This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Full Approval for Norwich NDR'.

Norfolk County Councillor Andrew Boswell 
Address for contact: 
23, Havelock Road, 
Norfolk, NR2 3HQ. 

Anthony Boucher, 
Local Transport Funding, Growth and Delivery, 
Department for Transport,  
Great Minster House,  
33 Horseferry Road,  
SW1P 4DR.  
(by email: 
September 30th 2015 
Dear Mr Boucher, 
September 2nd 2015 Norfolk County Council Extraordinary Meeting (EM) 
Legal Challenge 

Norfolk County Councillor Elizabeth Morgan and I wrote to you on September 3rd 2015 following the 
Norfolk County Council Extraordinary meeting of September 2nd 2015.  You may recall that our letter raised 
concerns about the legitimacy of the Norfolk County Council decision to fund an additional £10m towards 
the Norwich Northern Distributor Road.   
I am writing to you now as a matter of courtesy to tell you that Court proceedings are currently being lodged 
by a Norfolk resident, Mr Andrew Cawdron, a member of the Wensum Valley Alliance campaign group, to 
challenge the lawfulness of the Norfolk County Council decision of September 2nd 2015.  The proceedings 
will be lodged early on October 1st and I understand Norfolk County Council will notified by the Claimant’s 
lawyers in due course.  Clearly, this is a matter that your department needs to be aware of, given your 
involvement in the recent £30m funding deal to cover the cost overruns on the project. 
Wensum Valley Alliance will be issuing a Press Release on the morning of October 1st.  
Yours sincerely, 
Councillor Andrew Boswell 
Norfolk County Councillor and  
Leader of the Green Party Norwich City councillors