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Sent: 1 August 2015 16:30
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Subject: e: Sub - Norwich Northern Distributor Road - Cost Increase
The Minister's pretty sympathetic, and is open to providing some of the money.  
Figures seemed a bit unclear, could you clarify the cost increase? 
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Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2015 09:40 AM 
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Subject: FW: Sub - Norwich Northern Distributor Road - Cost Increase  
Has the Ministers considered this submission? It is becoming more urgent as Norfolk 
CC are today having to come public on the cost increase and will say they have sought 
additional funding from the Department.
Happy to discuss.
[DfT] Department for Transport 
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Sent: 05 August 2015 11:48 
To: Andrew Jones_MP 
Cc: [DfT] 
Subject: Sub - Norwich Northern Distributor Road – Cost Increase
Please find attached a submission on the following issue:
Norwich Northern Distributor Road – Cost Increase

Whether to agree to provide additional funding (up to £15.8m) to Norfolk C.C. to 
cover the increased cost of the Norwich Northern Distributor Road.
That you note the options at paragraph 7 [in the submission] and provide a steer on 
your preferred option
Routine - however Norfolk cannot submit the final approval bid for the scheme until 
they can confirm that all the funding is available and have asked for an early 
response so as to keep up the momentum. 
This submission has been cleared by Finance and Press Office.
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