This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Full Approval for Norwich NDR'.

From: [NCC]
11 November 2015 09:51
To: [DfT]
Subject:  FW: Funding decision : Full Approval: Norwich Northern 
Distributor Road
Importance: High
Thanks for your email regarding the letter you have received from Cllr Boswell. I have looked at the details and confirm
 that this issue has been addressed in the report to our Full Council on 6 
November. I have attached that report and would specifically refer you to the following paragraphs:
This refers to the legal challenge and the issues of accuracy in the previous 2 September report, including the inflation 
issues referred to by Cllr Boswell.
3.2 & 3.3
These refer to the comparative exercise previously attempted and the difficulties of undertaking that process.
This refers to the assessment that has been undertaken in relation to the target cost details provided by Balfour Beatty.
This makes a high level comparison of cost with the Highways England A11 dual carriageway project commenced in 
You will also see that an alternative option of stopping the project at the A140, rather than extending to the A1067 is 
also discussed in the report at paragraph 4.1(c). This was also the 
subject of further correspondence between the Wensum Valley Alliance ahead of the Full Council meeting (see attached
 letters sent to all Members) and this was responded to in more 
detail by NCC Officers also ahead of the meeting (attached note also issued to all Members). 
For your information, an amendment raised by Cllr Boswell to stop the project at the A140 (rather than extending to the 
A1067 as set out in the current DCO) was discussed at the Full 
Council meeting on 6 November and was rejected by a vote at the meeting.
As already confirmed, the decision taken by NCC on 2 September has been quashed by the Courts. This was confirmed 
to our Members at the start of the Full Council meeting on 6 
November. You may wish to take the updated details above and attached into account when making your decision 
regarding funding approvals for the project. 
If you require any further details from me, please let me know.
PDF emailed attachments:
NCC Full Council NDR Report (6 Nov 2015)
LetterToNorfolkCouncillors FromWVA 2015Nov04
LetterToNorfolkCouncillors FromWVA NAO 2015Nov05
NDR Responses to pre-meeting questions 20151105
From: [DfT]  

Sent: 10 November 2015 09:31 
To: [NCC] 
Subject: FW: Funding decision : Full Approval: Norwich Northern Distributor Road
Please see attached a letter sent to Tony Boucher by Cllr Boswell. I would be grateful for any comments.
From: [Andrew Boswell] 
Sent: 09 November 2015 15:52 
To: [DfT] 
Cc: [DfT]; Graham Pendlebury DfT; [DfT] 
Subject: Funding decision : Full Approval: Norwich Northern Distributor Road
Dear Mr xxxx, 
Following previous letters to you in September, I am writing to you with further information relevant to the imminent 
decision around DfT committing, or not, to Full Approval funding for 
Norwich Northern Distributor Road.
Please find attached a letter (Word document) and 4 numbered attachments. 
Yours sincerely
Councillor Andrew Boswell 
Nelson ward Councillor (Green Party)  
Norfolk County Council and Norwich City Council