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I don’t think this is acceptable.  Either the LEP or Norfolk need to sign up to the 
additional £10m that is currently for the LEP to find regardless of whether there is a 
further round of growth deals. If not I don’t see how we can put this to Minsters. The 9th 
September is the date of the LTIC at which we want to gain approval for the scheme so 
that would be too late for the LEP agreement.
Let’s discuss.
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Chaps - to see below.  Maybe catch up on Monday. ....
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Subject: Norwich Northern Distributor Road funding 
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xxxx, xxxx,
xxxx – I mentioned this on the phone to you, but thought it sensible to drop you both an email.
As you are both aware Norfolk County Council has been speaking with DfT colleagues for a few weeks 
about the cost issues on the Norwich Northern Distributor Road.
I just wanted to make sure you are up to speed with the LEP’s position on this.
The LEP board is meeting on September 9th and the chairman will be recommending the provision of 
£10m towards the scheme.
This funding cannot come from our existing commitments.
Therefore the condition attached to this funding is that it will come from our next Growth Deal.
Whilst ministers have yet to announce details of the process of awarding the next round of Growth 
Deals, we are happy to commit that our joint top priorities will be the NNDR and Lowestoft flood 
defences scheme, both of which have very strong economic cases and considerable strategic 
If you’ve any queries about this – please let me know.

Kind regards
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