This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'How do you charge for NSPD?'.

Here is a copy of the email we sent out to our new internal business use customers.  It details 
all the standard contracts, there is a charging documents etc and it will shortly be available on 
the website for everyone to access so hopefully this should answer all David's questions. 
Provision of NSPD (or NHSPD) from November 
You will recall that we wrote to you earlier in the year advising you of a new Royal Mail 
licensing and royalty policy and providing an overview on how it will affect you. We also made 
clear that, in order to conform with Royal Mail's policy, all existing contracts would terminate 
at the end of October. Unless new licences, together with Royal Mail terms were accepted, 
customers would no longer be able to use any NSPD data from November, regardless of 
whether the data was current or from a previous supply. 
We hope you wish to carry on receiving and using the NSPD (and therefore Royal Mail data 
from which it is derived), but  we now need to establish your exact requirements. This is so 
that you are appropriately licensed and the correct level of Royal Mail royalties can be 
I have enclosed some documents to allow you to specify your requirements. 
Order Form (enclosure 1) which you should complete to specify your requirements. 
NSPD charging document (enclosure 4). Please contact us if you are uncertain of the 
charges you will incur. Some elements are not specified, for example, each GOR will attract a 
royalty which is determined by the number of Postcode Areas the GOR contains.  
Once you have completed and returned the Order Form, or as a result of discussion with us, 
we will confirm the costs with you in an e-mail and ask you to confirm that you wish to 
proceed. An invoice will then be forwarded to you and once your payment has been received 
we will arrange for the NSPD to be despatched. 
Please note that costs for the Royal Mail royalties will be in addition to the existing ONS costs 
for the NSPD which have remain unchanged at this time.  
Standard terms and conditions (enclosure 2): Due to terms imposed on us by Royal Mail, 
we have needed to revise our terms. Please read these carefully before you use the NSPD as 
use of the data will confirm acceptance of the terms. 
Royal Mail's End User Data Licence Agreement (enclosure 6) and the Royal Mail End 
User Registration Form (enclosure 3) 
You should complete and return the End User Registration Form to us within 7 days of 
entering into the agreement (i.e. within 7 days of using the data). 
Sub-contractors Licence (enclosure 7) - to follow.  If you intend to use (sub)contractors to 
work on your behalf you will need to issue them with a written licence. When available this will 
contain the Royal Mail terms that should be issued. 
Ordnance Survey Licences (enclosure 5) - for those using grid references.  
What we need from you: 
To complete and return the Order Form as soon as possible, and in any event no later than 
31st October 2008.  
We appreciate that this is a lot of information in an email but not all may apply to your use of 
NSPD. We would very much appreciate an early response, and we will do all we can to 

process your order / queries quickly to ensure that the delivery of November's NSPD is not 
Please get back to us if any points need clarifying.