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Sent:   08 September 2015 18:11
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Subject:        FW: NNDR _ Councillors Letter
Good afternoon
Councillor Boswell wrote to the NCC Legal Officer asking to have the Council debate on 
the NDR funding deferred pending clarification over his concerns around the impact of 
inflation. He has now written to you in a similar vein.
The NCC Legal Officer investigated the concerns and determined that the debate could 
continue, subject to the Director providing Councillors with a clarification over one figure 
– where it was agreed that a quoted comparison figure of 22% (derived from another 
report) should have been 15.68%. This clarification was provided at the start of the 
meeting and the Legal Officer was content that the debate could continue and a sound 
decision was made. This obviously differs from Cllr Boswell’s view - but it is the view of 
the Legal Officer that represents the County Council on this matter.
As part of the target cost process with Balfour Beatty, the Council commissioned  a 
report from Franklin & Andrews to assess the level of construction inflation experienced 
between 2010 and 2015 (see attached). This demonstrated that the BB target cost was 
‘not unreasonable’ when compared to other typical schemes as represented by 
nationally accepted measures of construction inflation. This was then further tested by 
comparing the NDR cost per mile with the cost of the recently delivered A11 dualling per 
mile. As set out in the report to Full Council, this again was ‘not unreasonable’. Neither 
of these comparators impact on the target cost provided by BB, but they have informed 
the officer view that the BB costs have been tested and are robust.
This led to the officer advice that retendering the contract would lead to delay, the cost 
associated with this delay, and given our understanding of construction inflation, this 
was likely to lead to higher tender costs and worse value for the public purse. This 
obviously differs from Cllr Boswell’s view, but Members considered this information and 
officer advice when coming to their decision.
Cllr Boswell concludes his letter by saying that alternatives should be assessed and 
appraised. The scheme has of course been subject to and endorsed by the relevant 
statutory processes. Cllr Boswell opposed the scheme through the examination in public 
and continues to object to it. However, the scheme has been strongly supported in a 
vote in Full Council and the County Council is committed to delivering this important 
piece of infrastructure that underpins much of the Greater Norwich City Deal.
Kind regards, 
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To: [ncc] 
Subject: NNDR _ Councillors Letter
Please find attached a letter sent to my line manager from Councillors Boswell and 
Morgan following the 2 September meeting of Norfolk County Council which approved 
the increase in funding for the NNDR scheme. I would welcome your comments and 
answers to the various questions before we consider this at the Investment Board next 
I would be happy to discuss.
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Local Investment Division
Department for Transport
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