RR 
Tel: 01329 
Operational Manager: 
Alan Scott, Office for National Statistics 
Segensworth Road 
PO15 5RR 
Tel: 01329 
Mike Phelps, Office for National Statistics 
Segensworth Road 
PO15 5RR 
Tel: 01329 
Commercial Manager: 
Cyril Fitzgerald, Office for National Statistics 
Segensworth Road 
PO15 5RR 
Tel: 01329 
Any changes to the constitution of the Gridlink Programme Board will be included in the 
Gridlink Programme Plan maintained by the Gridlink Programme Manager. 
Page 27 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Annexe B  Gridlink source identification 
This Agreement only deals with the production of the Gridlink Core Dataset. It does not 
include or make provision for any onward utilisation of the Gridlink Core Dataset by the 
individual Consortium Members. 
Production Agreement: Gridlink Core Dataset 
Dataset content 
Gridlink process 
Current UK postcodes, one (1) metre resolution National and Irish 
Gridlink Core 
Grid references (coordinates), links to UK countries and to 
administrative and health areas, positional quality indicators. 
Each Consortium Members’ Intellectual-Property Rights (IPR) and licensing agreements for 
use of their source data will be covered in appropriate Bi-lateral Agreements. Each 
Consortium Member will have specific contracts detailing use of the Gridlink Core Data 
Components with the source data provider. 
Source data information for supporting separate Bi-lateral Agreements 
Gridlink Core Data Component 
I-P owner  
National Grid references 
Ordnance Survey Crown 
• Boundary-Line 
Postcode Address File (PAF)  
Royal Mail Group  Royal Mail Group plc 
Combined Changes containing the 
following sub-products; Changes, Single 
Changes, Expanded Changes, Expanded 
Single Changes, Welsh Changes and 
Postcodes GB and Northern Ireland 
England & Wales health, electoral & admin  Office for 
area codes 
Details of Admin areas 
Northern Ireland health, electoral & admin 
Ordnance Survey  Crown 
area codes 
of Northern 
Scottish Health Board, electoral & admin 
General Register  Crown 
area codes 
Office for 
Page 28 

Gridlink® Production Service Level Agreement 
Annexe C  Gridlink Core Dataset Process – Import and Export. 
1  The Postzon product. 
1  Northern Ireland electoral, 
1  UK Postcodes and imputed 
2  Notification in March and September 
administrative and health area names 
of Major Postcode Changes through 
and codes, and health area/electoral 
2  Imputed 1 metre resolution Irish Grid 
1  Ward: health area matrix sent to 
Postcode Update plus PAF® in May 
area/administrative area matrix for 
references, new Northern Ireland 
and November sent to ONS. 
Northern Ireland sent to ONS 
postcodes to OSNI and OS. 
2  1 metre resolution National Grid 
3  Combined Changes Files Combined 
2  NI postcodes, & their links to Northern 
3  UK electoral and administrative area 
references for new Scottish 
Changes and Postzon product sent to 
Ireland health, electoral and 
names and codes. ward: health area 
postcodes in the absence of OS-
OS via CMS. 
administrative areas & Irish Grid 
matrix. Sent to OSNI & GROS then on 
derived grid references. Sent to OS 
References sent to OS. 
acceptance on to OS. 
3   Returns monthly lists of 
ADDRESS-POINT queries to OS. 
Import: Process 
Central Management System (CMS- 
ADDRESS-POINT) Exports National Grid 
references & Version data to Gridlink® 
Allocates ward and health area codes to the new postcodes for GB. Replaces imputed 
Admin Boundaries System 
100 m coordinates with 1 m when able. Replaces GB ward and health area codes if 
exports admin area names to Gridlink® 
improved coordinates change allocation. 
Export: Core Dataset  Supplied to each Consortium Member  
National Statistics Postcode 
Postcode Index and Boundaries files 
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