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National Statistics 
Terms and Conditions of Use 
(Internal Use Only – End 

All terms and conditions supplied with the Data shall form part of this licence.  
Please ensure all the terms and conditions are read carefully before using the 
Data. Using these Data or software indicates your acceptance of these terms and 
conditions. If you do not agree with them, you should promptly return the Data. 
These Data are protected both by English Copyright Law and international treaty 
1. Grant of Licence 
This Agreement will last for one year and then continue provided that the Data is 
renewed annually and the Agreement is not terminated. 
The Data may be used freely within your own organisation only; this includes use 
of the Data by a permitted sub-contractor, acting on your behalf, when 
undertaking activities that you are licensed to perform. However, you have no 
right to transmit, re-publish or redistribute the Data through any medium or any 
format or media for commercial gain.  
2. Copyright 
You acknowledge that at all times the copyright in the Data, in any format, 
belongs to the Crown and is protected by English Copyright Law, International 
treaty provisions and all other applicable national laws. These Data must be 
treated as any other copyright material except that you may make copies solely 
for back-up or archival purposes.  
3. Other Restrictions 
You may not rent or lease the Data. The Data are the property of the Office for 
National Statistics and this Licence only grants the Purchaser use of the Data. 
This agreement may be terminated at any time at which point the Data must be 
returned to National Statistics.  
4. Disclaimer  
The Office for National Statistics expressly excludes all warranties (expressed or 
implied) including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability and 
fitness for a particular purpose with respect to defects in the Data. No warranty is 
given by the Office for National Statistics as to the accuracy and/or 
comprehensiveness of the Data. 
In no event shall the Office for National Statistics be liable for any loss of profit 
and/or any other commercial damage including without limitation special, 
incidental, consequential or other damages. 
5. Governing Law 
This Licence is covered by the laws of England and Wales.