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Subject: orwich Northern Distributor Road - Final Approval
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I thought I would give you early warning that the Norwich Northern Distributor Road’s 
final approval bid has just arrived with us.  Details of the scheme are below but I am 
providing early warning as the total cost of the scheme has increased to over £100m - 
£106m to be precise – so I am assuming if our Ministers make a decision to fund 
the  scheme they will need to seek the Chief Secretary’s agreement to the funding. 
Norfolk CC has asked for additional funding (£15m) about which we are currently 
seeking our Minister’s views. If agreed this would bring the Department’s total 
contribution to £83.3m from the current £67.5m with the total cost increasing from £87m 
to £106m. We are on a tight timetable to agree the scheme so that work can start in 
October otherwise there could be delays caused by winter and other issues. I would 
hope that our Ministers would consider the scheme around 11th September following 
which a letter would be sent to the CST. I understand Andrew Jones, the relevant 
Minister, may be visiting Norfolk around this time so it would be good if he could 
announce the decision if it were possible assuming it is positive during his visit. I am 
assuming that we can continue to seek approval whist the SR process is on otherwise 
we would have to wait until after the SR announcement which would significantly delay 
the scheme and cause a considerable political problem given the high profile nature of 
the scheme.
I would be happy to discuss further.
1.       Norwich Northern Distributor Route (NNDR) is a 20km dual carriageway road 
planned to run from the A47 at Postwick, round Norwich, to the A1067. Previously the 
Government gave initial approval, on cost grounds, for a shorter 14km section of the full 
route - from Postwick to A140 – which is the scheme on which we will seek approval 
from Ministers. Norfolk plan to pay for the scheme to be extended to the A1067. 
2.       The current transport network is claimed to inhibit current and future housing and 
employment growth in Norwich. Norfolk estimate that up to 8,000 houses and 95ha of 
employment land (largely for office employment) leading to some 12,200 jobs will be 
unlikely to proceed without improved transport provision for which NNDR (including the 
Postwick Junction) is deemed the best solution. In addition current peak hour 
congestion on radial routes and the Norwich Outer Ring Road leads to congestion and 
rat-running on inappropriate routes to the north of Norwich causing environmental 
problems. Norfolk state that its ability to provide further sustainable transport measures 
in the City, as set out in the wider Norwich Area Transportation Strategy (NATS), is 
inhibited without the reduction in traffic the road would bring about.
3.       When last assessed the scheme had a very high vfm with a BCR of 5.4. 
Programme Entry was re-confirmed in November 2011 at total cost of £111m of which 
DfT would provide £86m subject to satisfactory completion of the remaining statutory 
procedures and procurement. The Postwick Junction element was subsequently 
separated out and approved as a stand-alone scheme given the wider employment 

benefits it will bring even if the NNDR is not built. It is currently under construction at a 
total cost of £24m with a DfT contribution of £19m and is expected to open in October.
4.       The Secretary of State approved the legal orders for the NNDR on 2 June and 
they are now free of any objection period.
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