This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Full Approval for Norwich NDR'.

From:   [DfT]
Sent:   06 November 2015 15:21
To:     [NCC]; [DfT]
Cc:     [NCC]
Subject:        RE: NNDR - draft funding letter
Categories:     Egress Switch: Unencrypted
Many thanks. I confirm that we would be happy with your revised profile.  
xxxx  | xxxx, Local Infrastructure, 
Department for Transport 
2/15 GMH |  020 7944 xxxx |  
From: [NCC]  
Sent: 06 November 2015 15:04 
To: [DfT] 
Cc: [NCC]; [DfT] 
Subject: RE: NNDR - draft funding letter
Hi xxxx
I have sent a separate email to confirm that our Full Council approved the additional funding for the NDR (again) this 
morning.  The decision previously 
made on 2 September has also been quashed by the Courts.
In relation to the spend profile, we have had a look at the details, and taken on board your suggestion regarding NCC 
funding in 2015 and I would 
suggest we go forwards on the basis of the following profile for the DfT funding:
15/16 - £16,700,000
16/17 - £31,300,000
17/18 - £29,490,000
If you are ok with this, I will update accordingly on my next QMR submission.  We are confident that we can spend the 
15/16 allocation, but this will 
depend on timing of the full approval funding decision.
If you could do everything possible to now turn around the funding decision/announcement, that would be hugely 
appreciated by all at Norfolk.
As always, happy to discuss if you need to (xxxx xxxx).

From: [NCC]  
Sent: 03 November 2015 06:24 
To: [DfT] 
Cc: [NCC] 
Subject: RE: NNDR - draft funding letter
Just a quick email to confirm receipt and let you know that we are looking into the details and will get back to you asap 
this week.
From: [DfT]  
Sent: 02 November 2015 10:37 
To: [NCC]
Cc: [NC]; [DfT] 
Subject: NNDR - draft funding letter
On the assumption that we will be able to provide formal notification of Final Approval in the week or two after your 
Council meeting on Friday 
(assuming the Council approves the additional funding) I am drafting a final approval letter.  In such letters we set out 
both the total amount that 
DfT will provide as well as the profile. The last QMR had the following profile for DfT’s contribution:
15/16 - £13,500,000
16/17 - £34,500,000
17/18 - £29,490,000
On the assumption that approval is granted in the next few weeks is this profile still relevant and can you spend the 
funding in the remainder of 15/16?
We note that in 15/16 NCC expenditure on the scheme is scheduled to be £3,203,000. We would be happy to provide 
this funding by increasing our 
contribution in this year and reducing it in later years but again this can only be done if you will be able to use the 
money and won’t end up 
Grateful for your views on this. If you wish to discuss this please speak to my colleague 
xxxx xxxx on 0207 xxx xxxx.
xxxx xxxx  
, Local Infrastructure Division  
2/15 GMH, Great Minster House 
33 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 4DR   
020 7944 xxxx