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Subject:        Norwich Distributor Road Funding.
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I have seen xxxx xxxx’s e-mail of 20 August in which he says that the (New Anglia) 
LEP’s position on the cost increase on the Norwich Northern Distributor Road to which 
they are providing £10m of additional funding is that this funding cannot come from its 
existing commitments and will therefore come from the next Growth Deal.
As you will be aware we are in the middle of a Spending Review. Although we would all 
hope that additional funding will be made available to LEPs we cannot bank on this 
happening. As such before I can put a recommendation on the NNDR scheme to my 
board and to the Minister for approval I will need confirmation of the funding.
If the LEP’s £10m relates only to the extension of the scheme from A47 to A1067 then 
that is a matter for Norfolk and the LEP to deal with. If however the LEP funding is part 
of the LA contribution of £28.4m towards the total cost of the section of the scheme from 
A47 to A140 (£105.89m) then I will need written confirmation as well as the signed Full 
Approval bid by Norfolk’s S151 officer which shows that either:

The LEP has agreed to provide the £10m additional funding regardless of 
whether it receives additional LGF funding in future; or

Norfolk C.C. will underwrite the LEP contribution meaning it is signed up to 
provide an additional £20m to the scheme.
Given Norfolk C.C is planning to agree its continuation at a meeting on 2 September 
this will need to be resolved one way or another by then.  My approval board meets on 
9th so waiting until then to understand whether the LEP has agreed the funding is not 
possible without adding further delay to the approval process which will probably delay 
the start of works.
I would be happy to discuss. 
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