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From: DfT]
Sent: 8 July 2015 08:31
To: Norfplk CC]
Subject: NDR
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You may have been told about the telephone call with [NCC] yesterday where we 
said we would consider you request for additional funding further. To help that I would 
be grateful for some additional information / clarification.
Firstly [NCC] said the additional costs were largely (£22m) due to construction inflation 
but also (£8m) due to additional requirements placed on the scheme by Natural England 
and Env Agency. I would be grateful for more detail on these two points – both as to 
why construction inflation has made such a difference when many other schemes are 
not facing this and also details of the env requirements.
Second can I just clarify the various numbers.
As of 2013 it seems the total cost of the three elements of the scheme  (Postwick, A47 
to A140 and A140 to A1067) was £150m. It is now £180m.  Taking the £24m cost of 
Postwick out of the cost leaves totals of £126m and £156m. If I understood [NCC] 
yesterday the cost of the A47 to A1067 section was £127.5m and is now £157.5m. The 
previous and proposed (if we were to agree to the £15m additional cost) of the scheme 
separated out by contributor is as follows: 
We have so far offered £67.5m towards the £87m cost of the A47 to A140 section. I 
make it now that we would (if we agreed the additional funding) be paying £85.5m of 
£117m which if so means the A140-A1067 section is costing £39m. 
Please let me know whether the above numbers are correct or if not please amend.
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