This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Full Approval for Norwich NDR'.

From: [dft]
20 August 2015 08:14
To: [ncc]
Cc: [ncc]
Subject: NNDR
Egress Switch: Unencrypted
Thanks for the telephone message.
Could you please send me a copy of the note and any public statements you are 
making about the revised costs.
In addition I need urgently a revised cost profile, showing the revised funding and when 
it is required otherwise I cannot keep the momentum on the internal approvals at this 
end which could delay final approval.
xxxx xxxx  
, Local Infrastructure Division 
2/1x GMH, Great Minster House 
33 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 4DR 
020 7944 xxxx       
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