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Sent:   28 August 2015 12:32
To:     [dft]
Subject:        FW: Norwich Distributor Road Funding.
Attachments:    RE: Norwich Distributor Road Funding.
I had a word with [NCC] re the attached.
Key points are:
*       I said I thought we had all we need from them now – pending the formal outcome 
of the Council meeting on 2 Sept

xxxx will phone you on the morning of 3 Sept with a read out from the Council 

They would appreciate a similar read out on 10 Sept after LTIC

I said that, assuming LTIC is content, we then need to go to Ministers and then 
HMT for approval.  This could take 2+ weeks depending on whether Ministers are 
around etc but no promises as we don’t have much control over this part of the 

He has briefed Chloe Smith MP and it’s possible she may ask informal questions 
to Ministers and/or SPADS about progress, LTIC decision etc.  
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Department for Transport 
2/15 GMH |  020 7944 xxxx  |