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Subject: W: NNDR
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To see the e-mail (below) sent by the Leader of Norfolk CC to Council members 
yesterday setting out the revised funding proposals for the Norwich Northern Distributor 
Road following the Minister’s agreement to pay an additional £10m, which the Council 
will discuss and presumably approve on 2 September. This is the basis for the recent 
BBC website article on this:
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From: [Norfolk CC]  
Sent: 20 August 2015 11:13 
To: [DfT] 
Cc: [NCc] 
Subject: RE: NNDR
Please see below the email that was sent from the Leader of NCC and Chair of our ETD Committee to all 
Members.  This was the basis of what has then gone into the media (there was no formal press 
release).  Let me know if you need to discuss.
I gather that [NCC] has sent you the updated details you need, but again, please contact me if you 
need to discuss.
From: [NCC] 
Sent: 19 August 2015 17:39 
To: Members 
Subject: NDR Funding
Dear Member,
NDR Funding
You will know that the Vice-Chairman has agreed, at the request of Cllr Coke and 
myself, to the calling of a special single-item meeting for the 2nd of September, to 
discuss the increased cost of the NDR in the light of delays outside our control, 
environmental enhancements and construction industry price increases.
We thought that it was only right to let all members know that the situation has now 
changed for the better since the meeting was called -  although it is even more 

important that the meeting takes place.
As a result of discussions with the Department for Transport and the Local Enterprise 
Partnership we are now in a position to tell members that we have the basis for an 
agreement whereby the DfT will provide £10 million, the Chairman of the LEP, at the 
meeting on 9 September, will recommend that the LEP board provides £10 million and 
Norfolk County Council provides the remaining £10 million.
This arrangement is far better than we could have hoped for just a few days ago and is 
a remarkable example of co-operation between the Government, the LEP and ourselves 
– the County Council. It also demonstrates the faith that our partners have in this 
We want to thank the Secretary of State and the Department  for  listening and for 
giving their support and we also  thank the Chairman of the LEP for his vision in 
supporting this investment. It goes without saying that we are extremely grateful to our 
team of officers here at Norfolk County Council for putting our case so successfully in 
the negotiations.
We will be asking the full Council to endorse these financial arrangements on 2nd of 
Full details will be contained in the officer’s report which will go out with the Council 
papers but a brief summary of the funding proposal can be found below.
NDR finance
The total estimated cost has increased by £29.9m from £148.55m (2013 prices) to 
Please note: both these figures include the Postwick Hub, which is substantially 
To fund the new total cost of £178.45m money will come from:
£19m                     DfT Postwick allocation (already drawn down)
£67.5m                 DfT NDR allocation (Postwick to A140)                   
£1.71m                 Growth Point Funding                                                   
£60.34                   Local Authority (Norfolk CC supported by up to £40m Community 
Infrastructure Levy funding allocated by Greater Norwich Development 
Partnership authorities – Norwich, Broadland, S.Norfolk)
            (Total of above £148.55 to meet 2013 estimated cost, leaving 
£29.9 shortfall.)
£10m                     DfT additional allocation                                                
£10m                     New Anglia LEP allocation. This will be funded from the proposed 

2016/17 Future Growth Fund. (The LEP funding is dependent on the parts 
of the financing being in place and the LEP 
Board           formally approving the proposals at their next board meeting 
in Norwich on September 9.)
£10m                     Norfolk County Council additional funding.
£178.55                 Total
Norfolk County Council  
County Hall 
Martineau Lane  
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From: [DfT]  
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To: [NCC] 
Cc: [NCC] 
Subject: NNDR
Thanks for the telephone message.
Could you please send me a copy of the note and any public statements you are 
making about the revised costs.
In addition I need urgently a revised cost profile, showing the revised funding and when 
it is required otherwise I cannot keep the momentum on the internal approvals at this 
end which could delay final approval.
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