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Subject:        RE: Sub - Norwich Northern Distributor Road: Announcement of 
Full Approval
Hi xxxx,
Andrew has agreed to your submission on Norwich Northern Distributor Road. I will put the letter wording into letter 
Please will you let me know when you’d like these letters to go out. 
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Cc: John Dowie ; Graham Pendlebury ; xxxx xxxx ; xxxx xxxx ; xxxx xxxx ; xxxx xxxx
Subject: Sub - Norwich Northern Distributor Road: Announcement of Full Approval
Please find attached a submission on the following issue:
Norwich Northern Distributor Road: Announcement of Full Approval
1. Announcement of full and final approval of the Norwich Northern Distributor Road as previously approved. 
2. Routine – although it would be good to make the announcement as soon as possible given the delays that have 
occurred so that Norfolk can sign the 
contracts and mobilise the contractors to start works in time to avoid further delays caused by the bird-nesting season. In
 addition the Chancellor is 
visiting Norfolk at the end of the month. Officials have agreed that we should not delay the announcement further to fit 
in with this but it 
would be good if our announcement could be made in good time to allow the possibility of mobilisation to begin in 
advance of the Chancellor’s visit.

4. That you note the current position with the scheme and agree the draft letter to send to local MPs (Annex B). A draft 
press notice will be submitted 
by Press Office shortly. In doing so you should note the points raised by recent correspondence with a Norfolk 
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